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Our homes are full of devices, inside and out, and a growing number optimise how they use energy to be smarter, cheaper and greener.

Our Works with Octopus program highlights the best of the best – products we've certified to work seamlessly with our tech to make sure you get a simple, seamless experience every time.

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Making a few smart, green decisions can have a big impact on your personal carbon footprint.

The Energy Savings Trust has identified the biggest carbon culprits, many of which we have green tech solutions for. Take a look at the graph below for our guide to making greener living a possibility.

Heating Transport Electricity Aviation Diet/Agriculture Waste 31% 27% 18% 12% 8% 3%

UK average CO2 emissions per household

Source: Energy Saving Trust

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat pumps are one of the greenest ways to heat your home. These magic devices take energy from the air (and a small amount of electricity) to warm your home extremely efficiently. A heat pump can lower your personal heating carbon footprint by 73%!

Find out more about what Octopus thinks about Heat Pumps.

Zero Emission Boilers

If a heat pump isn't right for your home, you could take a look at a Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) from tepeo.

This clever device charges up like a battery using clean, off-peak energy and releases heat to your radiators when you need it.

With minimal changes to your heating system and no outside space required, tepeo's ZEB is a great way to get off fossil fuel heating.

Smart Heating Control

If you're looking for quick wins, smart thermostats like tado° are packed with features like individual room control and open window detection that can save you cash and reduce your carbon footprint.

What's more - when paired with one of our smart tariffs a smart thermostat will heat your home at the cheapest and greenest times!

Save 35% with Tado

Email to get your discount code

Save 35%

Smart Hot Water Control

Why not heat your water in a smart way?

If you have a separate hot water tank, the Climote immersion heater will tell you exactly how much hot water you have, and top up when you need more, helping you to reduce energy wastage.

Save £100 with Climote

Exclusive offer for Octopus Energy customers

Save £100

Smart Ventilation Control

Did you know that a large portion of our heating escapes through the air bricks in our walls?

AirEx have created smart air bricks which open and close automatically to reduce heat losses while maintaining ventilation around your home.

What's more, if you have a Tado smart thermostat, we can link them together to ensure you only ventilate your home when the heating's off.

Solar PV

Solar PV is one of cleanest, greenest ways to power your home, harnessing the natural energy from the sun!

If you combine solar panels with a smart home battery you can store the energy for when you need it most, or even export it back to the grid with our Outgoing Octopus tariff.

Find out more about how you could spend up to 90% less on your electricity bill with our home solar installations.

Free Battery Storage Tutorial

Exclusive offer for Octopus Energy customers

Battery Storage

Everyone benefits from smart home batteries - even those of us without solar panels.

All you have to do is charge up your battery when energy is cheapest and greenest. Then later on, when energy is in high demand (and so dirtier and more expensive), you can run on the cheap, green energy you've saved up instead.

Find out more about how our home battery installations can slash your bills and help make the most of green energy when it's abundant, paving the way for a low carbon future.

Free Battery Storage Tutorial

Exclusive offer for Octopus Energy customers

Save £500 with POWERVAULT

Exclusive offer for Octopus Energy customers

£500 off

Community Wind Turbines

What if we told you that you could now get cheaper, greener power via your community's local wind turbines...

Find out more about Octopus Fan Club tariff, which connects you to local wind generation so you can benefit when the wind is blowing strong.

Electric Vehicles

As the UK races to decarbonise energy, more and more people are choosing electric cars - which cut fuel costs and carbon emissions by up to 27%. (The cars are pretty awesome too).

Find out more about what Octopus are doing to offer electric vehicles to our customers.

Charge Points

Charging at home is easy, convenient and hassle free. And there are loads of smart chargers that work with our smart tariffs, meaning you can take advantage of the cheapest and greenest times to charge your car. Find out more over on our blog.

Energy Analytics

Voltaware's smart device can tell you which appliances you're spending most on. What's more, when you link it up to one of our Octopus smart tariffs, it'll tell you exactly when they cost the most to run, so you can make even smarter energy decisions.

