Meet our team in Leicester

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Our energy specialists provide end-to-end customer support from Leicester, Brighton, London and beyond. All our staff are part of little mini-teams of <10, with each team responsible for looking after a few thousand customers.

This way, our customers always have a great experience, and often end up talking to the same few specialists every time they need our help!

Meet the teams working in the heart of Leicester.

Click to skip straight to Team D, Team L, or Team F. Why not read about our "onboarding" team, who are in charge of guiding you through the switching process. Or, get to know our credit team, who help keep account balances in good health.
Are you a customer of M&S Energy? Get to know the fab M&S Energy team in charge of looking after this legendary British brand's customers.

Team leader Luke Stowe introduces Team C...

We’re one of the oldest teams at Octopus Energy, having been part of the furniture (not literally, it’s really annoying when people come and sit on you) since the Leicester office opened in 2017. Since our inception, we’ve formed two additional teams: F and K, and plan to continue training and developing our team members so they can really support our customers and push the company forward.

We’re passionate about pushing our message of “saving the planet, saving you money”, and it shows in how we engage with customers.

We’re passionate about pushing our message of “saving the planet, saving you money”, and it shows in how we engage with customers. Team C members have gone on to contribute to all areas of the business, playing an instrumental role in Site Works and Metering, team K and F, our Business team, and our Industry Processes team.

We’re always at the top of our game. We like to say that we put the C into Customer Care, and are always thinking of creative new ways to do more for our customers. You're guaranteed to find a friendly and helpful member of our team behind every phone call, and we work together to ensure we can consistently care for our customer base.

It’s fair to say, Team C is a safe pair of hands. We've been taking care of business for a long time, and we think we’ve set the bar for other teams to aspire to. You’ll find the warmest welcome and an inclusive and positive atmosphere in our corner of the office!

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We’re often popping out for dinner and drinks, and love going on team outings, such as escape rooms, Alton Towers, ice hockey games and music festivals.

We forge strong friendships in Team C. We’re often popping out for dinner and drinks, and love going on team outings, such as escape rooms, Alton Towers, ice hockey games and music festivals.

One piece of advice...

Get into the habit of reading, and understanding, your energy statements. We email these energy statements out every time you send us a meter reading, and you can also find them in your online account dashboard. Forming the good habit of casting your eyes over this important document is vital in ensuring you know exactly how much energy you have used, how much money you have paid in, and your overall account balance.

Random fact...

Where we’re based, Leicester, is the birthplace of modern English. It’s the point where the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons converged and decided that jaw-jaw was better than war-war. They learnt to trade wares instead of blows and developed a common modern English. Otherwise, we’d be speaking German now. Bet you didn’t know that!

Team leader Fay introduces Team D...

A typical day for us is speaking to our lovely customers (and taking the mick out of each other in between calls!)

Team D is the Dream Team. We’re hard-working, but we love to laugh – often answering the phones after having a giggle. Our team look after a relatively small group of customers, which is amazing because we often speak to the same people and we're always sharing our favourite customer stories!

One piece of advice from Team D...

Giving a monthly meter reading is the best way to make sure your Direct Debit covers your usage and this also allows us to be able to make sure we are giving you the best advice on your usage. And as an added bonus, you also get to spin the Wheel of Fortune every month. You could win £500! :)

One thing you might not know about Leicester...

The City Of Leicester's motto is Semper Eadem, which means 'Always the same'. Which couldn't be more opposite to what Octopus Energy is like. We’re always trying to bring new and improved services to our customers and staff. Change is what drives us! Not least, changing your energy usage and changing the planet!

TEAM D image

Get to know Team D through their personal Power Ranger!

Jess, Silver ranger: She's our lucky metering charm. She joined us all the way from Ireland and studied electrical engineering. She loves a wind turbine.

Fay, Purple ranger: A local lestahfarian and team manager/mum to these lovely lot. She loves nothing more than a cuppa and a good book.

Jackie, Pink ranger: She's Busted's #1 fan and also the nicest person in the world, hands down, it's a fact. Also fluent in German

Demi, Red ranger: Our tactical genius, has won many a chess game and many a customer’s heart.

Sophie, Gold ranger: The newest member of the team, Sophie came to us from Stamford and has also recently been volunteering in Kenya. She also swings from the ceiling most nights doing aerial arts.

Klarissa, Yellow ranger: Our Disputes Expert (this is energy shorthand for two energy suppliers not being able to agree on a reading to close/open your account on when you switch) used to go university down south in Cornwall, but has now thankfully returned home and to join us! She loves shopping and eating out at fancy establishments.

Alfie, Blue ranger: Our Londoner Alfie is pretty new to the team... but not new to the slopes, as he used to ski competitively.

Henry, Green Ranger: Is the owner to our team mascot, an adorable two year old husky called Moose who frequently visits us. Henry plays midfield when the lads all go to play Octopus seven-a-side.

Liam introduces you to Team L...

We're undoubtedly the fun team in the office. You would never catch us not cracking a joke.

We are the team with the most important employee, Lewis. Lewis is by far the most popular guy in the Leicester office and often sleeps over at employees’ homes. The L in Team L totally stands for Lewis.

We love looking after customers and offer quick, friendly, fun and amazing customer experience. We will always go above and beyond to help the customer. If you want us to tell you our best joke, it'll make your day – and ours!

We are often out together in the evenings, frequent visitors to our favourite pub and have even been away on holiday together. It’s like the university experience, but in an office instead of a lecture theatre.

Lewis in Brighton.jpg
In lieu of a full team photo, here is Lewis, the pride and joy of Leicester, during a team trip to Brighton.

Team leader Liam introduces the gang...

Liam: Doting father to Lewis, avid campaigner of floral Fridays in the office and strong advocate of the G&T.

