How to bust your lockdown boredom

Social isolation tips

We know it's not always easy being stuck inside, but you can still make the most out of your lockdown. For weeks now, our team have been using Slack to stay connected, commiserate, and share ideas to help get each other through social isolation. Their suggestions have already formed the basis of our OctoKids programme, aimed at helping parents keep their children entertained at home, and now they're back with a load more ideas for staying healthy and happy! Who knows? You might even come away from lockdown having discovered a hidden talent, learnt something new, or even with a smarter, more environmentally friendly home.

Set time aside for learning

A graphic that says 'set aside for learning'

If you ever wanted to learn a new language, or how to bake or code, now is the perfect time.

Set aside some time for creating

A graphic full of creative pursuits like painting or music-making

Draw, paint, start a podcast, write blogs, poems or songs, build things!


A graphic showing people doing yoga indoors

Use your one trip out to stretch those legs. Live in an apartment building? Take the stairs to the top floor and back. Alternatively check out our selection of home exercise guides and classes.

Some good guides for exercising at home:

PE classes for kids:

For yoga:

If you live around the South East, Trina from our tech team (an intrepid London explorer) has recommended her favourite walks:

Connect with friends and family

A graphic of a group of friends on a Zoom call

Either pick up the phone ‘the old fashioned way’ or chat or play games online. You can even play digital versions of classic board games...

Reward yourself

A graphic that shows an 'isolation bingo' game

Remember to reward yourself for whatever great stuff you’re doing while on lockdown – whether it’s learning something new, creating something, finishing a project for work etc. This’ll help you focus on the positives, which isn’t always easy during these strange times.

Think about how you can help others

a picture of Luke and Ben delivering food to a foodbank in Farnham

We've been inspired by our octo-engineers who have been working to deliver medicine and food packages from pharmacies and foodbanks to homes in the South East. Here's some more tips for how you can get involved, straight from the members of our team who've recently turned their attention towards helping essential services:

  • If you know any other essential services in the South East that could use a hand with deliveries, give Octopus Energy Services a shout at:

Some of our skilled customers have even put their technical skills to use, helping out essential services by creating valuable tools/resources:

Ali, for example, has been putting her four 3D printers to work printing visor headbands for the NHS!

A picture of Ali having printed PPE
A picture of the PPE Ali Printed for the NHS
Or there's Ryan, who's been taking advantage of Agile Octopus' recent plunge pricing (where customers are paid to use up excess renewable energy in the grid that would otherwise go to waste), to 3D print PPE for key workers!

The NHS are calling for volunteers to help deliver food and medicines to vulnerable people:

Local charities also need help during the coronavirus outbreak:

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