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Octopus shines bright with over 1 million Bulb customers migrated in record time

Octopus Energy announces €1 billion investment in French green energy market and new European tech hub in Paris

Octopus Energy grows UK’s largest virtual power plant

A coal-ossal opportunity: Octopus Energy customers prove coal unnecessary during cold snap

A song of ice and fire: Octopus Energy strikes solar supply deal with Iceland Foods

Octopus Energy makes more waves in offshore wind with $1bn invested and plans to rapidly scale

An offer you can’t reFUSE: Octopus Energy makes switching to heat pumps easier with simultaneous network upgrade

Share the load: New Octopus Energy tariff to lower bills for businesses with their own green power

Octopus Energy Group results for FY21-22: Revenues up 110%, from £2.0bn to £4.2bn / Adds +1.3m retail customers, growing to 3.4m globally

Octopus Energy calls on Ofgem to clamp down on payment penalty for careful customers

Running on Sunshine: Octopus Energy enters solar installation market


Hop on the solar express: Octopus Energy drives solar power in Iberia with renewables developer partnership

Octopus Energy completes acquisition of Bulb

EVs made easy: Octopus Energy and Stellantis partner to accelerate electric car uptake

Octopus Energy signs long-term energy deal from world’s largest wind farm

Squids in: Octopus Energy pays £1 million to customers through revolutionary ‘Saving Sessions’

Octopus Energy acquires renewables developer to boost British solar

Octopus Energy’s Winder platform identifies 2.3GW British onshore wind potential with local community support 

FLEX APPEAL: hundreds of thousands of Octopus Energy customers join second ‘Saving Session’

Believe it or watt: Octopus Energy customers provide 108MW of grid flexibility in first ‘Saving Session’ - equivalent of a gas power station

Octopus Energy and Lloyds bring best-in-market heat pump offer to UK households

Octopus Energy boss Greg Jackson answers customer questions live on Martin Lewis’ Money Show

Bulb finds new home with Octopus

Octopus Energy Generation funds EV charging infrastructure in the North of England

Octopus Energy and Vauxhall offer drivers almost £700 in savings to switch to electric

Octopus Energy enters Italian generation market through partnership with solar and wind farm developer

Blackout Busters: Octopus Energy customers could make £100 whilst helping end power cuts

Octopus Energy Group’s Kraken will control heat pumps and other energy tech to automatically reduce bills for Belgian households

Octopus Energy accelerates German wind power deals after entering the country’s green generation market this year

Comment from Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson on the mini-budget 'Growth Plan'

Octopus Energy Generation ramps up offshore wind activity by upping stake in UK wind farm

Octopus Energy doubles payments for solar export customers

Octopus takes stand against standing charges with £40m package

‘Energy Helpers’: Octopus Energy launches street by street energy saving campaign for 500,000 customers this winter

New Octopus Energy renewables fund makes first investment to develop green energy and the UK’s largest battery

Octopus Energy and National Grid ESO demonstrate future role for Electric Vehicles in first for Great Britain

Octopus Energy extends ‘Fan Club’ tentacles into West Yorkshire

Octopus Energy and Nest form joint venture with GLIL to invest £400m in world’s largest offshore wind farm

Octopus Energy to rapidly repower up to 1,000 existing wind turbines in the UK through EWT partnership

Octopus Energy Group completes fundraise with existing investors, totalling US$550m

Statement from Octopus Energy on UK Energy Incubator Hub

Octopus Energy accelerates European expansion by entering the Netherlands’ offshore wind market

Octopus calls on Ofgem to heed Watchdog’s warnings

Octopus calls for stringent market reforms to fix the broken energy system

Powering up: Scottish customers use energy to help the grid AND cut bills in UK-first trial

Octopus Energy enters German renewable generation market with first wind farm investment

Octopus Energy’s electric blanket scheme saves customers £300 on their energy bills

Kraken eyes up utilities revolution

Octopus Energy backs mega solar farm in Morocco to power 7 million heat pumps with cheap green power

Octopus Energy makes first green waves in UK offshore wind power

KrakenFlex and Danske Commodities partner up to flexibly manage green assets globally

‘Plots for Kilowatts’: Octopus Energy invites landowners to host wind turbines to lower local energy bills

Octopus Energy invests in Northern Irish heat pump experts to build thousands of heat pumps a month

Octopus Energy Generation accelerates green power with wind farms in the UK, Sweden, France and Finland

Octopus Energy to increase prices. Announces £50 million of customer support.

