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Can smart meters break?

Here, you can find information about the reliability of smart meters, how they can sometimes have issues we can fix, and how they work with In-Home Displays (IHDs).

Energy prices from April, and what they mean for you

Information on discounted prices from April 2024 including a breakdown of rates and charges for every region on Flexible Octopus.

Making energy prices fair

Energy companies have historically been some of the UK’s least trusted businesses. In 2016, we were founded to change that with genuinely fair prices.

Find out how we’ve been fighting for fair prices over the last eight years. Not just for our own customers, but for every single household in the UK.

How smart meters are upgrading energy for all

Smart meters don’t just make your energy billing easier and more accurate, as a fundamental building block for a green energy revolution they're easily worthwhile.

Energy prices from January, and what they mean for you

Information on discounted prices from January 2024 including a breakdown of rates and charges for every region on Flexible Octopus.

Supporting our customers

Here, you can find support, resources and blogs covering everything you need to know about the support available from Octopus and other organisations.

Energy prices from October, and what they mean for you

Information on discounted prices from October 2023 including a breakdown of rates and charges for every region on Flexible Octopus.

Solving Smart-Tech Hiccups

Our smart tariffs give you access to extremely cheap and green energy. Yet it’s important to remember that these are beta products and that will occasionally mean little hiccups. Here's how we work to solve them, and how you can help.

The secret to our customer service

When you sign up to Octopus, you’re trusting us to get energy to your home. We work hard to honour that trust through outrageously good customer service. Here’s what you can expect from us.

How energy reaches your home

Green energy isn't all solar panels and wind farms - the grid itself is central to keeping the lights on and building a cheaper, greener energy system; so how exactly does it work?

How EVs are the affordable answer to greener driving: even in an energy crisis

Electric vehicles are still far cheaper, and of course, greener, to run than the fossil-fuel-guzzling alternatives. In this blog we’ll explain a whole host of ways that electric vehicles can help you navigate the energy crisis.

The Warm Home Discount: 2023 / 2024 updates

Everything you need to know about the £150 rebate for 2023 / 2024.

Common questions about Saving Sessions

Saving Sessions are the start of a new era in energy, where people get paid for the energy they don't use at the busiest times of day. Get the answers to all of your burning questions below.

Energy prices from January, and what they mean for you

Information on discounted prices from January including a breakdown of rates and charges for every region on Flexible Octopus.

Getting a smart meter installed: what to know before, during and after

Here’s how it’ll work in four simple steps:

Step 1: Book your appointment

Step 2: Our engineer will come and install your meter

Step 3: We'll get connected

Step 4: Let the savings commence!

Our Energy Helpers are bringing 500,000 customers bespoke energy saving advice

We’re training hundreds of energy experts to travel the country giving specially tailored, genuinely impactful energy-saving advice to 500,000 customers who need it most.  

An Energy Tariff Deficit Fund would help people through the crisis and tackle inflation

An Energy Tariff Deficit Fund, implemented prior to October price cap increases, would allow customer bills to be held at or around their current level of £1,971 for the next 3 years and decreased after that down to an estimated £1,100 over ten years.

How Balance Forecast demystifies energy payments

Find out about Balance Forecast: a new account tool to shed light on how your payments and charges impact your energy account balance long term.

Intelligent Octopus Go & Ohme: your questions answered

Intelligent Octopus Go is our smartest EV tariff, with six hours of smart charging every night at a super low rate.

You'll get cheap electricity between 11.30pm and 5.30am, as well as super cheap electricity for any Smart Charging.

Our latest integration with Ohme enables Octopus to provide Smart Charging directly through your Ohme charger; a greener solution that keeps money in your pocket.

How flexibility can solve green energy's greatest challenge

'But what about when the wind's not blowing?'... It's a question we get all the time – so we wanted to catalog in one place some of the innovative flexibility technologies we're working on to ensure we can power our world 100% green, 100% of the time.

The Price Cap is not responsible for the demise of energy companies

The Price Cap is not responsible for the demise of energy companies.

Want to ditch gas for good? Here’s how we can help

As people move away from burning gas to heat our homes and our water, we thought we’d put together a blog explaining how we can help remove your gas meter and cap your supply safely.

