Our Shape Shifters trial results: 100% of businesses saved money on their energy bills

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In 2023, we trialled our innovative new business tariff - Shape Shifters

  • We designed it to help flexible small businesses take control of their energy prices
  • It gives customers 21 hours of cheaper electricity - every single day
  • Now, we're exploring the impact of the trial - and the results are really groovy. So, we’re sharing the good news!
  • We found that 100% of businesses on Shape Shifters saved money on their energy bills
  • So, we've decided to open up applications to all business customers with smart meters 🪩

If you’re an Octopus Energy for Business customer, join now to unlock big savings:

Become a Shape Shifter

The headlines:

100% of Shape Shifters customers saved money on their energy bills during our trial

of Shape Shifters customers saved money on their energy bills during our trial

The highest proportion of energy a customer has shifted away from peak time is 81%

The highest proportion of energy a customer has shifted away from peak time is

12% is the average reduction in energy bill costs

is the average reduction in energy bill costs

The number of hours each day that Shape Shifters get cheaper electricity is 21

The number of hours each day that Shape Shifters get cheaper electricity is

How our off-peak electricity tariff took shape

At Octopus Energy for Business, we love developing smart, green business tariffs.

Over the past few years, these products - from Panel Power to Max Power - have helped us change business energy for the better.

In Summer 2023, a new time-of-use tariff was top of our to-do list. We knew that varying customers’ energy prices throughout the day could help them save money. It’d also incentivise businesses to shift their electricity usage to outside of the 4-7pm peak. After all, energy is more expensive and less green during those hours.

Just as were thinking about sending this new tariff down to the disco for its first business boogie, we got some really relevant Twitter feedback. A customer challenged Greg, our CEO, to bring out a time-of-use business tariff - the very thing we'd be releasing in the near future:

We're passionate about listening to customers and responding to what businesses want.

Plus, we love a challenge. So, we put our plans into overdrive.

Before you could say ‘night rate fever’, the Shape Shifters trial was live!

Since then, businesses have been shifting shapes and saving money

Uptake has been great. And our customers tell us the tariff's simplicity is a big part of why they love it.

If you use your energy off-peak, you’ll pay much less for it. It’s that easy.

Here’s Beejal - our Special Projects Lead - explaining how it works in practice:


All of our Shape Shifters customers are enjoying the benefits

Every Shape Shifters customer has saved money on their energy. This means that all businesses - no matter the size, industry or function - can be better off on the new tariff.

We've found that Shape Shifters come in 2 main profiles:

The natural off-peakers - how they use their energy
The usage tweakers - how they use their energy

Spotlights on our shifters

Let's have a closer look at how our customers are making the most of the tariff:

The front of Hope Chapel, an organisation that's saving money with Shape Shifters

Hope Chapel


Bristol's Hope Chapel is a striking 18th century church with exciting 21st century energy.

They were one of the first customers to join Shape Shifters. In the first month, they used a massive 93.97% of their electricity off-peak.

Hope Chapel's busy social calendar really helped with this. They run classes, support groups and services throughout the day. That means lots of activity outside the 4-7pm peak.

They also made amazing use of their throughly modern energy setup. It comes in the form of solar panels on the roof and battery storage inside. These features give them the power to keep themselves running during peak periods, without drawing much energy from the grid.

The Old Oak Dental Practice building, one of the businesses that are saving money

Old Oak Dentists


Old Oak is a dental practice with self-sufficiency at its root.

Two years ago, they moved into a new, purpose-built building. The owner - Adam - had the wisdom to see this as an opportunity to upgrade their energy.

So, they invested in solar panels and battery storage. The aim was to become as self-sustaining as possible, with all the financial and operational benefits this brings.

Since joining Shape Shifters, these investments have helped Old Oak take a big bite out of their energy bills. They can keep power flowing into the site without needing to take much electricity from the grid.

But, it's not just this equipment that lets them make the most of Shape Shifters. Adam also involves his staff. By letting them know about the tariff, they can work together to reduce usage during peak times.

Carter Electricals staff with their electricity equipment

Carter Electricals


For Carter Electricals, Shape Shifters is a natural fit.

There are 2 main reasons for this.

Firstly, electricity is their business. So, Shape Shifters means putting their specialist knowledge into practice to maximise savings.

Secondly, they already had the equipment to make off-peak consumption easier. Their battery storage and solar panels make their peak time usage much lower. That's because they could use stored energy for the evening period.

In fact, Carter Electricals shifted more electricity to outside of peak times than any other customer.

The front of Vision Hairdressing, one of the businesses that are saving money

Vision Hairdressing


"For any small business, Shape Shifters is a no-brainer."

Vision Hairdressing is a salon that understands energy. Even before joining Shape Shifters, they'd begun their journey to drawing less peak-time electricity from the grid.

Their investment in solar panels and battery storage was making them very energy-efficient. When they found out about the new tariff, it was a perfect fit.

They noticed the difference to their bills right away, even before making significant changes to their habits.

Soon, they stopped using energy-intense appliances - like water heaters, washing machines and hairdryers - at peak times. So, the bills kept on falling.

But, for the owner - Andy - it's not about changing how your business works. It's simply about making smart, energy-informed decisions. The savings will follow.


Shape Shifters is moving on up 🪩

This trial has delivered great results.

The new tariff is empowering people to take control of their energy usage. It’s also resulting in sustainable habits.

Above all, it’s saving businesses money.

Now, it’s time to roll out the red carpet and invite the rest of our customers to the party. So if your business is ready to join, step this way:

To find out more about Octopus Energy for Business,
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