Introducing Octopus Trusted Partners

We’re on an urgent mission to bring affordable green power to homes worldwide – fast. So far our impact has been rooted in pairing incredible customer service with trailblazing tech solutions. But we know that with a little help from our friends, we can build a greener future even faster.

We're looking to share the love with local installers that have the same laser-focused commitment to quality and outstanding customer service.


Octopus Trusted Partners unlocks the power of our
size and scale for trusted local installers, through:

Solar Panel installation

🛠️ Introducing and referring customers
to trusted local installers for heat pump, solar & battery, and EV charging jobs that we can't currently tackle

💰 Giving installers £75 for every customer they refer to our tariffs
(plus £50 energy credit to customers)


How it works

We have a lot of customers reaching out to us about low carbon technologies, but we can’t help everyone. To start, we’re building an affiliate network so we can refer those we can’t help to local installers who can.

Our partners retain their own identity, quotation, payment and job management, but we’ll be checking credentials to make sure installers meet our quality standards for both work and customer service, before confirming as a verified partner.

customer service excellence

An obsession with customer service

This is in our DNA, and we need to be sure it’s in yours too. We’ll take a look at your website, customer reviews and socials.

Installation accreditations

Proof of your accreditations and certification

Evidence of all relevant technical accreditations (MCS, OZEV) and adherence with consumer standards (HIES, RECC)

Company details

Your company details

We'll just need a few details about your business for background checks (registered company name, location, liability insurance cover, etc.)


Frequently asked questions

What can I expect as an Octopus Trusted Partner?


We see Octopus Trusted Partners as an extension of our own brand, and as such we hold them to the same high standards that we expect of ourselves.

Providing an exemplary customer experience is the most important thing to us and we’ll regularly check in with them to ensure that’s the case.

You will also be equipped with:

  • a unique referral code
  • a pack full of information about our tariffs
  • Our "Octopus Partner" logo to display on your website and social channels
  • a leave behind advising the customer to sign-up and get their £50
  • some merchandise for both the installer and to give to customers

As an Installer, what happens if I refer a customer to Octopus?


Customers can really benefit from combining our innovative, smart and intelligent tariffs with low carbon technology, so let’s spread the word together!

We’ll reward installers for promoting our tariffs with an enhanced bonus referral for all new to Octopus customers, whilst giving the customer a boost as well. (£75 installer referral, £50 energy customer credit)

Further information about the Installer Referral Incentive will be provided during the member onboarding call.

What install jobs will be available?


We're starting by referring customers who have heat pump requirements that we can’t deliver (primary reasons: out of service area, heat loss too high for our current heat pump range, ineligible property types for our abilities, complex installs)

We'll then expand this to include solar/battery (primary reasons: out of service area, battery only, ineligible roof types for our team)

I have heard of Works with Octopus, what is it?


Works with Octopus is designed to allow certified innovation or manufacturing partners whose products can integrate with our Smart Time of Use tariffs to display our logo on their website as confirmation for customers that we have verified their product as compatible.

If you are interested in also becoming a Works with Octopus partner, then sign up here


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