A combined energy tariff for businesses with solar

Welcome to Panel Power BETA. Got power to export? Get paid.

Our Export Tariff

Paying you for surplus energy supplied back to the grid, at 5.5p per kWh*

What is this product?

Panel Power has been designed with businesses in mind. Sign up to any of our business tariffs which supply you with 100% renewable energy, and complement your business generation with our fixed Panel Power export tariff guarantees 5.5p/kWh* for every unit you export.

Who is this product for?

Panel Power is specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, creating a simple solution to your energy needs. The upper limit for solar PV installations is 5MW. If your solar PV installation is over 5MW then please email hello@octopus.energy and our procurement team will be in touch!

Suitable for existing and new solar PV installations, to proceed all we require is your MCS Certificate and confirmation from your DNO that they were notified of the installation.

Good to know

Panel Power is a beta product. This means it's not always going to be perfect while we work out any early snags. It is a complex product, and it may take us a little while to perfect the billing and reporting that accompanies the tariff, and sometimes your online account or in-home display (a pretty basic display system with no real capability for reporting dynamic pricing) might throw up some weird numbers.

We'll always make sure financial transactions are resolved, even if there's a reporting error.

As an early adopter on the tariff, you can give us input as to what works, and what doesn't – and you get access to cutting edge technologies months ahead of the market.

The flip-side is that sometimes industry systems take a while to catch up with us.

  • You’ll need a SMETS2 (or SecureTM SMETS1) smart meter that we can receive half-hourly export data from
  • If you have started receiving FiTs in the last 12 months, the FiT rules mean you won't be able to switch to Panel Power just yet

Looking to keep your existing supplier and just switch your export to Octopus or have a large-scale...? No problem — business export only customers can earn 3p/kWh for every unit they export. Email business.seg@octoenergy.com to find out more.

Read more about Panel Power on our blog.

*Octopus reserves the right to review the export tariff price periodically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have solar, is Panel Power suitable for me too?


Absolutely! Panel Power isn't reserved just for new installations. If you have an existing solar PV installation and are interested in having your import and export supplied by Octopus then feel free to get in touch to find out more. We'd love to speak with you.

What is my import tariff?


As every customer's energy consumption differs, particularly with the addition of on-site generation like solar, we would need to review your consumption data to determine your import tariff.

As Panel Power is a bundle of both import and export you would need to be sign-up or be supplied by Octopus first. Feel free to get in touch for a quote.

I've heard about the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), is this the same thing?


It's not, although we do offer SEG separately. Panel Power is a standalone product offering both import and export tariffs.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is the new scheme that came into force on 1st January 2020 and requires energy suppliers to purchase exported electricity. If you are just interested in being paid for your exported electricity please email: seg@octopus.energy.

I've heard about Outgoing Octopus, can you tell me more?


Outgoing Octopus and Panel Power are two completely different products. Outgoing Octopus is split into two different tariffs and is designed for domestic properties with renewable generation such as solar PV:

Fixed Outgoing Octopus: a flat tariff, so you can sell your electricity at a flat unit price of 5.5p per kWh

Agile Outgoing Octopus: priced dynamically, with a unit price that changes every half an hour – allowing people generating green energy at home to take advantage of the highly variable wholesale cost of energy throughout the day, and export at the most valuable times.

To find out more check out the webpage here.

Will I need a smart meter?


Depending on your current set-up, you may be required to have a SMETS smart meter installed to record any electricity not consumed on site. It really varies case by case but we are able to help out and assist with the set-up.

If you are Half-Hourly metered it is fairly simple, we will just need to make some small virtual changes to your meter in order to record both your import and export.

I'm in an existing contract with my current supplier, what can be done?


Unfortunately if your fixed term contract isn't up for renewal with your existing supplier it is likely you will have exit fees which can be quite high! You would have to wait until your contract is up for renewal (or up to three months before) at which point we can look at getting you switched over!

What is the upper limit for solar installations?


Panel Power supports all businesses with a solar PV installation up to 5MW. But remember, you will need to have your import also supplied by Octopus for us to buy any exported electricity you may have.

If you are just interested in Octopus just purchasing your exported electricity please email: seg@octopus.energy as this falls under SEG.

If your solar PV installation is over 5MW then please email hello@octopus.energy and our procurement team will be in touch!

I'm in the process of installing solar PV, can I get a Panel Power quote?


In order for us to process your request we would need your MCS certificate and confirmation from the DNO that they have agreed to the installation. If we apply for your export MPAN before this it will get rejected.

We can certainly get you started with an import tariff quote which will help speed up the process for when your solar installation is live and fully commissioned.

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!