Hydro REIN and KrakenFlex partner on energy flexibility rollout

Here comes the sun: Octopus Energy increases payments for solar power customers by over 1/3

Octopus Energy Group announces annual results for FY20/21

5 years running: Octopus Energy receives Which? “Recommended Provider” status - AGAIN

Octopus Renewables enters three new electricity supply deals in Sweden, Finland and Scotland


Octopus Energy and Sterlite Power team up to decarbonise India

Octopus Energy Group and CPP Investments announce strategic partnership

Keep off the gas: Octopus Energy launches initiative to help customers reduce their gas usage and stay warm this winter

Octopus Energy enters Italy with acquisition of customer-obsessed energy firm SATO

Octopus Renewables plans to develop up to 500MW of new UK solar and storage capacity with Gridsource

COP26: Octopus Energy launches ‘Fan Club - The Collective’ with £4bn investment pledge in people-led renewable energy

COP26: Octopus Energy and Elia Group join forces to build a cutting edge smart green energy grid

EDF strikes deal to move its 5 million customers onto Octopus Energy Group’s Kraken platform

Low Carbon & Waste Energy Power Partners announce the sale of Doveryard Limited to Octopus Renewables to construct the 185,600 tonne Oldhall Energy Recovery Project

Octopus Energy and RES boost UK green hydrogen economy with £3bn investment

Octopus Hydrogen, Innova Renewables and Novus Renewable Services partner to produce green hydrogen

Octopus Energy agrees $600m deal with Generation Investment Management to accelerate global green energy mission

Statement from Octopus Energy on Avro Energy

Statement from Octopus Energy on talks with the Secretary of State

World EV Day: Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network hits 100,000 chargers milestone

JustPark with Octopus Energy knock down the barrier to fleet electrification

Octopus Energy helps Severn Trent to hit net zero pledge

Octopus hydrogen to supply green hydrogen to zero emission aviation pioneer ZeroAvia

Hola, Pulpo! Octopus Energy Enters Spain by Acquiring Umeme

The Sureserve Group electrifies fleet with Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy adds 23 electric vans from Peugeot to their clean, green installation fleet

FCA clears acquisition of Octopus Renewables by Octopus Energy

Energy consortium launches UK’s largest domestic flexibility study

Supercharged! Arsenal and Octopus Energy install electric car charging for fans at Emirates Stadium

High Five! Octopus Energy celebrates turning five by giving 5-year-olds the chance to win a year’s free energy for families

E.ON completes migration of two million former npower customers to E.ON Next in record speed

Octopus Energy Group reports FY19/20 fiscal results

Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network customers receive access to the NewMotion public charging network

Octopus Energy Group to become one of Europe’s largest green generation operators with acquisition of Octopus Renewables

Octopus Energy opens up new office in Birmingham

Octopus Energy Group boosts Kraken’s capabilities with innovative ‘EnTech’ software

IONITY, one of the fastest EV charging networks in the world, is now available within Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network

Switching to electric vehicles made easier by NatWest Group and Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy doubles down on climate change fight with new research facility

Ofwat CEO Rachel Fletcher joins Octopus Energy to help drive global decarbonisation of energy

Octopus Energy only energy supplier ever awarded Which? “Recommended Provider” four years running

Blow those costs away: Octopus Energy launches world’s first electricity tariff that gets cheaper when it’s windy


Octopus Energy Group enters Asia with landmark partnership with Tokyo Gas

COVID-19: UK’s fastest growing private company joins testing pilot

Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network hailed as ‘Best EV Innovation’ at DrivingElectric Awards 2021

National Technology Awards 2020: Octopus Energy hailed as ‘Tech Company of the Year’

Entech pioneer Octopus Energy launches in Germany

Octopus Energy Group establishes new tech hub in Manchester with acquisition of Upside Energy

Octopus Energy to make UK the "Silicon Valley of energy" with 1,000 new jobs and a tech innovation centre

Octopus Energy enters USA with acquisition of Silicon Valley-based startup Evolve Energy

Octopus Energy Accelerates Global Expansion With Major Strategic Partnership with Origin Energy.

E.ON UK provides updates on short-term priorities and building for the long-term with strategic agreement

Octopus Energy hits 1.4m customers as it releases 2018/19 financial results

Octopus Energy nets yet another acquisition with ENGIE’s UK residential energy supply business


Local power to the people: future of energy tariff launched to support decentralised power and local community initiatives across the UK

Octopus Energy and Artfinder create new prize for art addressing climate change

Good Energy to implement new customer service platform in 2020

Mayor announces ‘London Power’ – a new, fairer energy company

Hanwha Group chooses Octopus Energy technology platform for Aussie launch

Octopus Energy integrates with Amazon Alexa to optimize smart home energy use

The Midcounties Co-operative and Octopus Energy announce major new partnership

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