Export at Octopus Energy

We offer a range of export tariffs that suit different needs. From flat rates for peace of mind (Outgoing) or variable for those willing to adapt their energy usage to match half-hourly wholesale pricing (Outgoing agile) to an export tariff that works alongside EV import or an non-Octopus import tariff (SEG). Browse below to learn more about the different tariffs.

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Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Already have an electric vehicle import tariff? Or only wanting to sign up for an export tariff? SEG is for you, it offers a flat 4.1p kWh rate for each exported unit of energy.
Fixed Outgoing Octopus Guarantees a fixed rate of 15p per kWh. The best value export tariff on the market.
Agile Outgoing Octopus Matches your half-hourly prices with day-ahead wholesale rates. For those willing to be involved in their energy.
Octopus Flux An import and export tariff optimised to give you the best rates for consuming and selling your energy during peak periods using your home battery..
Solar Panel Installation Octopus Energy have a team of brilliant engineers installing solar panels and batteries on domestic properties.

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