Spotlight on... Lisa Loftus, DigiOps destroyer


Continuing our Spotlight series celebrating the women of Octopus, we're talking to Lisa Loftus, DigiOps destroyer, about being part of Octopus’ customer service secret weapon.

Why did you join Octopus?

Before Octopus, I worked in the Food Property team of a major supermarket brand. I moved around a lot! I worked on refurbishing their food stores and buying new ones, as well as being involved in communications and marketing. It was fast paced, demanding and required a variety of skills sets – creativity, numeracy and thinking on your feet.

Sadly, though, I was made redundant while on maternity leave expecting my first son. I found while looking around for other work that now I had a kid, in this kind of career, businesses seemed wary about whether I would be able to give them the same kind of commitment, so I took some time off to think about a career change that was more flexible with a new baby.

I’d had previous experience in utilities from years back – working at some of the Big 6 – and was connected with Octopus through doing a course in social media.

Octopus were interested in my skills, and understood that my being a mum didn’t mean I’d couldn’t work. In fact, it didn’t even come into the equation! I know that Greg, the CEO, leaves work at 3 twice a week to do the school run – these are realities you just have to work around!

What do you do at Octopus?

The Digital Operations team (DigiOps) is a flexible, highly skilled customer-facing remote team working out-of-hours across digital platforms. Special in the fact that it’s currently made up entirely of professional women working from home, the majority of whom are returning to the workforce after having children.

What's the most challenging part of your job?

I think sometimes where you have to explain why quite complex industry processes can make things feel a bit slow and not very ‘Octopus Energy like’.

What's the best part of your job?

Helping customers, really – giving them a better service than they’ve experienced from our competitors.

Also, you feel part of the family here. I remember feeling so out of the loop at previous remote jobs and thinking that’s what it had to be like. But at Octopus Energy, it’s completely different. First and foremost, we’re a digital company - using remote working software at every stage, from training to reporting to general day-to-day communication – which makes it perfect for someone like me, offering flexibility and home working but with someone to chat to at the touch of a button.

You’ve just had a new baby – how’ve you found getting back into the grind?

I’ve got two young kids now – a two-year-old and a seven-week-old, so no time for hobbies and going out. 24/7 nappy changes and sleepless nights. Motherhood!

There’s no way I could go into Manchester for work every day, 9 - 5, with the two kids. So the flexibility this job offers is fab. I’ve just come back after a few months’ maternity leave. If you could’ve been a fly on the wall this week! Sitting at my table typing out answers one-handed with a baby hanging off my breast. Luckily the customers can’t see me with my hair all over the place, in my dressing gown!

Any message for people thinking of switching?

We’re the only Which? Recommended Supplier for 2018 and we’re so proud of this, as it’s voted for by customers. And we’ve also recently been named Supplier of the Year by uSwitch. What’ve you got to lose? I’m a customer myself – I’ve been converted! I’d never, ever go back to the Big 6, especially now I work for Octopus and I know about the big suppliers’ little tricks...

Any message for people who’ve switched already?

Thank you for putting your trust in us. We love to hear what customers think so please chat to us if you have any thoughts.

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