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Gusty's taking a spin to Ally Pally in London

Gusty Spinfield is heading from Glasto to Ally Pally. It'll be providing the palace with pure power from its perch atop the hill. Let’s find out about what Gusty's doing there.

Businesses can now join our No Standing Charge Tariff

We’ve released a new tariff with no standing charge. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada!

That means no fixed daily payment amount.

Instead, you only pay according to what you use.

We think it’s simple, innovative and what many businesses say works for them.

The Cosy 6 heat pump: revolutionising heating the Octopus way

We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest milestone in the quest for cheaper, greener, smarter home heating: the 'Cosy 6' heat pump.

Small businesses in the dark: Energy brokers and the hidden scandal in energy prices

Read our revealing report on the damaging practices of energy brokers.

Our Energy Helpers are bringing 500,000 customers bespoke energy saving advice

We’re training hundreds of energy experts to travel the country giving specially tailored, genuinely impactful energy-saving advice to 500,000 customers who need it most.  

We’re working with Sterlite Power to supercharge India’s energy decarbonisation

At COP26, we signed a deal with Sterlite Power to help unlock smart green power systems in both India and the UK. Read all about how our new deal with these power transmission experts can accelerate decarbonisation of India and bring crucial transformation to the UK’s legacy grid.

Our global mission is getting a US$300 million injection (and 30 new wind turbines) thanks to our partnership with CPP Investments

We've formed a new partnership with Canadian Pension Plan Investments (CPP Investments), one of the world’s largest pension funds. They’ll be providing an initial US$300 million equity funding for our global mission – and that’ll hopefully just be the start of something much bigger.

Why we're still growing globally in the face of UK energy turmoil

The global energy system needs urgent change to end reliance on expensive, finite fossil fuels, and truly treat customers fairly – here's why we've got not time to waste if we want to achieve our mission to deliver cheaper, greener power to the world.

Next Stop: Octopus Energy Italy

Our mission to bring affordable, green electricity to the world is growing. Ciao, Octopus Energy Italy! 🇮🇹

Octopus Energy agrees $600m deal with former-VP Al Gore backed sustainable investment fund

We're over the moon to be able to announce our $600 million partnership with Generation Investment Management, a sustainable investment fund, co-chaired by former US Vice-President and climate champion Al Gore.

Officially, the UK's most awarded energy supplier

Octopus Energy are proud to have won over 100 awards - recognising our green innovation, fast growth, amazing customer service, affordability and more. Read more about what makes us officially, the UK’s most awarded energy supplier in 2022.

We're bringing a new kind of pulpo to Spain

Octopus Energy is coming to Spain! We've acquired Valencia-based green energy disruptor Umeme to launch Octopus Energy Spain.

Centre for Net Zero: Pioneering research to make a fully sustainable global energy system a reality

The Centre for Net Zero (CNZ) will take the fight against climate change to government level. Bringing together the biggest and best brains in tech, environment, econometrics and policy to create research and tools that governments and businesses around the world will be able to use to accelerate the uptake of clean technologies and green energy.

Accelerating our global mission to make the green revolution faster and cheaper with $250m investment and launch in Japan

We are thrilled to announce the next stage of our green energy revolution – a joint venture with Tokyo Gas to unlock the potential of green energy in Japan, and another $250m of investment to speed up our mission to make the green revolution faster and cheaper, globally.

Octopus Energy enters USA with acquisition of Silicon Valley-based startup Evolve Energy

Today we announce the next stage of our rocket ship of growth with the acquisition of Silicon Valley-based start -up Evolve Energy - with the Evolve team, we are launching Octopus Energy US

Octopus Energy’s Future Energy Research Centre: Driving a Faster, Cheaper Green Transition Globally

We're founding the Future Energy Research Centre, building an unrivalled team of experts in data science, econometrics, corporate finance, consumer behaviour, policy, partnerships and communications to help make the green energy transition faster and cheaper globally.

Octopus Receives Investment From Origin To Power Its Global Clean Energy Expansion

An announcement about Octopus Energy's partnership with Origin.

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