Nikolas: Committed to the 'jeans and jumper' combo no matter the weather and once climbed 3/4 up the side of Everest....... (well a hill nearby Everest)

Daisy: The human WikiPedia for Love Island

Emily: Great British Bake Off wannabe who daydreams about the perfect ganache

Tom: Secretly owns the most floral shirts but will never admit his passion for floral fashion

Madeline: Tries to convince people she is a vegetarian (but last time I checked chicken wings didn't grow in the ground). Can do the best impressions and often switches to her alter ego, Pam from Gavin and Stacey

Shola: Eat, Sleep, Gym, Repeat

Jake: Our secret pop star who was on the X Factor and even looks suspiciously like Olly Murs

This is not just a team. It's an M&S team...

We are a dedicated team working on Octopus’s energy partnership with Marks & Spencer. Team M is taking the progressive, front-end and digital experience that Octopus Energy is famous for and fusing this with a traditional approach to customer service. The wants and needs of M&S customers are different to Octopus customers so the fact that M&S has chosen Octopus to look after energy for a 135-year-old legend that is regularly voted the most trusted brand in the UK is a tremendous honour.

There are eight of us on the team – Emily (Operations Manager) Jordan (Team Leader), Rhianna, Ishe, Prem, Victoria, Terilee and our digital remote specialist, Femiola.

Chances are that you’ve probably spoken to one of us over the past few months but have no idea who we are. So we wanted to let you know a little more about us. We’re a young team made up of undergraduates and postgraduates from multiple different backgrounds including Environmental Science, Geography, Management and Economics.

A lot of our time is spent developing our in-house “ecosystem”. We built a proprietary platform for managing all of our customer’s details and energy usage; it’s called Kraken, and we’re very proud of it. We also spend most of our time dealing with customers to make experiences with M&S Energy smooth and efficient.

It’s not all work, though. The whole team LOVES musicals. Needless to say, a fusion of different tastes competes on a daily basis but we unite to sing “Let’s Get Down to Business” from Mulan, and some of the more triumphant and less depressing group numbers from Les Mis...

Emily: Heads up the M&S Energy team! She’s been at Octopus since the dawn of time. She was the company’s 22nd ever employee and remembers an era when Octopus Energy could only receive one phone call at a time.

Rhianna: Don’t get her started on Wales, but she’s not even from there. Rhianna always comes in with a new mystery injury...

Jordan: Loved and adored by many, the true glue of M&S and Octopus. Also, notably humble.

Prem: He looks after site works in the team (which means managing meter engineer visits to replace/read your meter). There ain't no party like a Prem-dawg party. You can't stop this young Kevin Bacon from dancing.

Terilee: Customers can never spell her name. One time, a customer addressed her in an email as Sterile. Sterile looks at the tone of voice in the team, and on improving efficiency!

Victoria: Has the voice of an angel. Serenades the team and audiences around the UK. At work, Victoria makes sure all our sales reps are spreading the Octopus word how we’d like.

Ishe: Our resident pro-basketball player. Will eat all of your biscuits. And couscous. Anything you have really.

Femiola: Fab Femi works from home as a Digital Operations specialist, has the cutest babies ever, and has worked at Octopus since 2017! You always know when Femi's popped into the office because everyone crowds around soak up some Femi joy (which generally involves effusive cries of Daaaarling and Hunny) and hang out with baby Kimayah

If we had one message for our customers, it would be this: “Use less energy and reduce your costs!”

To find out where you might be using the most energy, complete a ‘load’ test in your own home. A load test singles out appliances in your property that may be running inefficiently and has a significant effect on your bills. To find out how to set up a load test, get in touch with us. Give us a ring on 0808 169 7822 or drop us an email at

Meet the team who welcome you to Octopus, 'OnbOps'...

The Onboarding team are the first people you'll ever come in contact with at Octopus. So naturally, we’re big on welcome. Whether is the fact that you have heard about us and want to know more or you're just getting started in your switch to us, we’ll have open arms for you.

Our team was set up back in March 2018 and started off with only two members. It has now blissfully grown into a full team of nine members with many more members to join, we hope!

We are Jess (Operations Manager), Raye (Team Leader), Aadil, Melissa, Rheanne, Iona, Harry, Elliie and Adam. We’re here to take care of all the new customers for the first 30 days, so you’ll have probably seen our names pop up in your initial email exchanges.

We focus on making sure that our customers have a smooth, efficient and hassle-free switch, but equally, we also love the occasional 'bonding moment'. These are super-important. You can find out a lot about someone based on their favourite starter!

We were trying to figure out what makes us different as a group, and my colleague Aadil said “Out of all the teams, we laugh the most”. (It's because they have a very funny team leader, I expect.)

Team leader Tej introduces Octopus' Credit team

We are a dedicated team working with all Octopus customers for anything payment-related.

We aim to work closely with all customers to help them understand their current position of account with a view to working with you to keep things at a healthy level. We understand, however, that life can sometimes throw changes at you day-to-day that can affect finances.

We offer a friendly, kind and supportive service so you feel comfortable enough to talk to us about your situation so that we can work together to come to a happy resolution.

We make it our mission to ensure we offer a friendly, kind and supportive service so you feel comfortable enough to talk to us about your situation so that we can work together to come to a happy resolution. We genuinely want to help. Talk to us if you have any problems at all. We’re sure to be able to help to find a way out of your difficulties.

There are eight of us on the team – Ruby (operations manager), Tej (team leader), Imran, Ollie, Jess, Muna, Jon and Julian.

If we had one message for our customers, it would be this: “Use energy efficiently and reduce your costs! And if you need help, please do reach out to us. It’s what we’re there for...”

Click to find out about our Soho and Brighton teams...

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