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If you smell gas, or suspect a leak, call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999.

If you have a power cut, call 105 (free) to get help and advice from your local network operator. 

For other emergencies or problems with your supply, get help here.

Answers to our most common queries are below. If they don't solve your problem, scroll to the end where you'll find our contact details and other important information.

How long will my switch take?


Switching to Octopus Energy typically takes 17 days (including a two-week cooling off period) from start to finish. Octopus Energy will contact your supplier to coordinate the switch and arrange a switch date of which you will be notified. Your current supplier will send you a final statement before closing your account. Your energy supply will remain uninterrupted throughout the switching process.

Do I need to contact my current supplier?


No, you do not need to contact your current supplier for the switch to take place. Octopus Energy will liaise directly with your old supplier to agree on a switch date. You will be asked for meter readings that will be used to both open your new account and close your old one. Your old supplier will send out your final bill to close your account. As soon as you have paid your final bill it is recommended that you cancel any Direct Debit you may have set up with your old supplier to ensure no more payments are taken. Ofgem makes sure suppliers cooperate to make your switch as easy as possible.

When will my first Direct Debit go out?


Octopus energy will take your first Direct Debit on your supply start date, and monthly on your requested day thereafter. Since your annual usage is estimated at the beginning, having some opening credit can smooth any wobbles in your consumption.

What if I'm moving house or have just moved in?


First thing to remember when moving house is that you won’t lose supply. The current supplier will continue to supply the property until you tell them otherwise. When you know your new address, find out who the current supplier is. Then, give them a call and let them know your moving date, or that you’ve already moved, and that you’re switching to us. If you don’t, they might object to your move, which can cause severe delays in getting you over to us.  

If you don’t know who the current supplier is, send us the meter details so we can trace them for you. Sometimes we’ll ask you for an MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) or MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) if we can’t find your address, or the meter point doesn’t match the address you signed up with. You'll find these on an old bill from the current supplier, but if you don’t have one, just send us a picture of the meter and we’ll do the rest.

When will I receive a final bill from my old supplier?


When you switch to us, we ask for an opening meter reading to send to your old supplier so they can close your account and issue a final bill. On the way over, your reading goes through a series of third-party checks to ensure your old supplier agrees with it.

Sometimes, your old supplier might tell you we haven’t sent them. This is normally because the readings are still being checked, or your old supplier has yet to agree them (often unknown to call centre staff).

Since your old supplier is responsible for releasing your final bill, we can’t say for certain when you’ll get it, but from our experience it usually happens in four to six weeks.

Should I cancel my old supplier's Direct Debit?


Although you'll never have to pay twice for the energy you use (any overpayments are always refunded), you could find yourself with two active Direct Debits until your old supplier closes your account. 

To avoid this you could cancel your old supplier's Direct Debit. This does mean that any closing credits or debits have to be made another way – by cheque, for example – so it's worth thinking about the impact of the cancellation before deciding to do it.

What happens if I'm in credit or debit with my old supplier?


If you’re in credit, your old supplier will transfer the credit directly to your bank account once you’ve received your final bill.

If you’re in debit, you need to clear it as soon as possible, otherwise they might object to your transfer (which can cause severe delays to your move). If you’re having trouble paying, you can ask for a payment plan, which will still allow you to switch.

Will I be charged cancellation fees?


In most instances you won't be charged a cancellation fee for leaving your current supplier however we strongly advise that you check the terms of your contract to make certain. The easiest way to check the terms and conditions of your current contract is to contact your supplier.

What happens if I'm in credit or debit with you?


Since your usage varies over the year, it's completely normal be in credit at the end of summer. The credit you build over the summer months offsets your higher usage in winter.

We check your account to make sure your payments and usage don't fall out of sync over the course of the year, aiming to have you at a zero balance once your year ends.

If you do build up a bit of debit we'll get in touch to discuss it with you, so you don't need to do anything.

If you ever feel your statements aren't right, please drop us an email at 

What happens if I have a smart meter?


At the moment, if you have a smart meter installed, Octopus Energy will treat it like a normal meter. They will still ask for monthly meter readings, but these are very quick and easy to do – it takes less than a minute through their website or via the link provided in reminder emails.

What is a smart meter and can I have one?


A smart meter measures the energy you use and digitally sends readings straight to your supplier. This means your bills are more accurate and up-to-date, and you can view your energy usage in real time.  

At the moment, if you have a smart meter installed, we will treat it like we would a normal meter. We would still ask for monthly meter readings, but these are very quick and easy to do – it takes less than a minute through our website or via the link provided in our reminder emails.

At the same time, we are keeping a close eye on the developing government legislation on smart meters. As it becomes clearer we’ll be able to announce our plans for introducing smart meters to our customers.

If you would like to be added to our smart meter trial and be one of our first customers to receive one, please send us an email at We will let you know as soon as the trial begins.

I have a prepayment meter – can I join?


Great to hear that you’re considering joining Octopus. As much as we’d love to welcome you aboard, unfortunately we don’t support prepayment meters at the moment.

In order to join us, you’d need to call your existing supplier and have them change your prepayment meter to a credit meter. Then we’d be delighted to supply your energy. 

Do you offer Feed-in Tariffs?


Unfortunately we don't support feed-in tariffs at the moment. You can still join us, though – and you should be able to keep your feed-in tariff with your old supplier. 

Why do you take an initial payment when my supply starts?


