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For years we have been loaning thermal cameras to customers completely free of charge to help them find draughts in their homes. Since the energy crisis, we have ramped up our scheme and have sent cameras to nearly 4,000 customers. This year, we are concentrating our efforts on our most vulnerable customers that need them the most.

Read on to find out how to use the camera, why we're lending them and how you can borrow one.

The scheme for winter 2023/24 has now closed. We have received an incredible amount of requests to borrow our thermal cameras and will focus on ensuring those customers have a chance to use these super handy piece of tech.

The waiting list for next winter is now open, if you'd like to borrow a camera next year. Head to the form to add yourself to the list.

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What is the scheme?

We have a couple hundred FLIR thermal cameras that we lend to customers every winter. These nifty gadgets connect to smartphones to quickly spot where heat is either escaping or entering. The cameras work best in the winter when the weather is cold and draughts are easier to spot.

Have a closer look at one of the models we offer in the scheme, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro, to find out a little more about how they work and if your phone is compatible.

Thermal camera on smartphone screen

Why are we lending cameras?

We genuinely want to help our customers be more energy efficient. It's simply the right thing to do, not only because it keeps your bills low, but because it’s better for the environment as well.

We've sent our cameras out to nearly 5,000 customers over the last few years, and we’re absolutely honoured that so many customers have told us that the camera loan has helped them practically identify how to save heat in their home.

Right now, saving gas is more important than ever, with millions of UK households left struggling to pay record high energy bills.

For Winter 2022, we’ve prioritised camera loans for those who need it most.

FLIR One camera - plugs into your smartphone
FLIR One Edge Pro - wirelessly connects to your smartphone

These cameras connect to your smartphone to spot heat loss around your home

How can I borrow one?

The scheme is currently closed for this year. We've had thousands of customers apply to borrow one and are currently working super hard to ensure everyone gets to borrow the camera before winter is over.

In the meantime, skip to our budget-friendly tips to find out how you can reduce draughts and improve insulation in 9 different areas of your home.

Or add yourself to next years waiting list.

person using camera on their smartphone

Who are FLIR?

FLIR are a company that specialises in thermal imaging cameras. They produce these nifty gadgets that help everyday folk, like you and me, pinpoint exactly where heat may be escaping from inside and outside our homes.

Watch this short video on how to use a FLIR One thermal camera

Join Greg, one of our social media specialist, as he heat-proofs his home on a budget using a thermal imaging camera to point out cold spots and draughts 👇

Terms and conditions

We want as many of our customers to have a go with a thermal camera before winter's over. We only have 300 cameras, as they're quite special (and pricey) bits of tech – so we're relying on you to get your camera back to us as quickly as you can after you've had your turn.

Here's what you're agreeing to when you borrow a FLIR camera from us...

  1. While you're borrowing the camera, you're responsible for what happens to it and for returning it to us safely. If you do not return our camera, we will charge £350 to your account.
  2. We post the camera to you for free and also provide a prepaid DPD return label in the package to make it easier for you to send back to us.
  3. Please return the camera in the box it came in with its charging wire.
  4. Stick the DPD returns label on top of your name and address and take it to a DPD parcelshop. See for your nearest parcel shop.
  5. Once you've posted the camera back to us, you’ll need to email a photocopy of your return receipt or tracking number as proof of return.

See our full terms and conditions here.

Please note, we cannot guarantee you will get a camera as this is dependent on demand.

What exactly is the deal?

  • We lend a camera to you for 1 week.
  • We'll post it to you for free.
  • We'll send you a Self Addressed Envelope to return it for free via DPD
  • If you do not return our camera, we will charge £350 to your account.

You will need a smartphone that is either iOS or an Android with a USB-C port (the cameras do not work with adapters).

How long does this scheme run for?


The cameras don't work as well when outside temperatures exceed 10°C, so we'll stop sending cameras out late-March or when the weather is too warm.

How do I set mine up?

  1. Install the FLIR app on your phone via the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Point your phone’s camera at the QR code that came with the thermal camera (or visit
  3. Hold down the button on the bottom of your thermal camera for two seconds to turn it on.
  4. Open the FLIR app, turn your phone upside down, and plug in the camera. If you have a wireless camera then you need to pair the camera with your phone.

I am struggling to get the camera working on my phone.


The camera manufacturer FLIR will have the best advice on how to get the camera set up on your phone. Please visit FLIRs help page (click technical support and then answers) or call FLIR on 08000517865.

How do I return my camera?

  1. Pop the camera back in the box it came in and seal it using the adhesive strip.
  2. Stick the prepaid DPD returns label we provide on top of your name and address.
  3. Take the parcel to the nearest Pickup parcelshop (you can find your nearest parcelshop here).
  4. Once you've posted the camera back to us, email a photo copy of the return receipt as proof of return.

How do I apply to borrow a thermal camera?


Our scheme for the 2023/24 winter has reached its limit. We have a waiting list for next winter.

When can I expect the camera once I order?


The cameras are sent out on a 'one in, one out' basis. Once a camera is posted back to us by a customer, we prepare it for the next person on the list. Due to the nature of this system, we cannot give ETAs on when you'll get a camera. The best thing to do is keep an eye on your emails for a message from DPD to advise of delivery.

I won't be around to use the camera


Only order a camera when we email you that you can order, if you're expected to be available for the next 2-3 weeks when delivery is likely to happen.

If you've ordered a camera and won't be around then let us know ASAP by emailing or by refusing the delivery when it arrives.

If a camera is already on it's way and you're not home - then it should be diverted back to us.

I need to delay the delivery


You can delay the delivery using the link DPD provides however please be mindful not to delay the delivery for too long. There is a charge for cameras that have not been returned so try not to be delay it for more than 1-2 days.

Why do I need to give proof of return?


We need proof that the camera has been returned so that we can raise any issues with DPD if any occur. If we do not have any proof it has been returned then the responsiblity of the camera will remain with you.

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Stay warm, conserve energy, save money and reduce your environmental impact this winter!

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