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Should I get a heat pump? Hear from customers who did

Thousands of customers across the country are ditching their gas boilers in favour of clean, affordable heat pumps. Hear from Alan and Linda who love their heat pumps just as much as we do!

How much can you save with solar?

Find out how you could save up to 91% on your electricity bill on the Octopus Flux tariff, or even get paid to use energy on Intelligent Octopus Flux. We dig into how much you can save with solar, and why an installation is worth it.

Why customers love our thermal cameras

In a typical British home up to one third of the heat produced by central heating systems is lost through the roof, walls, floor and windows.

We wanted to help – so for the past few years, we’ve loaned out high-tech thermal heat cameras to vulnerable and low-income customers. So far, 8000 of our customers have borrowed one of our cameras. We wanted to let you know how it’s gone.

Driving a clean heating system: turning an imperative into an upgrade

Today, the dominant form of heating in the UK is gas boilers. We are very aware of this, so much so that we’re currently one of the nation’s biggest suppliers of natural gas. And as a company who loves our customers we do the best possible job for them.

Winter is one of the best times to invest in solar. Here’s why…

4 reasons why there's no time like the present to get solar PV and battery installed at home.

How much can you save with a heat pump?

Save up to £220 with a heat pump on our Cosy Octopus tariff. Green heating boffin Aimee crunches the numbers of Octopus Energy heat pump customers to see how much they've saved

The Cosy 6 heat pump: revolutionising heating the Octopus way

We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest milestone in the quest for cheaper, greener, smarter home heating: the 'Cosy 6' heat pump.

Everything you need to know about solar installation with Octopus Energy

We’ve covered some of the main questions about getting solar panels in this blog, as well as a little bit about how Octopus helps with the process.

How a heat pump and EVs changed Aaron's home and bills

Over the next few years, heat pumps are going to become the dominant way of heating in most people’s homes. I chat to one of our lovely customers Aaron, who was able to install the green energy trifecta in his home; a heat pump, solar and battery.

Spotlight on... our green heating research experts

Octopus Energy's incredible team of green-heating maestros are pushing the furthest boundaries of low carbon tech. Why not meet some of the geniuses behind it all (and maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of what they’re working on).

Meet the smart product engineers transforming green heating

Meet Derya, Carmen and project manager Jess; the team of smart product engineers hard at work developing tools that could come to transform the way society uses and understands energy.

Spotlight on... Jason, expert Heat Pump manufacturer

Jason Cassells designed Octopus’ next-generation heat pump factory from the ground up. Drawing on three decades of engineering and manufacturing experience and a doctorate in fluid dynamics, his heat pumps are many times more efficient than a gas boiler, and greener to boot.

Meet the Octopus Home Mini

The Octopus Home Mini is a brand new, cutting-edge bit of tech that makes understanding your energy usage easier than ever before.

How Octopus Energy is revolutionising Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the future: electric, low-carbon heat extracted from the air. Find out how we're installing heat pumps for around the same cost as a gas boiler.

Green heating 101 with our heat pump boffin Peter

Yet to be electrified and unable to reap the benefits of cleaner, greener electricity, heating accounts for 14% of the UKs emissions. In this blog, I talk to Peter Konowalczyk about the solution we've all been waiting for... heat pumps.

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