Next Stop: Octopus Energy Italy


We're delighted to share the exciting news that our mission to push affordable, green electricity around the world grows stronger as we enter Italy. 🇮🇹

We've found an Italian energy business in SATO Luce e Gas who are as passionate about caring for customers as we are. SATO's team will take our energy technology platform - Kraken - and use it to help Italy's uptake in renewable energy under the name Octopus Energy Italy.

With our energy retail business, our renewable generation, and our Kraken tech, we’re now operating in 12 countries on 4 continents.

Since the beginning of the year (2021), we’ve doubled our customer base at Octopus Energy Germany and increased Octopus Energy US customer numbers by a factor of five. Globally, we’re aiming to have 100 million customers by 2027 – and we hope Octopus Energy Italy will have a million energy customers by 2025 by following the same path that saw Octopus Energy grow to 3.1 million customers in the UK.

Italy has pledged to increase the share of renewables on the grid and we can’t wait to combine our smart tech with SATO’s customer obsession to bring our future Italian customers even cheaper, greener electrons and speed up the transition to a low-carbon energy system to our Italian friends. We just hope they don't mention the football.

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