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Don't spend a lifetime waiting on the phone

No one likes waiting in a call queue. Instead, why not see if you can solve the issue through our online account, or drop us a message online for a quick response?

If you've got no gas or electricity, or you suspect there might be a gas leak, head to our emergency guide

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There's heaps more you can do, from checking out all your old statements and correspondence with us to making one-off payments. Go explore.

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Online is the best way to get in touch with our customer service team, 7 days/week (usually responding within a few hours). It means we can fix your problems while you get on with your day.

How are we doing?

We're taking 23 hours, 42 minutes on average to reply to your emails at the moment. That's longer than we'd like, so if your query isn't super urgent, it may be better to try later. In case you're wondering, we measure response times during business hours

Email median reply waiting times

Date Median reply waiting time (hrs)
2nd April 2020 15
3rd April 2020 23
4th April 2020 54
5th April 2020 30
6th April 2020 21
7th April 2020 16
8th April 2020 7

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"Everyone switch to Octopus Energy. Solved my issues using Facebook Messenger?! They did all the work on my behalf so no waiting an hour on the phone 😴 [The Big Six] are behind the times and expensive!"



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If you have an urgent issue you can always call us for help.

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