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The secret to our customer service

Tara Mullen, Head of Operations Energy explained

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What to do if you're worried about your bills, step by step

We talk to 30,000 customers every day, so we know many people are worried about the cost of energy.

If you’re one of those people, here's what you can do next.

Spotlight on... Derya, smart product engineer

Meet Derya, senior product engineer and mastermind behind the Octopus Home Mini. Read about her avant-garde journey from Nokia to Hive to Octopus Energy.

Octo Assist: Bill grants and help schemes for those worrying about bills

Octo Assist is a £15 million customer help fund and a collection of support schemes designed to give extra help to customers most in need.

Read more and find out how to apply for electric blankets, thermal cameras, standing charge holidays and more.

Samsam's Renewable World road trip in Kenya

Join me on an amazing journey to rural Kenya with Renewable World! We explored 2 out of 4 remote healthcare centres, witnessing the transformative power of solar energy in communities.

Spotlight on... Jason, expert Heat Pump manufacturer

Jason Cassells designed Octopus’ next-generation heat pump factory from the ground up. Drawing on three decades of engineering and manufacturing experience and a doctorate in fluid dynamics, his heat pumps are many times more efficient than a gas boiler, and greener to boot.

How green products changed Aaron's home and bills

Over the next few years, heat pumps are going to become the dominant way of heating in most people’s homes. I chat to one of our lovely customers Aaron, who was able to install the green energy trifecta in his home; a heat pump, solar and battery.

Spotlight on… OES Team leader Ceri

Spotlight on… OES Team leader Ceri, the team leader in charge of getting our smart meters and heat pumps to your front doors.

The Cosy 6 heat pump: revolutionising heating the Octopus way

We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest milestone in the quest for cheaper, greener, smarter home heating: the 'Cosy Octopus' heat pump.

The EQUINOX heat pump trial 2023/24

EQUINOX is a trial exploring ways we can make green heating cheaper and greener. This blog covers how EQUINOX works, what we learnt from the last trial, what's happening with EQUINOX this winter (2023-24) - and crucially, how to get involved!

Energy prices from October, and what they mean for you

Information on discounted prices from October 2023 including a breakdown of rates and charges for every region on Flexible Octopus.

Solving Smart-Tech Hiccups

Our smart tariffs give you access to extremely cheap and green energy. Yet it’s important to remember that these are beta products and that will occasionally mean little hiccups. Here's how we work to solve them, and how you can help.

Spotlight on... Vania, green energy flexpert

Spotlight on...Vania

Small businesses in the dark: Energy brokers and the hidden scandal in energy prices

Read our revealing report on the damaging practices of energy brokers.

Shape Shifters: how to shift your usage away from peak times

We recently released our new time-of-use business tariff: Shape Shifters. Follow these tips to shift your usage and make savings.

Powered by Octopus: the Saltburn Vintage Rooms go smart

Fiona from the Saltburn Vintage Rooms tells us all about how she's finding life with a smart meter.

Pipe dream to reality: Moroccan green power for 7m UK homes

We’re investing in the world’s largest subsea pipe in Morocco to bring cheap green power to 7 million homes in the UK.

How much does a heat pump cost to run?

Green heating boffin Aimee crunches the numbers of Octopus Energy customers with heat pumps to answer the question, how much does it really cost to run a heat pump?

Meet the smart product engineers transforming green heating

Meet Derya, Carmen and project manager Jess; the team of smart product engineers hard at work developing tools that could come to transform the way society uses and understands energy.

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