Smart customers pay less

Smart meter savings

Smart meters not only make it super easy to manage your energy – they can also help you cut your bills. Here’s how our smart meters can help save you money:

  • Save on your bills with our smart tariffs by using energy when it’s cheaper and greener
  • Earn money back on your bills by taking part in our smart trials
  • Cut your energy use with our energy insights – from spotting energy-guzzling devices to changing costly habits
  • Smart customers get extra chances to win up to £512 every month on our Wheel of Fortune

If you’re a smart cookie, you can save some serious dough. With a smart meter you could...

Join our smart meter competitions

Constantine and a smart meter

We recently gave 10 Octopus customers who have a smart meter, £250 worth of smart gadgets!

We have run multiple smart meter competitions over the years, keep an eye on our socials so you're first to know.

Save by taking part in smart trials like Saving Sessions

Saving sessions

Cutting down on energy at certain times of day can have a bigger impact on the planet, the energy system, and your wallet.

With Saving Sessions, we rewarded customers for using less power - and gave them the chance to win mystery prizes too.

Check out some of our customers savings below!


Win up to £512 every month by spinning the Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune

Smart meter customers get extra spins on our famous meter reading wheel of fortune.

You get all the joy of spinning the wheel, without having to give the meter reading – AND double the chances of winning thanks to your extra spin.

Here’s some other ways our customers have saved, and even earned cash from their smart meter over the years:

  • Agile Octopus gives customers different prices every half hour of the day, based on the market price of energy. When energy’s really cheap on the market (often when a high % of it is green) customers’ prices plunge. Sometimes they even go negative – that’s right, some smart meter customers get paid to use power.
  • Power Hour: completely free energy for an hour every month – generally the hour when the UK’s energy mix is ‘greenest’. (The deal was so good it went viral on Hot UK Deals and filled up in minutes).
  • The Big Dirty Turn Down, when 250,000 customers got paid to cut their energy use at certain times to avoid the need to turn on a fossil fuel generator.
  • The Windy Day Fund, when customers in areas of Scotland with plenty of wind turbines were paid to use more power when the turbines were spinning fast
  • Our Earth Hour challenge, when we gave any customer who cut their energy by half during Earth Hour a £5 donation to the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Four hours of free energy on Christmas Day, two years in a row.

How a smart meter will help you rethink energy habits:

So, how can a smart meter help you save energy?

Recognise your energy usage patterns

Open your app or online account and hit ‘Explore my energy use’. In a couple of clicks, you can learn so much about what you’re using and what it costs. Monitor what you've used daily, weekly, monthly or yearly to help work out what your different energy spikes or trends are, based on the time of day. You can then use that information to change habits and even identify inefficient appliances that might need repairing or replacing.

Here’s how our customer Simon used his:

Week on week view

Compete with yourself and use less energy week by week

We’ll even let you know how you’re doing week-on-week – so you can compete with your past self to use a little less, and see how changing your habits can make a difference over time.

See your energy usage in real-time

Your smart meter will also come with a little ‘In-Home Display’ screen so you can see what you’re using in real time. You can walk it round the house to see what happens when you turn on different appliances, set daily budgets and see at a glance how much you’re using day in and day out.


And we're building even better technology so that in the future, tracking your spending will be a breeze.

Smart meters unlock brand new ways to earn money

Our whole energy system is getting smarter as we adjust for a world full of electric cars, heat pumps, smart homes, and power from the wind and sun. Being more flexible with how – and critically, when – we use energy won’t just be greener, it’ll be loads cheaper too.

The BBC shared that cool challenges that’ll give households the chance to save more than £100 per year on their bills are on the way – rewarding customers with cheaper power or energy credit for shifting energy use to make the most of renewables and avoid fossil fuels.

This isn’t some distant future. Our customers get to do this kind of thing right now – but it’s only possible with a smart meter. They're the critical key that lets you get involved in all the cutting edge ways to save money that come along with a green electric world.

Still not convinced? Discover more about what smart meters are and how easy it is to get one installed at home to start saving money today. Or, read first hand smart meter experiences of why Octopus Energy customers love their smart meters.

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