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Our wind turbine antics, explained

We promise there's a super important reason our turbines have been abseiled down, used to play sky-high rugby, and turned into massive light installations. Find out why in our latest blog.

What makes Octopus Energy so very green?

Find out about all the meaningful ways Octopus Energy is supporting a green future, today.

The state of wholesale energy

We're committed to fair prices that truly reflect the cost of the energy we supply you. In this blog post, we'll give insight into what's going on in the global wholesale energy market, to help you better understand trends in UK tariff prices.

Octopus Energy Referral Links: Your Questions Answered

We’ve created this walk through to answer your questions, show you where you can find your referral code, when you can expect to receive your referral payments and how we pay these rewards to you.

Octopus Energy Group announces the acquisition of Octopus Renewables, the green generation experts.

Octopus Energy Group announces the acquisition of Octopus Renewables, the green generation experts.

Accelerating our global mission to make the green revolution faster and cheaper with $250m investment and launch in Japan

We are thrilled to announce the next stage of our green energy revolution – a joint venture with Tokyo Gas to unlock the potential of green energy in Japan, and another $250m of investment to speed up our mission to make the green revolution faster and cheaper, globally.

Help us name our electric smart meter vans

Retweet your favourite pick from our finalists on Twitter: the two most popular will each be permanently inked on one of our electric smart meter vans. Read on for full competition info and more on our soon-to-be fully-electric van fleet.

Heat Pumps: the future of heating

Yet to be electrified and unable to reap the benefits of cleaner, greener electricity, heating accounts for 14% of the UKs emissions. In this blog, I talk to Peter Konowalczyk about the solution we've all been waiting for...

We've made smart meter installations something to look forward to

We’re celebrating a little milestone... Octopus Energy Services, our dedicated smart hardware engineers, have just installed their 100,000th smart meter! Find out about what we've been doing to make sure our installations are as fun and as easy as they can be.

Octopus brought renewable energy to the party at Timber Festival

This Summer, we teamed up with Timber Festival to supercharge people’s phones with clean green renewable energy in the heart of the National Forest.

Powered by Octopus

Let's meet some of the wonderful businesses driving for a low-carbon future, and putting our clean, green electrons to good use in the process.

Spotlight On Zoe, Octopus Energy Services all-star

Octopus Energy is made up of 1000+ fantastic people working on stuff you'd never expect, all pushing hard towards a shared goal. In this Spotlight series blog we'll be hearing from Zoe, a Training Coordinator with our talented Octo-engineers - Octopus Energy Services.

Want to ditch gas for good? Here’s how we can disconnect your gas supply

As people move away from burning gas to heat our homes and our water, we thought we’d put together a blog explaining how we can help remove your gas meter and cap your supply safely.

Octopus is making quantum leaps

Ever wondered whether your home is really running on real, renewably-generated electrons? Our engineers have been experimenting with bleeding-edge physics to help you find out...

How we're weathering the storm in Texas

Texas experienced a massive power grid failure affecting 90% of the state. People were stranded in unbearable conditions: loss of heat in below freezing temperatures and lack of access to water, food and other essentials.

Michael, CEO of Octopus Energy US, explains what happened in Texas, how we're protecting customers through the energy crisis, forgiving energy bills from this unprecedented event, and why renewables are the answer to a more resilient grid.

Spotlight on... Karim, Senior Front-end developer

In this blog for Octopus’ spotlight series, we chat to Karim about his superhuman coding powers, life as a Octopus developer, and his upcoming adventure with Octopus Energy Japan.

Net Zero in London by 2050. What does the next generation have to say?

The Octopus Centre for Net Zero has put the capital's brightest young minds to the test at the very first London Energy Idea Challenge

Octopus Centre for Net Zero: Driving the green energy revolution globally

The Octopus Centre for Net Zero (OCNZ) will take the fight against climate change to government level. Bringing together the biggest and best brains in tech, environment, econometrics and policy to create research and tools that governments and businesses around the world will be able to use to accelerate the uptake of clean technologies and green energy.

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