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Outgoing Octopus

Perfect for homes with solar panels, battery storage and other types of renewable generation.

Outgoing Octopus comes in two forms

Outgoing Agile

We match your half-hourly prices, with day-ahead wholesale rates that are uncapped. Check out the historical export rates for our agile tariff here.

Best for: those with energy storage who are willing to be on the ball with when you can import and export your energy. Sell your electricity when prices are highest and use energy when prices are lowest.

Tip: Combine Agile Outgoing (export) with our Agile tariff (Import) and integrate with Amazon Alexa or IFTTT to really make the most of your smart grid.

Outgoing Fixed

15p per kWh for every unit you export

Best for: If you want peace of mind and predictability, go for our flat rate of 15p per kWh

On Octopus Go? You get a Lite version of Outgoing Fixed with export at 8p per kWh. Why?

Tip: For homes without a battery, your solar will prioritise your home demand and any extra will go to the grid. For homes with a battery, excess will go to your battery, once the battery is full, excess will be exported to the grid.

Listen to Phil, our Future Technologies Evangelist, talk about the advantages of our two Outgoing tariffs.

What is the sign up process for export?

The process of connecting your generation of choice (e.g. solar panels) is still fairly complex and involves us (your energy supplier), the DNO (distribution network operator) and your installer all playing their part.

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Sign up

You apply for the Outgoing Octopus Tariff online

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Application Process (2 days)

Your application is processed by Octopus Energy and we apply to the DNO for an export MPAN (An MPAN is a unique number for the electricity meter in your property and when export is set up for the first time, a new MPAN must be requested from the Distribution Network Operator). Read more about the DNO here.


DNO creates your MPAN (1-4 weeks)

The DNO creates your export MPAN - this is the longest part of the application process and is out of our control as this depends on the resource available there (a bit like applying for a passport). Once the MPAN is created, Octopus can begin the enrolment onto Octopus' supply.

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Your MPAN is enrolled (5 days)

Your new export MPAN is enrolled onto your Octopus account and you will receive an email asking you for a first meter reading.

A smart meter

We connect to your smart meter

Once connected to your meter we will start pulling your export consumption and you can begin enjoying your earnings without lifting a finger.

Got a question about Outgoing Octopus? Head to our FAQs

Good to know

You'll need a smart meter from which we are able to receive half-hourly export data. This includes almost all SMETS2 meters and most SMETS1 but please contact us for confirmation or if you don't know which one you have.

You can only pair Outgoing Octopus with certain import tariffs.

If you have started receiving FiT payments in the last 12 months, the FiT rules mean you won't be able to switch to Outgoing Octopus just yet.

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Outgoing Octopus is a product of our labs, available now to customers through our beta programme.

Outgoing Octopus is a beta product. This means it's not always going to be perfect while we work out any early snags. It is a complex product, and it may take us a little while to perfect the billing and reporting that accompanies the tariff, and sometimes your online account or in-home display (a pretty basic display system with no real capability for reporting dynamic pricing) might throw up some weird numbers. We'll always make sure financial transactions are resolved, even if there's a reporting error.

As an early adopter on the tariff, you can give us input as to what works, and what doesn't – and you get access to cutting edge technologies months ahead of the market. The flip-side is that sometimes industry systems take a while to catch up with us.

Already an Octopus customer?

Log in to your account to switch to Outgoing Octopus through your online dashboard.

Not yet with Octopus?

No problem. Start your switch, and then come back here once you've setup your account.

If you're on Octopus Go and would like to join Outgoing Fixed Lite please get in touch to sign up.

Looking to keep your existing supplier and just switch your export to Octopus? Check out our Standard Export Guarantee tariff to find out more