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In Saving Sessions, we'll pay you to use less power! The more electricity you save during your Sessions, the more redeemable points you can earn – it could add up to £100 over Winter.

Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you earn more in Saving Sessions.

Some energy use is unavoidable. Don't turn anything essential off - please make sure you stay warm, safe and healthy!

What kind of changes make the biggest impact in a Saving Session?

Avoiding energy-intensive appliances like the oven, tumble dryer or washing machine will the biggest difference in your Saving Session.

Enjoying the Session by candlelight can be good fun, but it's worth noting that lightbulbs only use a tiny amount of power, so leaving one on won't make a big difference.

How much energy does each appliance use?

We've run the numbers ourselves here, but you can find extra useful info from Carbon Footprint.

#1 Prepare your meals ahead of time

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One of the biggest energy contributors at peak times is cooking. Plan to cook before or after your Session to avoid switching on the oven, microwave, kettle or any other electricity-guzzling appliances.

You could also try cooking with smaller, more energy-efficient cooking devices like a slow cooker or an air fryer.

If you meal prep for the week, you can save even more precious time (and money). You’ll only have to cook once and can avoid peak hours altogether.

#2 Avoid using large, energy intensive appliances

To save even more electricity, run other energy intensive appliances, like washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers outside your Session window. Most modern appliances can be scheduled to come on automatically, so you don't even have to think about it. We’ll let you know what times you should avoid using energy in advance to make this as easy as possible.

#3 Switch off unnecessary lights (but you don't need to sit in the dark!)

You can also switch off any unnecessary lights during the Saving Sessions (including any outside lights!).

For daytime Sessions, make the most of the natural light in your home by moving your desk or work station closer to the windows. During the evenings, you can bundle up and enjoy some battery-powered fairy lights or even light a candle or two (make sure you do it safely) to make the most of the cosy winter evenings.

This won’t make a massive difference overall – stuff like the tumble dryer can use around 2500W in a cycle, so that's where you'll see the biggest impact, whereas a standard bulb typically uses around 100W and an LED around 18W. But it's always good (and environmentally conscious) to switch off lights in rooms you're not using. See what appliances use the most power here.

#4 Heat your home ahead of time

It's almost winter, so it's really crucial you stay warm and safe, at all times. If you're older or vulnerable it's particularly important to keep your home between 18-21 degrees.

If you have gas heating, you don't need to switch anything off as our saving sessions are only for electricity. If you have electric heating, turn it on for a bit before the session to build up heat, switch it off during, and then you can turn it back on afterwards. Plus, make sure the windows and curtains are firmly closed to help keep all that warmth in.

Have a look at a few more tips, to make sure you’re staying warm and energy efficient.

#5 Unplug vampire devices

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Switch off appliances around the house at the socket to save that little bit extra... Electrical devices are often using small amounts of energy while on stand-by – i.e plugged in, but not in use.

You could think about switching your TV, computer, microwave and other kitchen appliances, Sky/NowTV box, Alexa, speakers and anything else you can think of off during the Sessions.

We investigated exactly how much energy different appliances use in our blog.

#6 Charge up in advance

We'll tell you about your next Saving Session with a bit of notice, so you should have plenty of time to charge your EV, laptop, tablet, phone and any battery packs beforehand. This will ensure your battery-powered electronics have enough juice to get you through your Session without using a single unnecessary unit of mains electricity.

#7 Turn off the telly

Why not try switching off typical evening entertainment like the television and games consoles? While you're not watching TV, here's a few different things you can try instead...

#8 Have some good old-fashioned fun

These Sessions don’t just have to be about making money. People who’ve taken part in challenges like this before saw it as a great opportunity to unwind and connect with family or friends without constant electrical interference.

Here are a few simple ways you can make the most of your energy-efficient time:

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  1. Cosy up and read a good book
  2. Light some candles and play board games, charades or make puzzles with your loved ones
  3. Spend a little time exercising or doing some yoga
  4. Embrace your artistic side and take a moment to paint, draw, write, or pick up an instrument!

More tips from our Saving Sessions veterans

We took to Twitter to ask customers who've taken part in previous smart energy challenges how they saved power at the busiest times. Read the thread here:

Share your #SavingSessions 📹

Want to help inspire others to join Saving Sessions, earn rewards and help the grid?
Why not record a quick video showing your Session go-tos – we might even feature some of our favourites on our social media channels.

We’d love to see stuff like how you prepare for the Session in advance (e.g. a shot of dinner bubbling away in the morning) or how you’re saving power during the Session (like a surprise evening adventure out with the dog).

How to record and send your video:

  1. Keep your video short – 30 seconds or less, and shoot it portrait-style rather than landscape.
  2. Title the video with the email address on your Octopus account.
  3. Upload your video here.

If you fancy, you could also share your video on social media with #SavingSessions (don’t forget to tag @OctopusEnergy and give us a cheeky follow while you’re there!) 

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