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Which export tariff can I combine with my import tariff?

We've made a handy table to help you work out which export tariffs are compatible with each of our import tariffs.

If you're on one of the following tariffs, you can choose either Outgoing Fixed, Outgoing Agile or SEG: Flexible Octopus, Octopus Fixed, Agile Octopus, Tracker, Intelligent Octopus, Cosy Octopus. Octopus Go can only pair with Outgoing Fixed Lite. Octopus Flux and Tesla Energy Plan both have export rates as part of the tariff, so can't pair with any other export tariff. SEG (or Smart Export Guarantee) is a regulated export tariff. Though technically any export customer can be on it, it's our lowest rate. It's the only export tariff you can use if you don't also have import with Octopus Energy.

Find out more and sign up to different export tariffs below: