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Spotlight on... Wenye, Back-End Developer

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We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, with our black colleagues and customers, and with the entire Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, with our black colleagues and customers, and with the entire Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community.

Here’s some words from our founder Greg on the steps we’re taking in light of the crucial conversations being had within Octopus Energy this past week.

The Octopus team is (still) growing! Find out more about joining us during the Coronavirus outbreak

If you’re thinking about joining our team, here’s what you can expect from the hiring process, and what we’ve been doing differently to welcome new folks into the team, given the unusual circumstances.

Spotlight on... Rodna Ntabeni

We talk to Rodna, a business energy specialist working in our Leicester office, about finding a surprise career in energy that dares to be different!

How Octopus Energy is working to handle Coronavirus

Everything you need to know about your energy during the current crisis – from paying bills to topping up prepayment meters to getting in touch with our team.

How our meter engineers are lending a hand to essential services

Since the Corona outbreak began, our octo-engineers haven’t been able to work as normal, so they've their talents towards helping those who need an extra hand.

A word from our digital marketing team about ad algorithms and ad placements on offensive sites

How ad-buying works, how websites make money from ads, and how we try to ensure our ads don’t appear where they shouldn’t

Spotlight on... Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Product and Marketing Director

We talk product innovation, development blitzes and deciphering deep code with Product and Marketing Director, Rebecca Dibb-Simkin.

How to bust your lockdown boredom

Some tips and links from the Octo-hivemind to help you entertain yourself during lockdown.

OctopusKids: here to keep your little ones entertained!

As our entire team of energy specialists transition to working remotely we wanted to do something to support parents!

Meet our team in London

Our energy specialists provide end-to-end support for Octopus Energy customers in Leicester, Brighton, London and beyond. Meet Team A and Team B, Octopus' oldest service 'teams', who look after customers from our office in Soho.

Meet our team in Leicester

Our energy specialists provide end-to-end customer support from Leicester, Brighton, London and beyond. Meet the team working in the heart of Leicester!

Meet our team in Brighton

Our energy specialists provide end-to-end customer support from Leicester, Brighton, London and beyond. All our staff are part of little mini-teams of <10, with each team responsible for looking after a few thousand customers. Meet our Brighton lot.

Spotlight on... Adeayo Sangowawa, energy specialist and future industry innovator

Our energy specialist Ayo talks about what’s at stake in being part of the renewables sector, and importance of understanding customer experience when creating innovative products.

Spotlight on... Nia Hughes, energy specialist and firebrand for renewables

Nia talks Octopus Energy's renewable credentials, the new Leicester digs, and her work researching ways to help local towns go green.

Spotlight on... Lisa Loftus, DigiOps destroyer

We’re talking to Lisa Loftus, DigiOps destroyer, about being part of Octopus’ customer service secret weapon.

Spotlight on... Lily Stein, customer service guru

I work in the Operations team, which means I look for problems and try to fix them before they affect our customers. 

Spotlight on... Gilly Ames, front-end developer

Gilly talks about improving what our customers see and interact with.

Spotlight on... David Winterbottom, Head of Engineering

Our Head of Engineering explains how building our own technology creates better customer experiences. 

Spotlight on... Anouska Ameratunga, Industry Specialist

In the latest of our “Spotlight on…” series we talk to Anouska Ameratunga, Industry Specialist and informal (well, formal really) Social Secretary, about fighting bad data and planning big parties...

Spotlight on... Matt Bunney, Fuel Procurement Manager

Matt Bunney, Fuel Procurement Manager and cricket fan, talks about securing renewable energy for our customers...

Spotlight on... Ronan McKinless, designer

When you get design right, it's almost like you've done nothing at all.

Spotlight on... David Sykes, Data Analyst

I analyse the underlying costs in the market then set a price that reflects the wholesale cost of energy, while also being competitive.

Spotlight on... Ashley Firth, Head of Front-end Development

I'm a front-end developer, which means I take all the designs and user journeys and ensure they're consistent and good-looking for everyone, no matter what device or browser you're using.

Pride in our community

We've pulled together a collection of resources that provide help, advice and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

We're launching the 'Inside Octopus Energy' podcast

And of course, if you’re thinking of joining Octopus, and want to know if it’s right for you, this should be more insightful than a typical salesy web page. Similarly for the dozens, maybe hundreds of organisations who partner with us.

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!