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Smart Export Guarantee

(SEG) at Octopus

At Octopus, we love renewable energy. That's why we have several different export tariffs to suit the different needs of our customers. Our SEG tariff is one of our fixed export tariffs.

With the SEG tariff, you earn a flat rate of 4.1p/kWh for every unit of power you export.

What is the Octopus SEG tariff?

You get paid a fixed rate for any excess renewable electricity you export to the grid from sources such as:

  • Solar PV panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydro electric systems
  • Micro-combined heat and power (Micro CHP)
  • Anaerobic digestion (AD)
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Who can sign up to the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)?

Export only customers who want to stay with a different supplier for their import electricity tariff. This will mean you miss out on the better export rates we offer on our other export tariffs.

If you are on a standard import tariff with Octopus you should check out our best value export tariff, Outgoing Octopus. On an Octopus Energy EV tariff? Find out which of our excellent export tariffs you can pair it with.

What is the sign up process for export?

The process of connecting your generation of choice (e.g. solar panels) is still fairly complex and involves us (your energy supplier), the DNO (distribution network operator) and your installer all playing their part.

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Sign up

You apply for the Octopus Smart Export Guarantee online

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Application Process (2 days)

Your application is processed by Octopus Energy and we apply to the DNO for an export MPAN (An MPAN is a unique number for the electricity meter in your property and when export is set up for the first time, a new MPAN must be requested from the Distribution Network Operator). Read more about the DNO here.


DNO creates your MPAN (1-4 weeks)

The DNO creates your export MPAN - this is the longest part of the application process and is out of our control as this depends on the resource available there (a bit like applying for a passport). Once the MPAN is created, Octopus can begin the enrolment onto Octopus' supply.

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Your MPAN is enrolled (5 days)

Your new export MPAN is enrolled onto your Octopus account and you will receive an email asking you for a first meter reading.

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You give us your meter reading

Once we receive your first meter reading (and a photograph of your meter to confirm it is the correct reading), your account is checked to ensure that crediting has been successful.

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No problem. If you have a smart meter you can join Octopus for your export only.

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Are you looking to get SEG for your business? Find out more here.

With the SEG tariff, you earn a flat rate of 4.1p/kWh for every unit of power you export.

You need to have a renewable electricity generating system that is located in Great Britain and have a total installed capacity (TIC) of no more than 5MW, or no more than 50kW for micro-CHP. See full SEG eligibility requirements.

You must have a meter capable of providing half-hourly export readings. This would typically be a smart meter. Speak to us about getting a smart meter installed if you do not already have one.

You need to show that your installation and installer are certified through the microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) or equivalent.

You cannot receive a SEG tariff if you are receiving export payments under the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

This depends on a number of factors including:

  • How much electricity you export to the grid
  • Your tariff rates
  • Whether your tariffs has variable pricing or a flat rate

The advantage of the SEG tariff is that you don't have to switch your import tariff (e.g. if you have a great fixed or EV rate with another company). However, this will mean you miss out on the better fixed export rates offered to Octopus customers on our Outgoing tariff which is 15p kWh. If you want to sign up to Octopus SEG with no Octopus import tariff, you can sign up here.

Your renewable technology must be certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) or FlexiOrb scheme.

We need a letter or email from the DNO approving the new MPAN.

You also need to have a working electricity smart meter.

You don't have to do anything. If you're signed up to receive FiT payments, your contract will stay in place for as long as it's set to run.