Introducing: Shape Shifters


The flexible electricity tariff that gives small businesses control of their energy prices

Shape Shifters is a time-of-use tariff that rewards you for shifting energy usage away from peak times.

It makes your energy cheaper when national demand is lower - giving you 21 hours of lower prices every day.

That means you can unlock savings by moving some of your usage into these off-peak periods.

You'll get 3 different rates, depending on the time of day

We'll charge you for energy according to when you actually use it:

No % Shape Shifters diff unit rates

Shape Shifters exists to reward businesses that shift their usage away from peak rate times.

By doing this, you'll unlock savings - and do the environment a favour too.


Enjoy cheaper energy - nearly all day

Outside of the 4-7pm peak, you'll be paying reduced prices for your electricity:

41p Shape Shifters updated time of day chart

Shifting leads to savings

You don't have to use less energy - just change when you use it.

This table shows the kinds of savings you could make, based on eligible customers' average consumption:

New 30% SShifters savings table

Becoming a Shape Shifter

Shape Shifters is a 12-month fixed tariff contract for small businesses that:

🪩 have a working smart meter 🪩

🪩 are currently on a variable Octopus tariff 🪩

🪩 use less than 20,000 kWh of electricity per year 🪩

If you're ready to take control of your energy prices, sign up here:


We'll review your details to check whether the tariff is right for you.

If we can move you onto Shape Shifters, we'll let you know what your prices will be.

Once you tell us you're happy with them, we'll move you onto the tariff right away.

Shape Shifters is a beta product, so there's a small chance of snags along the way. But, our team are on hand to keep things running and make sure any issues don't negatively affect you.


You're helping us move towards a smarter, greener future

The world and Octopus
  • National electricity demand peaks in the early evening
  • As a country, we don’t generate enough renewable energy to meet this demand in one go
  • But, by spreading that usage across the day, we can supply everyone using only green electricity
  • Through Shape Shifters, we want to show that small businesses can be a part of a flexible energy system - and our green revolution

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!