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Farewell, Saving Sessions - until next winter!

As the sun starts shining brighter and the days grow longer, its time to bid a temporary farewell to our beloved Saving Sessions. Yep, our wintertime energy-saving extravaganza is heading into summer hibernation, and we could not be prouder of what you have achieved.

Here is our wrap up!

Can smart meters break?

Here, you can find information about the reliability of smart meters, how they can sometimes have issues we can fix, and how they work with In-Home Displays (IHDs).

Earn rewards through our Octoplus scheme

Introducing Octoplus, our brand new rewards programme for smart meter customers. Here, customers get rewarded for making the grid greener.

Our Shape Shifters trial results: 100% of businesses saved money on their energy bills

100% of businesses customers saved money on our Shape Shifters trial. It's a smart time-of-use tariff that gives you 21 hours of cheaper electricity every day. Check out the exciting impact.

The growth of Intelligent Octopus

A little over 24 months ago, we launched Intelligent Octopus Go. Today, it’s the UK’s most popular EV tariff, chosen by 150,000 customers, working with 280+ EV and charger models. It’s also the world’s largest ‘virtual power plant’, generating enough electricity across innovative sources, to power Birmingham and Leeds. The collective energy in all those EVs, batteries and thermostats is equivalent to half a nuclear plant. And this is just the beginning.

I want to give you a look at the breakneck global growth of Intelligent Octopus Go.

How smart meters are upgrading energy for all

Smart meters don’t just make your energy billing easier and more accurate, as a fundamental building block for a green energy revolution they're easily worthwhile.

Powered by Octopus: Hope Chapel is Shifting Shapes for their community

We wanted to find out more about our customers’ experiences of the new Shape Shifters tariff. So, we spoke to Bristol’s nobly named Hope Chapel for a chat about how they’re finding life with their new setup.

How much can you save with a heat pump?

Save up to £220 with a heat pump on our Cosy Octopus tariff. Green heating boffin Aimee crunches the numbers of Octopus Energy heat pump customers to see how much they've saved

The Cosy 6 heat pump: revolutionising heating the Octopus way

We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest milestone in the quest for cheaper, greener, smarter home heating: the 'Cosy 6' heat pump.

The EQUINOX heat pump trial 2023/24

EQUINOX is a trial exploring ways we can make green heating cheaper and greener. This blog covers how EQUINOX works, what we learnt from the last trial, what's happening with EQUINOX this winter (2023-24) - and crucially, how to get involved!

Solving Smart-Tech Hiccups

Our smart tariffs give you access to extremely cheap and green energy. Yet it’s important to remember that these are beta products and that will occasionally mean little hiccups. Here's how we work to solve them, and how you can help.

Shape Shifters: how to shift your usage away from peak times

We recently released our new time-of-use business tariff: Shape Shifters. Follow these tips to shift your usage and make savings.

Powered by Octopus: the Saltburn Vintage Rooms go smart

Fiona from the Saltburn Vintage Rooms tells us all about how she's finding life with a smart meter.

Pipe dream to reality: Moroccan green power for 7m UK homes

We’re investing in the world’s largest subsea pipe in Morocco to bring cheap green power to 7 million homes in the UK.

Powered by Octopus: Simply Flowers goes smart

How going smart has helped Simply Flowers to save money and time.

The best ways to track your energy consumption and spending

There are a few different ways to track your energy use. The easiest, most accurate way is through the Octopus Energy app.

7 reasons why your business should have a smart meter

Find out why businesses love smart meters. We'll show you our customers' favourite things about smart meters. Like lower bills and more simpler business energy.

Innovation in smart tech's security

Phil Steele, an Octopus Energy boffin and all-round tech-spert, who's spent years working on some of the most exciting electrical home tech available.

You may have heard of the Octopus Home Mini or Octopus Fan Club…well that was Phil and his brill team of tech wizards. He also occasionally graces our TV screens to discuss the next exciting smart energy gadget, be sure to keep your eyes peeled (LINK).

How to use your FLIR Thermal Camera

We're loaning thermal imaging cameras to help you to spot heat loss around your home. This will enable cheap, effective, personalised improvements that can have a real impact on your wallet, and the environment.

The EQUINOX heat pump trial: your questions answered

We’ve put together a selection of answers to the most commonly asked questions about EQUINOX heat pump trial, in case you wanted to know more.

