29th August 2018

Empowering your business

Maddie Inglis, Social Media Manager

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We’re in the business of powering business. So we know that behind every SME, there’s a dream.

Octopus Energy started with a dream, too – to kick a tired market up the backside and sell energy better: better customer service, better for your pocket, and better for the planet.
We’re already helping to power thousands of businesses across the UK, switching the likes of the King Richard III Visitor Centre and Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium across to 100% renewable energy. We particularly love energising small businesses far and wide, from giving local solar power to Leicestershire, to powering barbers, garden centres and sports stadiums across the UK. As different as these businesses are, they’re connected by two important things: first, they’re somebody’s dream. Second, those dreams are powered by simple, affordable, green energy.

Are you a small business owner? Why not get a quote today for affordable business energy powered by the sun?

And if you're not sure yet, take it from a few of the businesses we're already supplying...

Powering magic in Brighton

Meet Oliver Dall, the green wizard of Brighton.

This local was cracking into his favourite book (no prizes for guessing which!) over a pint one evening, and decided Brighton needed a little more magic in the mix. His dream of a Harry Potter shop was born.

Brighton is one of the UK’s most sustainable cities – even their MP is 100% green. Oliver’s shop is illuminated by over 60 magical bulbs glowing all day long, so he wanted to make sure that he could be part of the community’s fantastic green charge, while also being able to rely on his supply. He needed to make sure he could power the shop with a wave of his wand, so to speak – without worrying about high rates, needlessly complex bills, or customer service reps wrapped in cloaks of invisibility. (Last one, we promise).

In his words:

"You can spend less money to deal with a company that has better customer service — 100% better than the massive corporates. Why would you not? This is a no brainer."

Now, with the help of Octopus Energy’s sustainable sorcery, Oliver is lighting the way for Potterheads in Brighton and beyond!

Energising coffee lovers in Sawston

East Roast Coffee is a Sawston staple serving up caffeine and sugar like nobody’s business.

The dream was born when owner Nathaniel got fed up of bad coffee and cake. And just like when our founder Greg got sick of bad energy, Nathaniel took matters into his own hands.

Similar to Octopus in many ways, East Roast Coffee is local, ethical, and sustainable. All the coffee comes from an independent East Midlands roastery, meaning Nathaniel can tell you exactly how that cappuccino got from bean to cup.

As a brand new small business owner, Nathaniel didn’t know how much energy he was likely to use. Plus, the price comparison sites were a minefield of tariff choices.

In a world of Venti triple-shot fat-free no-foam extra-whip Frappuccino tariffs, Nathaniel was just after an espresso: quick, simple, affordable energy.

Octopus offered a speedy and painless switch, with friendly and efficient service, and best of all, low rates to keep those beans grinding all through the day.

" They’ve been an amazing help through phone calls and emails, and it’s nice to know that all the electricity used in here — and it is a lot — is literally being powered by the sun."

Are you a small business owner? You can sun-power your dreams too. Find out more and get a quote today to get the ball rolling.

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Maddie Inglis

Social Media Manager

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