Our tariffs for electric cars

Charge your electric car at home for less

Save up to 70% of your EV charging costs by switching to one of our EV tariffs.

Our EV tariffs offer cheaper rates at night so you can do all your car charging at lower costs.

We have two EV tariffs: Octopus Go, the UK’s original EV tariff with 4 hours of cheap energy at night, and Intelligent Octopus Go, the UK’s favourite EV tariff where we control your car charging (what we call ‘smart charging’) in exchange for a cheaper rate and an extra two hours of cheap energy. If you join any of our EV tariffs, you’ll also get a discount to charge away from home with our Electroverse network.

Car charging
Intelligent Octopus Go

Super cheap EV smart charging and six hours of cheap home electricity a night

Car driving away
Octopus Go

No Intelligent-compatible car or charger? Get four hours of cheap electricity at night for your home and car.

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) ready? Charge your car for free

Do you own a charger and a car able to export to the grid? Adding Power Pack to your regular tariff means you can charge your EV for free.

Power Pack

The UK's first V2G tariff. Add Power Pack to your regular tariff. We'll manage your V2G charger and all your EV charging will be free.

Conveniently charge away from home

Easily charge on the go with our Electroverse card and app. Read more about it below.

Electroverse Public charging made simple

The Electroverse card and app give you one-tap access to hundreds of thousands of chargers across the UK & Europe.

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