How EVs are the affordable answer to greener driving: even in an energy crisis

Electric vehicles are still far cheaper, and of course, greener, to run than the fossil-fuel-guzzling alternatives. In this blog we’ll explain a whole host of ways that electric vehicles can help you navigate the energy crisis.

Let's make Zero Bills homes the new standard

We're calling on housing developers across the UK to help us make Zero Bills the new standard. We're launching Octopus Zero Bills, the next generation energy tariff with zero energy bills for five years, guaranteed. If your home already has the right combination of technology: solar panels, a home battery, and a heat pump that all meet our zero spec, down the line, you too could join Octopus Zero Bills.

Meet the Octopus Home Mini

The Octopus Home Mini is a brand new, cutting-edge bit of tech that makes understanding your energy usage easier than ever before.

Moving from ‘Demand Side Response’ to ‘Intelligent Demand’

For the last sixty years, efforts to influence energy demand have been defined by (and limited to) the concept of ‘Demand side response’ (DSR). Now we have the opportunity to move to 'Intelligent Demand' - which could solve a whole host of energy issues.

Switch up green levies for a smarter, cleaner energy system

With energy costs going up, the energy crisis has brought new attention to all the smaller costs that make up your electricity bill; including green levies. Tin this blog we look at how taking them out of customers’ bills and including them in ‘general taxation’ would help unleash energy flexibility, making the grid greener in the process.

Smart customers pay less

Smart meters not only make it easier to manage your energy wherever you are – they can also help you cut your bills.

Here’s how smart meters help our customers pay less:

  • Earn money back on your bills by taking part in our smart trials
  • Save on your bills with our smart tariffs by using energy when it’s cheaper and greener
  • Change costly habits and cut your usage with energy insights in the Octopus Energy app
  • Get an extra chance to win up to £512 every month on our famous Wheel of Fortune
  • Enter to win cool prizes by joining our smart meter competitions

We paid customers to use less power at peak times. Here's what happened.

The UK’s energy network is slowly but surely becoming greener, but this transformation isn’t without challenges.

At Octopus, we’re all about less talk and more action. That’s why we trialled the UK’s largest ever dynamic demand shift. Working with over 100,000 homes up and down the country, we’ve collectively demonstrated that even the smallest of actions can lead to the biggest changes.

Use Zero Carbon, Pay Zero Bills

Today ‘net-zero’ can feel more like a futuristic buzzword than a doing word, with many left wondering what this monumental shift could possibly look like to the average person? And most importantly - how do we get there?

Intelligent Octopus Go & Ohme: your questions answered

Intelligent Octopus Go is our smartest EV tariff, with six hours of smart charging every night at a super low rate.

You'll get cheap electricity between 11.30pm and 5.30am, as well as super cheap electricity for any Smart Charging.

Our latest integration with Ohme enables Octopus to provide Smart Charging directly through your Ohme charger; a greener solution that keeps money in your pocket.

Go behind the scenes of our EQUINOX trial for heat pump owners

EQUINOX is Octopus Energy's latest cutting edge trial, designed to unlock grid flexibility via heat pumps. The trial, the biggest of its kind so far, will reward customers who want to get involved with unleashing the very greenest in home heating.

With green hydrogen, we're in our element

Octopus Energy are getting involved in green hydrogen, but what exactly is it? In this blog you'll find everything you need to know about hydrogen, and meet Octopus' hydrogen experts, who are spending a whopping £3bn to put the right kind of hydrogen towards the right kind of solutions, from heavy industry to lorries, trains – even green planes!

Join the Big Dirty Turn Down trial

Our cutting-edge trial in partnership with National Grid ESO gives customers all over the UK free electricity for moving power use out of the dirtiest times of day.

Energy storage: making 100% renewable power a reality

In a future powered by 100% renewable energy, we're going to need to be able to call on green electrons when we need them. Given that we can't make the sun shine and the wind blow on demand, where is this flexibility going to come from? Energy storage might just be the solution we've been waiting for.

How Octopus Energy is revolutionising Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the future: electric, low-carbon heat extracted from the air. Find out how we're installing heat pumps for around the same cost as a gas boiler.

Green heating 101 with our heat pump boffin Peter

Yet to be electrified and unable to reap the benefits of cleaner, greener electricity, heating accounts for 14% of the UKs emissions. In this blog, I talk to Peter Konowalczyk about the solution we've all been waiting for... heat pumps.

