Octopus Energy Referral Links: Your Questions Answered


Don't forget: it's super important that your friends sign up through your link.

We can only give you both a referral reward if your friend signs up directly through our website using your referral link. If they sign up some other way, (like through a switching website), we have to honour their chosen switching method, and neither of you will be able to get your referral rewards 😢

We'd much rather give the reward for spreading the word directly to our customers – that's why we created our referral scheme – so please don't forget to share your link!

Where is my referral link?

You can get your link right now from the box below, just log in to get your referral. You can also get it from the homepage of our website.

FYI: It looks similar to this: http://share.octopus.energy/adjective-noun-number.

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Do I need to create an online account to see my link?

Yes. Just go to octopus.energy and find the Account button in the top right corner of the homepage. Click on this, then follow the steps to set up your account (you must have registered to be on supply with Octopus Energy and use the same email you supplied when you first contacted us).

Once you’ve registered your account, you can log in from the homepage by clicking that same Account button in the top right hand corner.

Why don't I get the reward money if I join through a third party?

In order to offer this reward, it has to be commercially viable for us. That’s why it’s only available when your referee uses your link and signs up directly through our website.

We partner with a lot of great organisations - from switching sites like Moneysupermarket, to independent sales companies, to charitable organisations like Easyfundraising - but we have to pay these third parties for every customer who joins us through them. The extra cost associated with these new customers means that we’d actually lose money on each new customer if we offered the referral bonus as well.

We’ve seen the way loss-leading acquisition tactics play out in the energy market, and have even campaigned to prevent them. They create an unfair business model, with older customers having to subsidise the offers given to new customers. That’s why we only pay for referrals that come directly to us.

Where can I distribute my referral code?

We love our customers using ingenuity to spread the word about Octopus, but there are a few restrictions to how you can share your link.

  1. You can’t spam third party sites with it, such as adding it to your TrustPilot review – it’s against their regulations, and we get contacted with a request to remove it every time it happens.
  2. No paid ads. It's great that you love us so much that you're willing to pay to spread the word. But, if you pay for ads you're really not sharing with friends and family and our advertising costs also increase.
  3. Your code is designed for you to share with people you know, so go mad on your own Facebook page (but not really in the comments of our Facebook page... you're kind of preaching to the choir), pin it to the top of your Twitter page, etc. Please don’t spam our Twitter page, it’s an important place for people to come for help, and we ask that you only share links if someone has asked for a specific recommendation about signing up (and then it’s fastest finger first).
  4. We also feel a bit awkward about you setting up accounts or profiles that use our name or branding and which might indicate you’re an official Octopus account, or affiliated with us our customers need to know what is ‘us’ and don’t take information from the unofficial sources.

We don’t like to add this bit, but just so it’s fair

If we notice someone consistently doing any of these, some of our friendly octo-people may get in touch with you to remind you of the rules (we also cover them in our formal Terms and Conditions). If someone keeps doing it, we’ve a couple of options, such as charging accounts for any referral credit made through uncool means, or even taking someone’s referral link down. We don’t like to do this, but we do want to keep our online community safe and free from unsolicited spam or rudeness.

When do I get paid my referral credit?

Understandably, this is one of the most common questions we get asked. The answer is that credit is paid once the new user is on supply and their first month’s direct debit has been successfully taken. Our referral system automatically pays you after both these events have happened, and the whole process typically takes around four weeks (although this can be longer if the previous supplier delays the switch).

How do I know I’ve received my credit?

Log onto your account and view your dashboard, which will show your latest account balance. Below this is a button to view your balance history, which will show any credit as +£50 from Octopus Energy. If it isn't there yet, it's likely that the person you referred is either still waiting to leave their old supplier or is in the process of setting up their Direct Debit.

account balance.jpg

Can I add a referral after I’ve already signed up?

If you forgot to use your friend's referral link when you signed up, just get in touch and let us know the referral code. As long as you signed up directly through our site, we'll be able to add the referral to both you and your friend's accounts.

What if I have a pre-pay meter?

If you've got a traditional pre-pay meter, sign up using your friend's referral link. Once your account is set up, get in touch with our energy specialists and ask for the referral credit - you can then either:

● Send us direct debit details, which allows us to process the referral credit as a refund that can then be used to top up your meter.

● Ask for the credit to be sent out as a key or card with £50 as pre-loaded credit.

You'll need to have signed up directly through our site so that we can add the referral to both you and your friend's accounts.

What if I have a smart pre-pay meter?

If you've got a smart pre-pay meter, sign up using your friend's referral link. Once your account is set up, get in touch with our energy specialists and ask them to add the referral credit to your smart pre-pay meter.

You'll need to have signed up directly through our site so that we can add the referral to both you and your friend's accounts.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

Nope! In fact, we have one entrepreneurial customer who’s switched over 20 people - that’s £1000 credit to their Octopus account! And since that’s an awful lot of energy, we arranged a bank transfer, so they can spend it however they want.

So, there’s nothing more to say except: go forth and disperse those referral links! And thanks again for helping us spread the Octopus Energy message. We like to think that it’s not just the account credit that has you referring friends and family to us, but that you’re a satisfied customer, happy to share your Octopus Energy experience.

As always, we’re keen to hear what we’re doing right and where we can improve, so if you do have thoughts, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

Love and Power,

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