The Cosy 6 heat pump: revolutionising heating the Octopus way

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Introducing the latest milestone in our quest to decarbonise home heating: 'Cosy 6' - our super smart, super green new heat pump will be available in the next few months. Cosy 6 will integrate with a whole bunch of cutting-edge Octo-tech for a game changing heating experience, and what's more - it's entirely affordable; when combined with Government support, some will even be able to install it for free.

Heat pumps are the future of home heating. 17% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from heating buildings, but rather than burning gas, heat pumps like Cosy 6 syphon ambient energy from the air and top that energy up with a little extra electricity to heat your home. This makes them far greener, safer, and more reliable than dirty gas boilers - and many more times as efficient too.

A revolution in home heating

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Still, Cosy 6 is more than just a heat pump; it's a complete revolution in home heating. Picture this: a cutting-edge heat pump, intuitive controls, room sensors attuned to your comfort zone, a tailor-made Cosy Octopus smart tariff, and our award-winning 5-star service package – all bundled into one game-changing package.


The Cosy Octopus lineup

  • Cosy 6: Our pride and joy, the Cosy 6! It's our very first in-house heat pump, designed by green-heating maestro Jason Cassells to be both run, and installed incredibly efficiently, and to warm your home just as well as a gas boiler would. We’re entering the market with a 6kW heat pump – aimed at a typical three-bed UK home – with more and larger models to follow.
  • Cosy Hub: Our intuitive home control system is designed to keep you in charge. The Cosy hub optimises and automates your heat pump to run most efficiently, keeping your bills low and your home toasty – and you'll be able to monitor it all through our highly rated, hassle free app.
  • Cosy Pods: The Cosy Pods, our room sensors, ensure that every corner of your house is just the temperature it should be, while making sure that your energy consumption is efficient too.
  • Our Cosy Octopus Smart Tariff: Unlock the cheapest green heating with our bespoke cosy smart tariff. Cosy Octopus keeps your home warm for less with super cheap rates, twice a day, every day.
  • 5-Star Service: Our award-winning 5 star service, backed by our own talented energy experts and Octo-engineers, ensures that you're never left out in the cold.

This is a huge day for clean heating. The combination of a high-temperature heat pump – as hot as a gas boiler – Octopus smart tariffs and room sensors across your home doesn’t just open up cheaper clean heating – but more comfort too

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Join the Cosy revolution!

Since launching Britain's first R&D centre for green heating, we've invested over £50 million to drive the rollout of heat pumps, push down costs, and bring down the UK's carbon emissions in the process. With Cosy 6 available soon and our even bigger, more powerful heat pumps set to follow - watch this space. We can't wait to see what you think.


Should I wait for a Cosy heat pump?


In September we announced our new 'Cosy' heat pump - our super smart, super green new Octopus heat pump! Our smallest model 'Cosy 6' will be available in the next few months alongside our current heat pump range. If you are interested, please sign up on our Octopus heat pump page, and we'll let you know which options are available to you post-survey.

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