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How we reach out to customers who aren't paying

Paying for the energy you use is an important responsibility. We like to be transparent – so we've written about what we do to reach the tiny percentage of our customers don't pay their bills.

Intelligent Octopus Go & Ohme: your questions answered

Intelligent Octopus Go is our smartest EV tariff, with six hours of smart charging every night at a super low rate.

You'll get cheap electricity between 11.30pm and 5.30am, as well as super cheap electricity for any Smart Charging.

Our latest integration with Ohme enables Octopus to provide Smart Charging directly through your Ohme charger; a greener solution that keeps money in your pocket.

What's going on with global energy prices?

In this blog post, we'll give insight into what's going on in the global wholesale energy market, to help you better understand trends in UK tariff prices. Now more than ever, while the ongoing gas crisis sees energy prices stay highs, we're committed to fair prices that truly reflect the cost of the energy we supply you.

Octopus Energy: built to last

28 energy suppliers went bust in 2021, so some customers are understandably wondering if their supplier could be going the same way. We're different: the UK's fifth largest supplier (and now operating in 14 countries globally). Read all about how we've scaled and how we're supporting customers through the crisis.

What drives wholesale energy prices?

The wholesale cost of energy is a big chunk of your bill – and to understand why it varies, it's helpful to know a bit about how the energy market works.

Where does your money go?

Energy bills. They're a decent chunk of household expenses, yet many don't know where their money goes.

Making things right

We’re proud to say the way we look after our customers has made us one of the UK’s top energy companies. But of course, we’re not perfect.

Excellent customer service means being accountable and transparent: owning it when things go wrong, fixing our mistakes and making it up to people.

Most homes would slash their bills with Octopus Energy

More than 60% of households could make big savings by switching to Octopus, as well as knowing they’re doing their bit to help save the planet.

How you know we're here to stay

In 2018, after several small energy suppliers went bust, we wrote about what to look out for in a supplier that's at risk of going bust. Read more about it, and find out how our unique business model and sound backing mean we're here to stay.

The state of wholesale energy costs in 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. We unpack what this has meant for wholesale energy prices.

Why the new Energy Price Cap won't affect Octopus Energy

You might’ve read last week that some energy prices will fall this winter as Ofgem adjusts its energy price cap to reflect lower wholesale prices. This means that around 11 million households will see an average of £75 slashed from their yearly bills.

How we’re trying to help you avoid surprise debt

Surprise debt is a big problem in energy. Find out how we're working to tackle this issue head-on with our customers with regular account health check-ups...

April Foolishness: Why every Big Six supplier is hiking prices, and we’re cutting ours

Customers on our standard Flexible Octopus tariff will see a price cut of around £30 per year* – that’s a 2% drop for electricity, and a 4% drop for gas.

Should I go for a fixed or flexible tariff?

We’re often asked whether you should go for an Octopus Fixed or Flexible Octopus tariff and how we set the price for each. Read on for the answer...

The Energy Price Cap is Increasing: What it Means for You

What does the increase mean for you?

Octopus Energy Referral Links: Your Questions Answered

We’ve created this walk through to answer your questions, show you where you can find your referral code, when you can expect to receive your referral payments and how we pay these rewards to you.

We welcome the PM’s energy price cap pledge

We're delighted with the PM's decision to enforce an energy price cap to stop millions of families being ripped off.

Octopus Tracker: first impressions

One of the first Octopus Tracker customers shares what he thinks about the new tariff and its features.

Why are tracker tariffs so important?

Tracking the wholesale energy cost ensures you always get good value, and importantly, enables you to use energy in a way that's cheaper for you and better for the planet. 

Why we support the government's price cap proposals

A price cap on energy prices will create a fairer energy market for UK consumers and end the misery of millions overpaying on Big Six exploitative tariffs. 

Greg Jackson talks Relative Price Cap on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

If energy companies want to offer low prices to win new customers, they should have to give good prices to all their customers. That's why we support the proposals for a relative price cap.

Death of "tease and squeeze"?

Octopus Energy is Supporting John Penrose's Proposed "Relative Cap" On Energy Company Prices

Why are British Gas Really More Expensive?

We take a closer look at claims that the big suppliers are expensive because they have to pay obligations that smaller suppliers don't.

The state of wholesale energy prices in 2017, and what it means for bills

A look at what's happened to the wholesale cost of energy over the past 12 months, and what it means for bills.

When is a saving not a saving?

3 questions to ask when your old supplier tries to stop you switching.

More info on Octopus's analysis of Tease and Squeeze

The BBC has covered our analysis of Tease and Squeeze energy pricing. Here we share more details on methodology and data.

Octopus Energy calls for greater transparency in energy pricing

We believe that when choosing a supplier, customers should be aware of likely future pricing. 

Exposing the real price of energy

Beneath the glittering facade of cheap fixed deals lies a snarling beast called the Standard Variable Tariff (SVT), which pounces the moment you forget to run (or switch).

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