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Accelerating the green revolution with Electric Juice

Eloise Moench, Octopus Energy for Business Business energy

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Powering Lime UK with 100% green energy

We speak to Lime UK General Manager Florence Milner about their decision to power their e-bikes with Octopus Energy's 100% clean, green energy.

Panel Power: serving your energy needs, sunny side up

Meet Panel Power, the new and unique energy tariff for businesses who generate their own solar electricity, from Octopus Energy Business.

Powering the future of the food industry

Director of Octopus Energy for Business Zoisa Walton has vertical markets firmly in her sights to continue her division’s staggering growth – literally so when it comes to vertical farming, as she tells Eugene Costello…

Zoisa Walton knows Octopus Means Business

Octopus Energy for Business is showing astonishing accelerated growth. Eugene Costello meets Director Zoisa Walton to hear about the vision underpinning this rapid rise that means the division is punching well above its weight...

Empowering your business

Find out how we’re helping to power thousands of businesses across the UK, from the your local Harry Potter shop to the coffee place down the road to Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium with 100% renewable energy. And how your business could sign up to simple, affordable sun power, too!

Leicester’s local businesses: now powered by sunshine

We’re working together with Leicester’s awesome local businesses to power the city with solar energy… sourced just down the road!

Why going green is good for your business

Choosing sustainable energy isn't just great for the planet, but makes sound business sense, too. As more firms (large and small) declare for renewables, we delve into the planetary and economic potential of a green business landscape.

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