Octopus Energy at Glastonbury 2024

Glastonbury Gusty

Octopus Energy is back at Glastonbury Festival, once again bringing renewable energy to one of the world's most iconic music events!

This year, our pink and purple portable turbine Gusty Spinfield is a double act: she’ll be joined by our CEO Greg Jackson, who’s making his Glastonbury debut.

Fresh from her Glastonbury set, Gusty's in London for a spin at Ally Pally!

Throughout July, Gusty will power food and drink vendors at Alexandra Palace's iconic Summer gigs – stop by and see the future of energy up close, and find out more here.

Gusty Spinfield the turbine

Yes, “Gusty Spinfield” is back by popular demand! This vibrant pink and purple turbine, named by a witty customer who won Festival tickets last year, is once again standing tall over Carhenge. This year, Gusty Spinfield is set to power even more of the Festival, providing clean energy to food vendors and illuminating the night.

Catch Greg Jackson’s debut — joining a panel on Music, Climate & Creativity

Don't miss our very own Greg Jackson speaking at the Festival!

He’ll be on the "Outrage + Optimism: Music, Climate & Creativity" panel at the Croissant Neuf stage from 11:30am-12:15pm. The discussion, co-hosted by O+O alumni Matthew Phillips and Nabihah Iqbal, promises to be an inspiring conversation on how music and creativity can drive climate action.


📆 When: Sunday 30th

🎪 Where: Croissant Neuf

🕚 Time: 11:30 - 12:45

Gusty: The Turbine That Rocks Glastonbury

This year, Gusty is powering Festival food vendors with clean and green energy to fuel all those delicious meals. With a capacity to power up to 300 fridges and standing 28 meters tall (as high as a 7-story building), Gusty is a real showstopper.

It only takes a few days to assemble, and Gusty braves all weather, ensuring the Festival stays powered no matter what.

Glasto turbine

Speedy Wind Power: Building Turbines in Record Time

Did you know it takes less than a year to build a wind turbine like Gusty? Sadly, it takes 5-10 years to connect it to the grid. We want to prove that with the right policies, we can end this gridlock and bring more renewable energy onto the grid, and faster. This will save customers money on their bills and create a cleaner world for everyone. Our Fan Club is a testament to this vision, with communities coming together for local projects. From Glastonbury to villages across Great Britain, we want to bring people together to embrace green energy and power a brighter future!

Join our Fan Club to stay updated on our latest wind projects.

Lucky Customers Heading to Glasto

This year, we're thrilled to send some of our amazing customers to Glastonbury!

We gave away tickets alongside an EV to get them there and back plus free Electroverse charging! These lucky winners truly deserved their prize, and we can't wait for them to experience the magic of the Festival. Read more about our competition.

Stay tuned for more updates from Glastonbury, and if you're there, be sure to check out Gusty and say hello to the Octopus Energy team!

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