Octopus smart tariffs

Pairing the right smart home tech with the right smart tariffs can save a lot of money, cut your carbon impact, and help the world ditch fossil fuels faster. Over a million customers have now tried an Octopus smart tariff or service.

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Our most popular smart tariffs

Pink octopus constantine looking at a calculator and money
Octopus Tracker Britain's first tariff to truly follow the wholesale price of energy
An electric vehicle charging
Intelligent Octopus Go for electric cars

Super cheap EV smart charging and six hours of cheap home electricity a night

An illustration of a house with solar panels
Outgoing Octopus For solar and batteries

The UK's only smart export tariff. Sell your solar for a great fixed rate or Agile market rates.

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Picking the right tariff depends on the low carbon technologies you own (i.e. EVs, heat pumps, solar or battery storage) and your energy use. See what generally works best for some common combos by doing our quick quiz.

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Don't have any smart tech? You can still benefit from a smart tariff

If you're happy to be an active participant in your energy usage, you can save cash and carbon by shifting your consumption to cheaper times. Octopus Tracker is a great introduction to smarter energy, with different energy prices daily.

Pink octopus constantine looking at a calculator and money
Octopus Tracker Britain's first tariff to truly follow the wholesale price of energy

Electric vehicle tariffs

Intelligent Octopus Go

Super cheap EV smart charging and six hours of cheap home electricity a night

Octopus Go

No Intelligent-compatible car or charger? Get five hours of cheap electricity a night for your home and car.

Is your car vehicle-to-grid ready? It could be worth checking our UK-first beta V2G tariff, Octopus Power Pack.

Solar & Battery Tariffs

Benefit from the amazing power of batteries by exporting to the grid at the most valuable times.

Octopus Flux An import and export tariff giving you the best rates for consuming and selling your energy.
Intelligent Octopus Flux Let us pair with your battery to make the most of our import and export rates.
A home with solar panels next to a wind turbine
Octopus Outgoing Check out our fixed and agile tariffs perfect for exporting energy to the grid.

It's probably worth mentioning that our basic Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff also allows you to get paid for your exported energy whilst on a smart import tariff.

Which import tariff is my export tariff compatible with?


If you're on one of the following tariffs, you can choose either Outgoing Fixed, Outgoing Agile or SEG: Flexible Octopus, Octopus Fixed, Agile Octopus, Tracker, Intelligent Octopus, Cosy Octopus. Octopus Go can only pair with Outgoing Fixed Lite. Octopus Flux and Tesla Energy Plan both have export rates as part of the tariff, so can't pair with any other export tariff. SEG (or Smart Export Guarantee) is a regulated export tariff. Though technically any export customer can be on it, it's our lowest rate. It's the only export tariff you can use if you don't also have import with Octopus Energy.

Heat Pump Tariffs

Benefit by using your heat pump when electricity is cheap and reducing usage when electricity is expensive. Just set up the heat pump timings and let us do the rest.

Constantine next to a heat pump
Cosy Octopus The smart electricity tariff designed to keep heat-pump homes toasty and energy bills cheaper.

Dynamic wholesale-based smart tariffs

Fancy yourself as a bit of a tech wiz? Save extra cash and carbon by shifting your energy in line with hourly energy prices, based on wholesale energy costs. Pricing can even go negative so you're paid to use energy. Great if you're a more engaged energy user and even better if you're thinking about automating your appliances.

A graph with a plug emerging from it and a wind turbine
Agile Octopus Perfect for anyone who can shift their electricity use outside of peak times

Smart tariffs for businesses

Shape Shifters Business Energy Tariff
Shape Shifters Our innovative time-of-use tariff for businesses

Unlock 21 hours of cheaper electricity - every single day.

Which smart tariff is right for me?

Your low carbon tech Your best tariff
Heat pump Cosy Octopus
Electric car (EV) Intelligent Octopus Go
Solar panels Outgoing Fixed
Solar, battery storage Octopus Flux
Battery storage Agile + Outgoing Octopus
EV, solar Intelligent Octopus Go
EV, heat pump Intelligent Octopus Go
EV, solar, heat pump Intelligent Octopus Go
Heat pump and solar Cosy Octopus + Outgoing Fixed
Nothing yet Agile Octopus or Octopus Tracker

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