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Financial support in the energy crisis

Confused about what support is available from the government during the energy and cost of living crisis?

We explain everything here, and cover the unique support Octopus is offering its customers during this time.

How Balance Forecast demystifies energy payments

Find out about Balance Forecast: a new account tool to shed light on how your payments and charges impact your energy account balance long term.

What to do if you're worried about your bills, step by step

We talk to 30,000 customers every day, so we know many people are worried about the cost of energy.

If you’re one of those people, here's what you can do next.

Government support with energy costs this Winter

Government support with energy costs this Winter

How the £2,500 Energy Price Guarantee works

The Government has put an Energy Price Guarantee in place to protect customers from high wholesale energy prices. Here’s how it will factor into your energy bills.

How we're helping customers through the energy crisis

What we're doing to help our customers through the energy crisis – from our £15 million Octopus Assist fund, to loans of thermal cameras to find draughts in leaky homes over Winter, electric throws, and our Winter Workout energy saving programme that’s helped customers save £4.8 million by using less, but whilst still staying warm.

Common questions about Saving Sessions

Saving Sessions are the start of a new era in energy, where people get paid for the energy they don't use at the busiest times of day. Get the answers to all of your burning questions below.

Tips to earn more with Saving Sessions

In Saving Sessions, we'll pay you to use less power. The more electricity you save during your Sessions, the more money you can make – it could add up to £100 over Winter.

Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you earn more in Saving Sessions.

We must reform the electricity market to make this the last fossil fuel crisis ever

Decarbonisation has never been more critical, but the case for significant market reform is now just as much about energy security, and making our system affordable. Find out how we can ramp up low carbon flexibility through market reform and key supporting policy measures.

Lets make Zero Bills homes the new standard

We're calling on housing developers across the UK to help us make Zero Bills the new standard. We're launching Octopus Zero Bills, the next generation energy tariff with zero energy bills for five years, guaranteed. If your home already has the right combination of technology: solar panels, a home battery, and a heat pump that all meet our zero spec, down the line, you too could join Octopus Zero Bills.

Meet the Octopus Home Mini

The Octopus Home Mini is a brand new, cutting-edge bit of tech that makes understanding your energy usage easier than ever before.

Energy prices from January, and what they mean for you

Information on discounted prices from January including a breakdown of rates and charges for every region on Flexible Octopus.

Our Energy Helpers are bringing 500,000 customers bespoke energy saving advice

We’re training hundreds of energy experts to travel the country giving specially tailored, genuinely impactful energy-saving advice to 500,000 customers who need it most.  

Smart customers pay less

Smart meters not only make it super easy to manage your energy – they can also help you cut your bills. Here’s how our smart meters can help save you money:

  • Save on your bills with our smart tariffs by using energy when it’s cheaper and greener
  • Earn money back on your bills by taking part in our smart trials
  • Smart customers get extra chances to win up to £512 every month on our Wheel of Fortune

Octopus Energy Generation: building green power for the future

At Octopus, we don't just supply energy, we generate it too. Octopus Energy Generation are combining expertise from across the whole breadth of the energy industry to create a kind of generation business that’s never been seen before.

How Octopus Energy is revolutionising Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the future: electric, low-carbon heat extracted from the air. Find out how we're installing heat pumps for around the same cost as a gas boiler.

Repowering 1,000 wind turbines

ONE TRICK to get stronger, more powerful spins: lengthen your turbine blade! We're giving old turbines bigger blades so they can generate 2-3x more power. Our new project with turbine supplier EWT could see 1,000 UK turbines repowered by 2030, and produce enough new green energy for hundreds of thousands of homes.

Towards a fairer energy system

The current energy crisis is putting huge amounts of pressure on people up and down the country. In this blog, we're looking at what a fairer, greener energy system might look like.

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