Since we’re estimating your annual usage at the beginning, having a bit of opening credit can smooth any wobbles in your consumption. After all, we don’t just want to give you the best deal, but also some stability in your monthly expenses. 

How do I read my meter?


We’ve taken the pain out of meter readings with the handy guide below.

To begin, first check what kind of meter you have, then read the matching guide.  

Please note: When submitting a reading online, any spaces left blank will be filled with a zero.  


Digital single meter

Looks like this:

Electricity single display meter

How to read:

Write down the five numbers as they appear. Ignore the red one.

Digital dual meter

Looks like this:

electricity dual meter display corrected

This is for those of you on two energy rates for different times of the day. The cheaper one is on top.

How to read:

Write down the five numbers as they appear, ignoring the red ones.

Digital dual meter (single display)

Looks like this:

Electricity dual meter single display

Some dual meters have a single display where you might have to press a button to view each rate.

How to read:

  1. Write down the numbers as they appear.

  2. Press the button to see the next reading, then write that down too.

Dial meter

Looks like this:

Electricity dial meter

Here you’ll see five dials, each with numbers 0 to 9. There may be a sixth dial on the right, sometimes in red, or with 1/10 next to it – ignore this.

How to read:

  1. Write down the numbers the pointer has just passed, from left to right.

  2. If the pointer lies exactly on any number, underline it (in the above example, you would underline the 4).

  3. Now, look at your five numbers. For any that are underlined, look at the number following it – if it’s between 9 and 0, subtract your underlined number by one. The above example would therefore be 1 3 9 7 0.


Like electricity, there are a few different types of gas meter, but they’re all fairly simple to read.

Digital imperial meter

Looks like this:

Gas digital imperial meter display

How to read:

Write down the first four numbers as they appear. Ignore the red ones.

Digital metric meter

Looks like this:

Gas digital metric meter display

How to read:

Write down the first five numbers as they appear – ignore the numbers after the decimal point (sometimes in red).

Dial meter

Looks like this:

Gas dial meter display

There might be more than four dials, you only need to read the bottom four.

How to read:

Write down the numbers closest to the pointer, as they appear. If it’s between numbers, put the lower number, but If it’s between 9 and 0, write 9.

How do I read my Secure smart meter?


For a standard electricity tariff, do the following:

1. Press 9 on the keypad.

2. You'll see the letters "IMP KWH" appear on the screen.

3. On the bottom right of the screen you'll see numbers and kWh.

4. Take the first 7 digits – this is your reading.

For an Economy 7 electricity tariff, do the following:

1. Press 6 on the keypad.

2. If it's during the evening/off-peak time, you'll see IMP R01, followed by 8 digits. This is your off-peak rate, and you only need the first 7 digits for your reading.

3. During the day/peak time, you'll see IMP R02, followed by 8 digits. This is your peak rate, and you only need the first 7 digits for your reading.

For a smart gas meter, do the following:

1. Press 9 on the keypad.

2. VOLUME will show on the screen.

3. You'll find 6 digits and "m3" at the bottom right of the screen.

4. Take the first 5 digits as your reading.

Can I get current account cash back on my energy with Octopus?


At the moment, you can earn cash back with a Santander 123 account. For other accounts, please get in touch with your bank and ask them to include us. Once they agree, let us know. 

My old supplier has offered me a better deal to stay with them – should I take it?


It's common for your old supplier to offer a better deal to try and stop you from switching. Before accepting, ensure it's as good as they say by asking the following questions:

1. What are the unit rates and standing charge?

Check your old supplier's unit rates and standing charge are cheaper than ours, as some suppliers may reduce your monthly Direct Debit without reducing the actual price of your energy. This could result in you building up a substantial debit with them.

Your old supplier might also divert your attention from unit rates to the standing charge, especially if theirs is cheaper than ours. But please bear in mind that standing charges have a much smaller impact on your energy cost than the unit rates.

2. Can I have full tariff information, including the annual usage estimate?

Not only will this show unit rates and standing charge, but you'll be able to see what annual usage estimate they've calculated savings on. 

We use the estimate you gave us, or Ofgem's Low, Medium, High values (as indicated by you). Your old supplier's usage estimate might be different, meaning your payments might not be enough for your usage.

3. What tariff will I default to once the cheap deal ends?

Many suppliers will move you to an expensive tariff once a cheap one ends, in the hope you'll forget to switch. We covered this in our blog and on the BBC's Money Box program. This might be alright if you're a regular switcher, but if you're after long-term value you'd be better sticking with us.

Do you offer the Warm Home Discount?


Unfortunately, we don't offer the Warm Home Discount at the moment. Instead, we've set our prices as low as possible to make our energy affordable for everyone. 

Why don’t you offer online, dual fuel, or Direct Debit discounts?


Because we believe in simplicity and fairness.

We keep things simple by doing everything online and by Direct Debit, which allows us to pass on savings to you that we build into all our tariffs.

We keep things fair by giving our best prices to everyone, not just dual fuel customers. We don’t think it’s right to penalise single fuel households, or to force customers to take both gas and electricity from us for the best price.

Energy saving advice

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If you'd like to know more about our sources of electricity, you can read our annual fuel mix disclosure.

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Online is the best way to get in touch with our customer service team, 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm (usually responding within the hour). It means we can fix your problems while you get on with your day.

Or if you'd prefer to talk to us, call:

0333 344 2268

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Our phone lines are open from 9 am to 5 pm.

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