Moving house? Let us know through your online account

Save time and hassle when you move by following these useful tips.

2020 A Year in Review: The Good, The Bad and The Covid

This guest blog looks at the staggering impact of Covid 19 on the energy system over the last year, and what it can tell us as we look forwards into 2021 and beyond.

The ultimate guide to reading your meter, whatever kind you have

Wondering how to take a meter reading? It's super simple. Our guide lets you know how to read meters, whether you have a traditional non-smart meter, a SMETS1 smart meter in dumb mode, or a connected SMETS1 or SMETS2 meter.

Not leaving anyone behind

Our team of energy experts knock doors around the UK to help people think about switching to our affordable, renewable power. Here's a little info about this part of our business.

Wholesale energy prices and Agile Octopus

In this blog series, our energy procurement team will give the scoop on the market conditions that have led to particular changes in our Agile tariff's rates.

How to read your Octopus Energy bill

Understanding your bills can be tricky. This guide includes an annotated bill and common questions about different parts of your energy statement.

MCS Certification: nurturing home-grown energy

If you want to join our smart export tariff outgoingOctopus and get paid for your home solar generation, it's best to get certified under the Microgeneration Certificaton Scheme. Here, Ian Rippin - CEO of MCS - explains more about the role his organisation has to play in bringing about a climate friendly future:

Covid-19: Customers, jobs, bills, service and more

The Covid-19 crisis is so much more than a pandemic. It’s a massive economic shock to the system, and as a company at the heart of a critical industrial sector, Octopus Energy has been working unbelievably hard to handle the impact.

In this blog, our CEO Greg goes into detail about how we're working to support our team and our customers throughout these difficult times.

The handover: how we work out your opening meter readings when you switch

Here's a guide to the most important part of switching energy supplier – working out your handover meter readings.

Switch energy supplier

Sign up online and see how much you could save by switching.

What to do if you've got no gas or electricity

Nobody wants to be left without power, heating or hot water, especially as the weather gets chillier.

Here's what to do and who to contact in a power cut – whether it's an emergency, you think there might be a gas leak, you've got no gas or electricity on prepayment, you think your power's been switched off, or your meter or boiler is faulty.

What is the average energy bill in the UK?

As homeowners and tenants, you might want to find out how much you could be paying for your gas and electricity bills.

How will Brexit affect my Energy Bills?

The impact of Brexit on your energy bills, explained

Behind the Wheel of Fortune

The truth behind the Wheel of Fortune, straight from one of the very developers who built it.

Why we don't send monthly statements

Unless you have a connected smart meter or you've opted to pay in full every month upon receipt of a bill (in which case you'll get an automatic monthly bill monthly), we don't do monthly energy statements. Instead, just send us a meter reading and we'll send you a statement within 48 hours. This is unusual in the energy industry, but give us two minutes to explain...

A beginner's guide to buying energy

From choosing a tariff to understanding your usage, we explain it all in this short guide.

Ofgem: Consumer Future & Regulation

At a recent Ofgem event, our CEO, Greg Jackson, spoke about the importance of competition and companies truly understanding their customers:  "As a new supplier, we need to compete to win every single customer or we don't have a business."

Improving lives through renewables

Renewable energy does a great deal more than help prevent climate change. From health to the economy, there are many reasons why going green is the right choice for you and your communities. 

How Project Nexus will affect your switch

Project Nexus is a huge upgrade to the gas network that should make switching faster and billing more accurate. There's going to be some downtime while the work goes on, so read on to find out how it might affect you.

What the Energy Switch Guarantee means for you

We're proud signatories to the Energy Switch Guarantee, and hope that all suppliers sign up to this promise of faster, safer switching.

The secret life of an opening meter reading

What happens to your opening reading when we get it? Why do we sometimes use a different reading to the one you submitted? We reveal the hidden adventures of one of the most important readings you give us.

What happens during your switch

For you, it should be fast, simple, and convenient. For us… well, we like doing the complex stuff so you don’t have to.

Energy for beginners: how does energy get to your home?

We're so used to energy being there when we want it, we often forget how it reaches us. 

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