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Should I get a heat pump? Hear from customers who did

Thousands of customers across the country are ditching their gas boilers in favour of clean, affordable heat pumps. We’re hearing from more and more of our customers that getting a heat pump has saved them money and helped them feel more in control using the Octopus app. Hear from Alan and Linda who love their heat pumps just as much as we do!

What’s new at Octopus Energy Generation?

As we head into the new year, we reckon it’s high time we caught up with some exciting developments that have been going on in the wonderful world of Octopus Energy Generation.

The turbine that rocked Glastonbury 2023

We don't need to live in a world where bureaucracy and excessive wait times kill renewable projects.

We built a 28-meter-tall, bright pink and purple wind turbine in the heart of Glastonbury Festival in a matter of weeks showing the realms of possibility.

How energy reaches your home

Green energy isn't all solar panels and wind farms - the grid itself is central to keeping the lights on and building a cheaper, greener energy system; so how exactly does it work?

Community energy 101: how do I set a project up, and how can Octopus help?

We're huge fans of community energy. In this blog we’re going to talk about what a community energy project is, what you should consider if you’re planning to set one up, and how to sell your community energy to Octopus, via Younity.

Tips to earn more with Saving Sessions

In Saving Sessions, we'll pay you to use less power. The more electricity you save during your Sessions, the more money you can make – it could add up to £100 over Winter.

Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you earn more in Saving Sessions.

Repowering 1,000 wind turbines

ONE TRICK to get stronger, more powerful spins: lengthen your turbine blade! We're giving old turbines bigger blades so they can generate 2-3x more power. Our new project with turbine supplier EWT could see 1,000 UK turbines repowered by 2030, and produce enough new green energy for hundreds of thousands of homes.

We paid customers to use less power at peak times. Here's what happened.

The UK’s energy network is slowly but surely becoming greener, but this transformation isn’t without challenges.

At Octopus, we’re all about less talk and more action. That’s why we trialled the UK’s largest ever dynamic demand shift. Working with over 100,000 homes up and down the country, we’ve collectively demonstrated that even the smallest of actions can lead to the biggest changes.

Our Green Neighbourhood

Whether you live hours from a town, or in the tallest tower block in the city, if you love nature it’s likely you have your own special way of finding enjoyment outdoors. We decided that we want to find out what nature really means to you: our customers. So we’re opening the doors to our green neighbourhood.

Octopuses are truly tenta-cool. We asked a marine biologist to explain why.

We thought it about time we get to know our 8 legged, ocean-dwelling cousins a little better, so we asked marine biologist and cephalopod expert, Marie-Therese Noedl to delve into all there is to know about the smart, agile and completely amazing Octopus.

How to build a wind turbine

To play a part in crafting a green future, our generation arm, Octopus Energy Generation, are investing hard to build more wind as quickly and affordably as possible.

James is one of their chief investment managers and sat down with him to find out all about wind power, building wind farms and how we are evolving to make the transition to wind energy faster.

Making green living easy

Some simple steps you can take to be more green.

Octopus Energy Generation: building green power for the future

At Octopus, we don't just supply energy, we generate it too. Octopus Energy Generation are combining expertise from across the whole breadth of the energy industry to create a kind of generation business that’s never been seen before.

Rooting for each other: Tree planting in support of veteran mental health

Rooting for each other: Octopus Energy join Green Task Force to plant 20,000 trees in support of veteran mental health

Energy storage: making 100% renewable power a reality

In a future powered by 100% renewable energy, we're going to need to be able to call on green electrons when we need them. Given that we can't make the sun shine and the wind blow on demand, where is this flexibility going to come from? Energy storage might just be the solution we've been waiting for.

Making Green Energy Greener

We look to a future where wind & solar farms are buzzing with biodiversity, exploring new ways for renewable sites to help the planet.

Powerful climate murals painted across the UK for COP26

We've teamed up with artists to create public art broadcasting climate messages from the next generation on the eve of COP26 – part of the Grantham Art Prize with the Grantham Institute and UK Youth for Nature.

Octopus brought renewable energy to the party at Timber Festival

This Summer, we teamed up with Timber Festival to supercharge people’s phones with clean green renewable energy in the heart of the National Forest.

How we're weathering the storm in Texas

Texas experienced a massive power grid failure affecting 90% of the state. People were stranded in unbearable conditions: loss of heat in below freezing temperatures and lack of access to water, food and other essentials.

Michael, CEO of Octopus Energy US, explains what happened in Texas, how we're protecting customers through the energy crisis, forgiving energy bills from this unprecedented event, and why renewables are the answer to a more resilient grid.

Where does our 100% green electricity come from?

Meet some of the solar plants and wind farms we buy energy directly from, and find out about some other ways a supplier can can fulfill their 100% renewable promise.

The Answer, my friend: now is the time to lean into wind

It would appear my email of Thursday was not well received in the Clark household.

“If it wasn’t miserable enough being told that I have to spend the next month at home,” Mr Clark writes “now I have ‘Pete’ from Octopus Energy emailing me and asking if I would mind terribly turning off a few appliances between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.”

I’m delighted to learn Mr Clark is a customer of Octopus Energy – thank you. The email in question was an invitation to take part in a smart energy trial we were running.

This experiment offered everyday customers free electricity in return for halving their energy use during two specific hours.

