Great value business energy.
It's renewable, too.

Straight-forward tariffs

Our fixed tariffs set the energy price you'll pay for a full year. Great if you want price certainty for your business.

100% Green

All our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water.

Energy for the future

The clean energy you're after, coupled with fair pricing & our legendary customer service.

Rated 5 stars for customer service from 77,641 reviews.

Business energy for every need.

All our special products feature 100% renewable electricity.

Special products

Power for the people

100% green energy, created, owned and used by our customers across the world.

Coming soon

Electric Juice

Launching or running a charging business? Discover how we can support and supercharge what you're doing.

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Panel Power

A packaged offering to solar developers and installers, providing a complete electricity product to the end consumer.

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Electric Juice Network

EV charging made easy: charge your electric vehicle all across the UK using your Octopus Energy account.

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Vertical Power

Dynamic 100% green electricity tariffs for vertical farms. Powering the new generation of indoor agriculture.

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Electric Dreams

The all-inclusive, low admin salary sacrifice scheme that offers your employees and business the benefits of 100% electric vehicles.

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Four simple steps to a cleaner switch.

Switching has never been easier.

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No engineer or installer visits

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No disruption to your supply

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Certified 100% renewable electricity

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No extortionate out-of-contract rates

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Backed by the Energy Switch Guarantee, you can be confident that things will run smoothly and that you're making the right move.

Our wider community.

The latest from our business blog

Powering Lime UK

Lime UK is propelling a new vision for sustainable cities. We keep their mission fully charged, supplying Lime's e-bikes with 100% clean, green energy.

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Panel Power

Meet Panel Power, the new and unique energy tariff for businesses who generate their own solar electricity, from Octopus Energy Business.

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Octopus Means Business

Octopus Energy for Business is showing astonishing accelerated growth.

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Powered by sunshine

Choosing sustainable energy isn't just great for the planet, but makes sound business sense, too.

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