Octopus Smart Tariffs

Pairing smart home tech with smart tariffs can save you money, drastically cut your carbon impact, and help the world ditch fossil fuels faster. Which one is best for you depends on your home set up and usage.

Electric Vehicle tariffs

Charging your EV overnight can drastically reduce your electricity bills vs a standard tariff.

An electric vehicle charging
Intelligent Octopus Smart charge your car from 2.4p per mile. Six hours of guaranteed cheap electricity for your car and home every night.
An electric car on top of a globe
Octopus Go Get super cheap electricity between 00:30 - 04:30 every night and keep your fuel costs around 3p per mile.

Solar & Battery Tariffs

Benefit from the amazing power of batteries by exporting to the grid at the most valuable times.

Octopus Flux An import and export tariff giving you the best rates for consuming and selling your energy.
A home with solar panels next to a wind turbine
Octopus Outgoing Check out our fixed and agile tariffs perfect for exporting energy to the grid.
A home with solar panels next to a wind turbine
Smart Export Guarantee On an EV tariff but also want to benefit from your export? Our SEG tariff allows you to get paid for your export whilst on a smart import tariff.

Heat Pump Tariffs

Benefit by using your heat pump when electricity is cheap and reducing usage when electricity is expensive. Just set up the heat pump timings and let us do the rest.

Constantine next to a heat pump
Cosy Octopus The smart electricity tariff designed to keep heat-pump homes toasty and energy bills cheaper.

Other Tariffs

Energy prices change constantly throughout the day, if you're happy to be an active participant in your energy usage, you can benefit from shifting your energy usage to cheaper times.

Pink octopus constantine looking at a calculator and money
Octopus Tracker Britain's first tariff to truly follow the wholesale price of energy.
A graph with a plug emerging from it and a wind turbine
Agile Octopus Perfect for anyone who can shift their electricity use outside of peak times.
Fan club logo
Octopus Fan Club Are you in Yorkshire or Caerphilly? Check out our community tariff saving you money when the wind blows.

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