How we’re investing massively in a green future

A “living list” of our investments in driving a renewable energy system.

Customer conversations: Chatting to climate artist Geoff Francis

Sometimes, talking to your energy supplier can be fun — we promise! Our energy specialist Grace, a long-time vegan and climate activist, meets Octopus customer Geoff Francis – climate artist, vegan restaurant pioneer and environmentalist...

Optimist Energy: hopeful news about the climate

In the midst of a global pandemic, things can feel pretty hopeless from time to time. We wanted to share a list of things to be hopeful about, particularly in the world of climate and sustainability.

Co-op Community Energy: harnessing people power

We're launching Co-op Community Energy, a new joint venture with the Midcounties Co-operative, to bring about a new era for local renewable energy generation.

When will fossil fuels run out?

Fossil fuels won’t last forever, so when will they run out?

“Alexa, how green is energy right now?”

You can track how green the UK’s energy is, moment-to-moment, through our new ‘carbon intensity’ feature.

Spreading climate change solutions with the Institution of Environmental Sciences

Discussing climate change with our partners, Institution of Environmental Sciences.

Meet Energy Local, a new UK energy venture keeping small-scale green generation within the community

We’re partnering up with Energy Local to help small green energy generators to directly power homes in the neighbourhood at far cheaper rates. Here’s how we’re helping small generators go off-the-grid (kind of) to build the roots of a truly decentralised community energy network.

What makes Octopus Energy so very green?

Find out about all the meaningful ways Octopus Energy is supporting a green future, today.

A history of outgoingOctopus - how it started

A history of outgoingOctopus, our smart export tariff

Climate change and land: Understanding the IPCC's latest report

The ability of the planet to sustain human life is now seriously endangered. Climate change caused by fossil fuels and food production as the planet warms inexorably means we must take action and change our behaviour. The warmest ten years since records began in 1884 have all occurred since 2002. 

Donating to WWF after Earth Hour

“The Earth was small, light blue, and so touchingly alone, our home that must be defended like a holy relic.

The Earth was absolutely round.

I believe I never knew what the word round meant until I saw Earth from space.”

Parliament has declared a climate emergency

Energy specialist and long-time climate activist Grace Newton writes about her experiences fighting for action on climate change here in the UK, in the wake of Parliament's vote to declare a climate emergency.

Follow us as we plant trees around the UK

Read on for a tree-by-tree account (a 'log', if you will) of our mission to plant 10,000 native saplings across the UK.

Good things come in trees

Why we’re pairing up with customer-nominated schools, charities, and community organisations around the UK to plant over 10,000 native trees where they’ll matter most to our customers.

Smart meter customers: Make our Earth Hour pledge

Smart meter customers: cut your electricity consumption by 50% during Earth Hour, and we’ll donate £5 to World Wildlife Fund.

Forester by day, DigiOp by night – Steph sees the woods for the tree

Watch DigiOp and forester Steph on Countryfile's Autumn Special talking about her work at the forefront of innovation in tree mapping, using the latest in drone technology to conduct aerial surveys.

Cut the crap: the vegan case for anaerobic digestion

Some debate has been circulating in the past few months about the impact of energy production on animals, and the use of animal products in the generation of some types of energy – specifically, anaerobic digestion.

We asked Grace, energy specialist and London office vegan extraordinare, to set the record straight.

Our commitment to 100% green electricity

We take a look at how renewable energy is certified & reported

What difference does 1,000 trees make?

On World Environment Day last year, we made a promise to plant 1,000 trees across the U.K. to help improve air quality, absorb CO2, and increase biodiversity. The tree planting season's wrapped up now, and we've planted over 1,600 trees. Read about our tree team's experiences planting all around the UK!

Why we're planting 1,000 trees this Autumn

We're proud to be partnering with the United Nations to improve air quality around the UK.

The growth of solar power

Clean Energy Analyst Charlie Cook examines whether the rapid rise of solar power matches that predicted by Moore's Law.

World Environment Day: What difference has your energy supply made?

June 5 is United Nations' World Environment Day, so let's take a look at what we've achieved over the last 12 months.

Anaerobic digestion: How we get energy from waste

Turning waste into electricity is just one of the ways we're beating fossil fuels – but how does it work?

5 renewable energy myths debunked

We set the record straight by debunking and demystifying 5 common renewable myths.

The price of progress: how we became addicted to fossil fuels

We release 25% more carbon dioxide today (404 ppm), than the highest recorded output over the last 400,000 years (300 ppm) – and there are few signs of slowing.

How renewable investment is shaping the future of energy

The energy industry is at an inflection point. Simon Pickett explains how smart, networked, renewable technology that keeps the lights on without costing the earth, will change the sector for good.

Learn Solar #3: How to store sunlight (and other renewables)

In the third and final part of our Learn Solar series, we investigate both existing and emerging solutions to storing solar energy. 

Learn Solar #2: Solar panels – how we capture sunlight

We explore different solar panels, their efficiency, where to put them, and how many you'd need to power your home.

How green technology is the smart choice for investors and the planet

Matt Setchell, Head of Renewables at Octopus Investments, writes about securing a healthy planet for generations to come.

Learn Solar #1: How much solar power do we receive?

The sun is an explosive and fiery ball of starpower – but just how much of that power reaches the earth?

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