Smart customers pay less

Smart meter savings

Smart meters not only make it easier to manage your energy wherever you are – they can also help you cut your bills.

Here’s how smart meters help our customers pay less:

  • Earn money back on your bills by taking part in our smart trials
  • Save on your bills with our smart tariffs by using energy when it’s cheaper and greener
  • Change costly habits and cut your usage with energy insights in the Octopus Energy app
  • Get an extra chance to win up to £512 every month on our famous Wheel of Fortune
  • Enter to win cool prizes by joining our smart meter competitions

If you’re a smart cookie, you can save some serious dough. With a smart meter you could...


Earn money back by taking part in smart trials, like...

Smart Meter Piggy Bank



Introducing Octoplus!

It’s our brand new rewards programme for smart meter customers only where you can get paid to use electricity, access exclusive benefits, and more.

Octoplus Saving Sessions

Octoplus Saving Sessions

Cutting down on your energy usage at peak times of day can have a big impact on the planet, the energy system, and your wallet.

In Octoplus Saving Sessions, we reward customers for using less power - and give them the chance to win mystery prizes too.

Check out some of our customers savings below!


Don’t have a smart meter yet? Sign up for one now so you can earn money in Octoplus Saving Sessions this winter.

Octopus Power-Ups


In Power-ups, your electricity is free at specific, super-green times in areas with lots of green generation to use up that spare solar and wind when it's most plentiful.

Power-ups are open to customers with connected smart meters in certain areas in South East & East England for now. Do you fit the bill? You can join Power-Ups or even if you don’t, add your name to our petition if you would like for us to bring Power-ups to your area.

Save on your bills with our smart tariffs

The Whole Team

Getting a smart meter means you can unlock a whole new world of smart tariffs where you can save money just by using energy when it’s greener and cheaper.

Whether you’re looking to pair our smart tariffs with your smart home tech or you want to be an active participant in your energy usage, with a smart meter, you can pay less by shifting when you use your energy to cheaper times.

Cut your usage with energy insights in the Octopus Energy app

Energy Insights

The Octopus Energy app makes it easy to monitor your energy usage wherever you are. Track how much you're using and spending in kWh or pounds and pence so you can single out and switch off those energy-hogging devices.

Get extra spins on the Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Smart meter customers get an extra spin every month on our famous meter reading Wheel of Fortune.

You get all the joy of spinning the wheel without having to send in a meter reading – smart meters send them automatically for you!

Join our smart meter competitions

Constantine Confetti

We recently gave ten Octopus customers who have a smart meter £250 worth of smart gadgets!

We’ve run multiple smart meter competitions over the years, so keep an eye on our socials so you can be the first to know.

Want to learn more? See how easy breezy it is to get a smart meter installed. Or, read first-hand customer experiences of why Octopus Energy customers love their smart meters.

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