Cut up to 90% off your energy bills with home solar and battery power

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  • Generating your own power gives you energy independence: you could spend 90% less on electricity bills.
  • Sell spare green energy back to the grid: our Outgoing Octopus export tariff unlocks bonkers export rates based on market energy prices. ☀️
  • Award-winning service: we take care of everything from design and installation to generation and customer support. ☀️
  • Slash your carbon footprint. ☀️


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We're currently installing in the Midlands and the south of England.
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Be the change and become one of the first UK Octopus customers to have a solar panel installation. By powering your home with green, clean energy, you’ll reduce your reliance on pricey power from the grid whilst getting paid for anything you don’t use.


What to expect:


Our solar installation will include:

  • A free solar panel consultation & cost estimate

    Tailored to your energy usage and your home - we'll complete your home survey and estimate your costs, savings and installation options, without any initial cost commitment.
  • Optional battery storage

    Take your self-sufficiency to the next level by powering your home with 100% green energy, even when the sun goes down, and keep grid energy as your backup. We'll build you a quote with a choice of options, so you can make a decision based on your budget and requirements.
  • No third parties

    We'll handle your installation every step of the way, from your initial quote right the way through to paying for your exported energy, so your experience is smooth as sunlight.
  • Award winning support you can trust

    Our expert team are here to answer all of your questions and concerns.

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Are solar panels right for my home?


Before going ahead with your installation, we'll need to make sure of a few things first. Firstly you will need a clear space on a pitched (not flat) roof that can fit at least 6 solar panels. See our FAQ on how much space you'll need for more info.

It's important that this part of your roof sees the sun throughout the day, so a north facing roof is unsuitable. We'll also need to be able to install scaffolding below this part of the building in order to complete the installation.

Next, you'll need to decide if solar panels make money-sense. The higher your energy usage at home, the more beneficial solar panels and a battery will be (you'll be saving the money you would have otherwise spent on bills, and this will go towards paying back the cost of your solar system). If you have a low usage, it's worth keeping in mind that your payback period will be longer, but this is something we can discuss in your consultation.

What's the process to get solar installed?


First up, our solar sales specialists will work with you to plan the perfect solar panel setup for your home, using state-of-the-art software to visualise the path of the sun, and where to best position the panels on your roof.

Next we’ll book a quick home survey to take measurements and discuss where to fit the tech that will accompany your panels. Before the survey we take a £500 fully refundable deposit, and at this point you’ll receive a quote which will include the estimated investment return period.

Once you’re happy, we'll find a suitable installation date. Installation should take 2-4 days, depending on the size of your system. We will also schedule time on either side of this to put up and take down the scaffolding at your property. Once installation is complete, we’ll request the remainder of the total cost.

We’ll be here to answer any questions or concerns that you have throughout the process, and even after the installation is completed.

What is battery storage?


A battery will allow you to store any electricity you don't use, so that instead of exporting the energy back to the grid, you can use it later when the sun isn't shining. The initial cost for a battery is higher than solar panels alone, but it's a great idea if you wish to be self-sufficient and avoid spending money on pricey electricity from the grid in the long-run. You can also guarantee that the majority of the electricity you're using is 100% clean, green and home-generated.

Should I get battery storage installed too?


This depends on both how much electricity you generate and when you use it most. For example, if you tend to use a lot of energy in the evening, we’ll probably recommend a battery. This is because you won’t be there to use the energy when the sun is brightest during the day; instead you can store the electricity in the battery for use in the evening. Our lives are varied, so there are many more circumstances that might impact this decision - but this is something that our solar advisors will be able to help you with.

How much space do I need?


On your roof, the number of panels we recommend will depend on the amount of space you have and how much energy you use.

Our panels are 1.7m length 1.1m wide each, and we'll need space for a 40cm gap between the edge of the roof and the solar system. The average number of panels is around 9-10 (3.5kW) and the minimum number we can fit is 6. As an example, 9-10 panels would fit a roof of around 26m2, where the array would take up a total space of around 5.1m x 3.3m.

In general, the more panels on the roof, the more electricity you will generate, so we’d only recommend a large array if your usage is high. We’ll discuss all of these options with you.

Inside your home, you will need space for an inverter measuring: (HxDxW) 440 x 260 x 480 (mm)

If you choose to also have a battery, these come in 3 different sizes:

2.6kWh dimensions: (HxDxW) 369 x 220 x 480 (mm)

5.2kWh dimensions: (HxDxW) 515 x 220 x 480 (mm)

9.5kWh dimensions: (HxDxW) 800 x 223 x 480 (mm)

How much does it cost?


The cost of your installation will depend on the number of panels you need and whether you choose to have battery storage. The average cost for a solar panel and battery storage installation is £10,000.

How we calculate the 90% saving


This figure is calculated by comparing what the average household would pay per year on the Energy Price Guarantee (£1154) - to what they would pay with a 4kW solar & battery system, assuming they use 80% of their generation and export 20% on our Agile Octopus tariff (£115).
This is a saving of £1,039 or 90% of the total electricity bill.


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