Net Zero in London by 2050. What does the next generation have to say?

The Octopus Centre for Net Zero has put the capital's brightest young minds to the test at the very first London Energy Idea Challenge

Big Business: moving from a one to a three phase meter

If your business uses a lot of energy then you might need a three phase meter installed, allowing you to access a lot more power from the grid. We are increasingly getting requests for three phase meters, so here is everything you need to know about the installation process.

Centre for Net Zero: Pioneering research to make a fully sustainable global energy system a reality

The Centre for Net Zero (CNZ) will take the fight against climate change to government level. Bringing together the biggest and best brains in tech, environment, econometrics and policy to create research and tools that governments and businesses around the world will be able to use to accelerate the uptake of clean technologies and green energy.

Spotlight on... Karim, Senior Front-end developer

In this blog for Octopus’ spotlight series, we chat to Karim about his superhuman coding powers, life as a Octopus developer, and his upcoming adventure with Octopus Energy Japan.

Our first tech internship: The Ada Lovelace Project

This month we wrapped up our first ever Octopus tech internship: The Ada Lovelace Project, named after the inspirational woman commonly considered the world’s first computer programmer.

We're powering Energy House 2.0: a cutting-edge smart home research facility

The way we generate and consume energy is changing, and it’s changing fast. We're working with the University of Salford to create a new state-of-the-art research facility that explores the future of smart home energy consumption - the only one of its kind in the world.

Works with Octopus

Our “Works with Octopus” program recognises and supports all the different products and services connected to us and helps promote all the hard work to make these available to consumers.

The Terms and Conditions of Agile Octopus, Cosy Octopus, Octopus Go, and Octopus Go Green, and Octopus Flux

The Agile Octopus, Cosy Octopus, Octopus Flux, Octopus Go, and Octopus Go Green tariffs are uniquely innovative products of our labs, and available now to customers through our beta programme.

Spotlight on... Ruby, Senior operations manager for Kraken Technologies

In the latest Spotlight blog, Maddie chats to Ruby, one of the first people to join the Octopus team back in 2016.

Ruby's done just about everything there is to do in the company, and now works for Kraken Tech introducing new Kraken convert companies to our software and our unique way of working.

The perils of being a tech innovator, working with a tech innovator

We’re delighted to partner with Tesla to offer their customers the Tesla Energy Plan - and the chance to unlock cheaper greener energy through the power of their car, solar panels and batteries.

However, last year we identified an issues with some very specific brand of meters installed by L+G. Here’s the detail of what we found, and what we’ve done, from Phil Steele, our Future Technologies Evangelist.

Web accessibility at Octopus Energy

Disability isn’t inherent - disabilities arise when society is built in a way that doesn’t take people's needs into account. In other words, it’s our job to cater for each of our customers, whatever their access needs.

We wanted to write a little about the work that goes into building our website, customer experience and communications in the most inclusive way possible.

A groundbreaking smart energy trial with Powervault and AgileOctopus

Octopus and Powervault are over the Moon to be able to announce a groundbreaking smart trial, paving the way for a smarter, greener energy system.

Spotlight on... Wenye, Back-end developer

Aliya chats to Kraken Tech back-end dev Wenye Zhao about coding the links to connect smart meters, lockdown hobbies, and what it's like working for a green, agile company like ours. Aliya chats to

Could electric wallpaper be part of the future of heating?

I recently stumbled upon an intriguing new way to heat a building without burning gas: electric wallpaper.

The Big Switch On: Can we make the most of renewable energy when it’s available?

Can everyday homes help balance a greener grid?

How to hack your home for cheaper, greener, energy with our open API

Smart-energy pioneers are using our agile API to hack their homes for the cheapest, greenest energy anywhere - find out how to do the same!

The Big Switch On: A smart trial to help balance the grid and stop green energy going to waste.

This bank holiday weekend we're going all out to stop renewable energy going to waste

Introducing the Big Switch On

We want everyone to switch on this Sunday to stop green energy going to waste

A note on our smart energy trials

We're on a mission to spur the global transition to green power cheaper and faster. As part of this, we’re always testing new ideas and running limited trials, some involving customers and other energy innovators. Our CEO Greg breaks down what we're doing, and how and why we're doing it.

