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How Octopus Energy is working to handle Coronavirus

Everything you need to know about your energy during the current crisis – from paying bills to topping up prepayment meters to getting in touch with our team.

Accelerating our global mission to make the green revolution faster and cheaper with $250m investment and launch in Japan

We are thrilled to announce the next stage of our green energy revolution – a joint venture with Tokyo Gas to unlock the potential of green energy in Japan, and another $250m of investment to speed up our mission to make the green revolution faster and cheaper, globally.

Octopus Energy enters USA with acquisition of Silicon Valley-based startup Evolve Energy

Today we announce the next stage of our rocket ship of growth with the acquisition of Silicon Valley-based start -up Evolve Energy - with the Evolve team, we are launching Octopus Energy US

Listen to the 'Inside Octopus Energy' podcast

Lots of people want to know what happens inside Octopus Energy. Most importantly, our ever-expanding team. So, we're starting a podcast – here's how you can listen to "Inside Octopus Energy" now!

Octopus Energy’s Future Energy Research Centre: Driving a Faster, Cheaper Green Transition Globally

We're founding the Future Energy Research Centre, building an unrivalled team of experts in data science, econometrics, corporate finance, consumer behaviour, policy, partnerships and communications to help make the green energy transition faster and cheaper globally.

Octopus Receives Investment From Origin To Power Its Global Clean Energy Expansion

An announcement about Octopus Energy's partnership with Origin.

Our proposals for households hit by coronavirus

Our view on offering direct help for all energy customers

Covid-19: Customers, jobs, bills, service and more

The Covid-19 crisis is so much more than a pandemic. It’s a massive economic shock to the system, and as a company at the heart of a critical industrial sector, Octopus Energy has been working unbelievably hard to handle the impact.

In this blog, our CEO Greg goes into detail about how we're working to support our team and our customers throughout these difficult times.

A word on GDPR

On the 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation overhauled the rules for how organisations process and handle personal details, and other data which could be used to identify users. Our founder Greg breaks down exactly how we ensure we comply with the principles of the GDPR.

"Please hold the line." For how long?

Giving great customer service while keeping costs low is a tricky balance to get right – here's how we do it. 

Lighting the way to faster switching

Ofgem's consultation on faster switching was the perfect opportunity for us to champion the customer, so that's exactly what we did. 

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!