Saving Sessions Tips for Businesses


Welcome to Saving Sessions; where we pay you to use less electricity. Remember, the more energy you’re able to save, the more money you’ll be able to earn.

All businesses are different, making it hard to give energy-saving advice that will be relevant to everyone. However, if businesses attempt even one or two tips, even the smallest of changes can add up!

Note: Using electricity is unavoidable. We know your business will depend on it in a variety of ways: to keep your staff safe, to run your operations and to support your customers. Saving on electricity should never come to the detriment of that. Saving Sessions is about finding what you can do without temporarily, but only if it is safe for your business to do so.

Here are some of our top saving tips for businesses which we hope will help you make the most of Saving Sessions.

Keep an eye on laptops and printers

Turning all equipment that’s not being used off at the mains is a great way to reduce electricity consumption - you can do this for desktop computers, screens and televisions. Consider the non-critical communal equipment in your workspace, like music systems, printers and photocopiers. Are your laptops charged and plugged in? It’s better for their batteries and the planet to unplug them for a few hours.

Take control of the thermostat

If you have electric heating and your space is nice and warm, consider switching it off for a few hours, or even turning it down by 1 degree. Make sure the windows are firmly closed to keep all the warmth in. You may want to keep some cosy sweaters and blankets around for your team.

Be mindful of lighting

We’ve all seen whole office blocks with lights on overnight and wondered who’s that workaholic. Turn off lights in rooms or workspaces that aren’t being used. Check that meeting rooms, corridors and storerooms don’t have their lights on when they are empty. Make the most of natural light if possible.

Identify your kitchen culprits

During a Saving Session, you could ask your team to avoid using electrical cooking equipment (e.g. microwaves, kettles, toasters, ovens and hobs). Make sure you aren’t using more fridges and freezers than you need. If some of them are looking empty, why not move stuff around and turn some off? If you have vending machines with non-perishable items, then it might be worth turning these off during out-of-work hours and during a Saving event.

Enjoy Saving Sessions together with your team

Why not arrange team meetings or staff breaks to coincide with our Savings Sessions events? These Sessions don’t just have to be about making money. People who’ve taken part in challenges like this before saw it as a great opportunity to unwind and connect with colleagues and friends.

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