Save £101 with Voltaware

Exclusive offer for Octopus Energy customers

Save £101

Heat & Hot Water Cylinders

Heat & Hot Water Cylinders are so flexible that installing one could help you reduce your energy costs whilst increasing your home comfort levels. By combining this with one of our smart tariffs, the energy stored within it isn't limited to going down the drain!

If you have Solar Thermal or Solar PV installed, changing your hot water cylinder to a Heat & Hot Water Cylinder will make more use of the energy available to you by helping to heat your home as well as your hot water.

Installing a Heat & Hot Water Cylinder instead of a standard hot water cylinder from new will help future-proof your home and reduce the run cycles of your primary heating system component.

Are you a smart energy innovator?

If you're an innovator or product manufacturer sign up to be part of Works With Octopus. We'll give you an official stamp of approval using our Works With Octopus logo to use on your website and marketing materials.

The future of transport

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Charging at home is hassle free. Plus, there are loads of smart chargers that work with our smart tariffs like Agile and Go, so you can take advantage of the cheapest, greenest times to charge your car.


Great value home energy tariff for electric vehicle drivers.

With four hours of super-cheap off-peak electricity every night from 00:30 - 04:30am, OctopusGo is perfect for charging your electric vehicle overnight.


The Intelligent Octopus tariff gives you six hours of smart charging every night at a super low rate. You tell us what time you need your car by, and we’ll make sure your car only charges up on the very greenest energy.

Electric Universe

On the go charging made easy: charge your electric vehicle all across the UK via your Octopus Energy account.

Electric Dreams

The salary sacrifice scheme that allows you to save an average of 40% on a full range of brand new electric cars.


Save on a brand new Nissan Leaf lease by sending power back to the electrical grid from your car battery. Help reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels when energy demand is high. The Powerloop Vehicle-to-Grid Bundle includes everything you need to drive electric.

The future is smart

Go smart with award winning, innovative tariffs

Smart tariffs are a whole new way of buying and using green energy. They can save you money, work with smart devices, and are a key part of moving to a world powered completely by renewable energy.

Enjoy cheaper electricity prices
Smart meter installation included (if you don’t already have one)
Access our developer API
Connect to smart products
Experience and shape the future of energy

Our smart tariffs

Powered by cutting-edge beta tech, with 100% green electricity


Half-hourly electricity prices that update daily based on wholesale costs.

Shift your energy use outside the 4-7pm peak to save money.


Great value home energy for electric vehicle drivers.

With four hours of super off-peak electricity every night from 00:30 - 04:30am, it's perfect for charging an electric vehicle.


Get paid for the electricity you export. Choose from a fixed rate or dynamic wholesale rates.

Perfect for those with solar panels or battery storage.

Cosy Octopus

Our tariff designed especially for heat pump owners. Enjoy double dip Cosy Hours every day: six hours of super cheap electric to warm your home.

Octopus Flux

Unleash the power of solar and storage with our combined import export tariff. Charge up when it's cheap and get paid extra to export during peak hours.


The Intelligent Octopus tariff gives you six hours of smart charging every night at a super low rate. You tell us what time you need your car by, and we’ll make sure your car only charges up on the very greenest energy.

Connect to a world of smart products

Connecting products that integrate with our smart tariffs

Our IFTTT integration unlocks a world of smart home devices. Save money off your energy bill by making things work when energy prices are low.

Works with If This Then That
Community highlights

Home made - Customer integrations compatible with our tariffs

Our developer community have come up with some brilliant ideas, built on our open APIs to access pricing, consumption and account information.

Tutorial: Build your own Agile Octopus price display

If you’re looking for a DIY Raspberry Pi project, @PufferfishTech has posted a step-by-step guide to setting up your own Agile price display with a cool lower power E-ink display. Tweet us if you make your own!

Spotlight: Octopus Watch from Smarthound @smarthounduk

Octopus Watch helps you make the most of Agile Octopus’ half-hourly pricing.

  • Raise your Apple Watch for the current rate
  • Track future rates and savings on your wrist
  • Turn the digital crown for the cheapest slot to run appliances

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