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The place where children (along with their teachers and families) can learn about renewable energy through fun activities. Join our green energy competitions, cuddle our eco-friendly plushie octopus toys, and enjoy educational videos and books. Dive into a world of fun and sustainable learning today!

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For Teachers and school kids

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For teachers and school kids

Virtual lessons with CEO, Greg Jackson

Your class can join our virtual green energy lesson with our CEO, Greg Jackson. Learn about renewable energy, sustainability, and the future of our planet directly from an industry leader. Apply now to have your class participate in this exciting and educational experience.


Win a school trip to a wind farm

This year, we are giving students the opportunity to visit one of our wind turbines. You can apply below for your entire class to win this unforgettable trip. Explore renewable energy up close, learn how wind power works, and see the future of green energy in action.

Toys & Books

Our 'Going Green with Constantine' book

We teamed up with DK Publishing to create "Going Green with Constantine," a delightful children’s book aimed at kids aged 8 and up. In this story, our curious pink octopus, Constantine, embarks on an adventure to explore renewable energy. We’re offering this book for free to primary schools across the UK, complete with activity worksheets and eco-friendly stickers to make learning fun and interactive​.

constantine book page
constantine book page


Dive in and explore our delightful array of octo-tastic items. From plushies to Octopus backpacks and T-shirts, the shop is stacked with fun merch. And best of all, all the proceeds are donated to our charity fund.

Screenshot from shoptopus
Screenshot from shoptopus

Free Octopus-sponsored football kits

We're offering Octopus customers the chance to nominate local grassroots football teams (under age 12) to receive 11 bespoke, Octopus-sponsored home kits for free. This initiative aims to support future generations and promote a fairer, greener energy future in the UK.

Free cinema tickets

Get 2x free kids cinema tickets to see all the latest kid-friendly blockbusters at your local Odeon.

Educational Videos

Here are a couple of our favourite educational videos for the little ones on YouTube:

Learn Makaton, the unique language that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate

We Asked Three Kids to Interview our CEO, Greg

A day at the Octopus wind turbine for Deri Primary School kids

For more fun and educational videos, check out our OctoKids Youtube playlist:

Events and Competitions

High Five! Octopus Energy's Fifth Birthday Celebration

To celebrate our fifth birthday, we launched a special competition for five-year-olds. We invited them to create something magical that answers the question, "How do we make the earth a better place?" The winners received a children's Tesla Model S and a year’s worth of free energy for their families, along with our "Going Green with Constantine" book and other goodies​

Green workshops with the Octopus Energy Equality Foundation

oeef logo

Last year, we publicly launched 'The Octopus Energy Equality Foundation', our charity that is all about making the world of energy exciting for young people aged 9-18 years old. We offer cool work experiences at our London office, fun, creative competitions and awesome careers fairs to spark their interest. By teaming up with schools and organisations, we help kids see the endless opportunities in the energy sector. Dive into the world of energy and start your adventure.

octopus energy equality foundation workshop
A row of trees

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