OctopusWatch: making smart energy easier than ever

What do soap, ice-cream and smart energy have in common? There’s an app for that!

Social distancing plus sunny, windy weather means AgileOctopus prices plunge

On Sunday 5th April, thousands of customers on our AgileOctopus tariff got paid to use power between 10.30am and 4pm. Our fuel procurement team explain how Sunday's negative pricing came about – and how this weekend's highly renewable energy grid provides a crucial opportunity for the industry to look into its greener, smarter future.

Domestic energy usage patterns during social distancing

Analysis on the changes in energy consumption due to social distancing

Agile API Pioneers: Meet Mick Wall - the brains behind Energy-stats.UK

We’re big fans of anyone that does something ‘smart’ with our Agile API. Here's the story of one such pioneer.

Spot heat loss around your home with one of our FLIR thermal imaging cameras

We're loaning thermal imaging cameras to help you to spot heat loss around your home. This will enable cheap, effective, personalised improvements that can have a real impact on your wallet, and the environment.

With AgileOctopus, the UK's greenest energy was also the cheapest

On Saturday and Sunday night agileOctopus customers got paid for the energy they used after the UK hit record levels of wind generation.

Meet Phil Steele, our Future Technologies Evangelist

With Phil’s help, Octopus Energy are building the smart energy system of the future, today.

Meet nCube, the ‘brain’ behind the carbon-neutral homes of the future

Enter nCube: a universal smart home ‘bridge’ engineered by our Future Technologies Evangelist, Phil Steele.

Making energy fair and inclusive through web accessibility

Shining a bright light on accessibility, and offering tips on how to build a website with inclusion in mind.

Saving battery lives with ChargedUp

We’re partnering with ChargedUp so that you can recharge your phone on the go, 100% green! We chat to co-founder Charlie Baron about how this sustainable tie-up came together...

The challenges of working on the cutting edge of smart energy

Energy needs to change, and fast. The only way to really discover what the right answers look like is to build solutions in the real world with real customers.

As Octopus is working at the cutting edge of smart meter capabilities (and exceeding them) we are encountering and solving issues that were unknown, unforeseen or unresolved.

Tepeo are electrifying heat for a greener future

Our Future Technologies Evangelist Phil blogs about Tepeo, the latest in heat-battery tech.

FAQs about Outgoing Octopus

Get acquainted with Outgoing Octopus, our one of a kind smart export tariff

Powervault for the people

Calling all early adopters! Octopus Energy is proud to reveal a pioneering new link-up with Powervault, trialling the energy technology of tomorrow, today.

"Alexa, ask Octopus..."

We're pleased to launch our brand new integration with Amazon Alexa!

Your smart home just got smarter with Agile Octopus and IFTTT

Agile Octopus customers can now pair the world's first time-of-use energy tariff with If This Then That (IFTTT), the app that connects all your smart tech, to truly benefit from dynamic energy pricing, saving cash and carbon without even having to think about it.

Agile pricing explained

Our Smart Tariff and IoT project manager Phil Steele teams up with Head of Data Science David Sykes to explain the calculation model behind Agile Octopus' dynamic pricing.

Agile Octopus: A consumer-led shift to a low carbon future

Agile Octopus represents the future, a crucial step towards redesigning energy infrastructure to support a low-carbon society. Read the first results here, along with a foreword from our founder Greg.

Meet the Agile community

Meet the community of tech innovators integrating their products and services with our Agile API to revolutionise energy.

A Hack Day for the future of energy

“Alexa, can you do my washing when it’s cheapest?”

Octopus Energy’s first Hack Day makes this a reality

Agile Octopus: The bigger story

We delve a little deeper into Agile Octopus: who it's for and why we launched it.

Blockchain: building blocks of better energy

Blockchain promises massive gains in industries as diverse as fine wine and music streaming. Now, it could deliver huge efficiency benefits to the UK energy market while empowering customers and saving them money.

Batteries included: meet the cars of the future

Electric vehicles are making cheaper, cleaner transport a reality for everyone. Read on to find out why you might never need buy petrol again.

How technology informs our beliefs

We’re massive fans of technology and believe it can solve even the most complex problems.

Making Octopus accessible for everyone

We audited our website to see if we were providing all of our visitors and customers with an easy and enjoyable experience

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!