Meet the Agile community

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Launching the smart grid

If you found your way here, you'll know all about Agile Octopus, our world-first smart time of use tariff, passing on real half-hourly wholesale prices to consumers.

Early customers have already unlocked incredible savings by taking advantage of Agile's dirt cheap off-peak rates, but this tariff's true potential is best unlocked via integration with smart home tech.

This all kicked off at our Agile HackDay, which saw 22 organisations from Toshiba to Tesla coming together to integrate their products and services with our open Agile API. The teams paired their tech with our Agile data to solve challenges from bringing affordable electric heating to social housing at prices rivalling gas, to pairing a robot push button with Amazon’s Alexa to remotely turn a tumble dryer on when energy rates are lowest, or greenest.

Meet the Agile community

We're delighted to be continuing to work with the following tech-led organisations to maximise the potential of time of use tariffs like ours:

Who are they? What are we working on together?
Zappi The award winning Zappi is a British made eco-smart EV charger. It's the first on the market to use solar power to charge an electric vehicle for free using green energy. The Zappi is integrated with the Agile Octopus tariff, which means that in less sunny times, the charger will charge at the most cost efficient time for the customer.
Boxergy On a mission to sell heat at 1p per kWh through state of the art heat pumps, energy storage and energy management. We were delighted to support the team at Boxergy by providing access to our Agile Tariff API to further develop Boxergy's unique energy as a service offering as part of the Innovative Domestic DSR Competition.
Mixergy Mixergy is the intelligent hot water tank which only heats the exact amount of water you need. Integrated with Agile Octopus to enable an 'Octopus ready' tank feature launched beginning of August.
Gengame Using gamification to drive energy consumer engagement. Looking at how to integrate Agile Octopus tariffs in a consumer focus application to enable the swift install of smart meters.
Ecopush An innovative start-up, who came together for the Agile Octopus HackDay and who have stayed together since! Working on a launch in Autumn this year of a ground breaking IOT device integrated with the Agile tariff.
Sunamp Offering super-compact heat battery technology, intelligently designed to provide a clean, efficient and cost-effective thermal energy storage solution. Delighted to write a letter of support for Sunamp's application for funding through phase 2 of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Domestic Demand-Side Response (DSR) Competition.
Leakbot The inventors of the LeakBot, and energy engineering superstars. This one is classified!

Thanks also to Energy Systems Catapult, UKPN, policy innovator Laura Sandys, James Heappey MP and Graeme Cooper, EV Director of National Grid for their ongoing support of the revitalisation of the energy industry through time of use tariffs.

The work we've started with all these phenomenal collaborators has been lauded far and wide, even making it into Reuters' review of European Smart Grid developments:

“Start ups [Octopus] leading the way on Smart Grid”

We were a little bit chuffed to be the only UK supplier mentioned in the piece.

As avid campaigners for consumer rights, we're no stranger to politics. Agile even made its way into that sphere. James Heappey MP said:

“Insurgent companies such as Octopus Energy are relishing bringing the new time-of-use tariffs to the market, giving customers the benefits of fluctuating wholesale energy prices.”

The good folks over at Energy Institute covered Agile HackDay in their July-August 2018 Energy World journal and broke down some of the day's best creations.

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