Businesses can now join our No Standing Charge Tariff

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We’ve just released a new tariff with no standing charge. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada! 🙌

That means no set daily payment amount.

Instead, you only pay according to how much you use.

We think it’s simple, innovative and what lots of businesses want.


We do things differently

We strive to be easy, fair and innovative. It’s our way of standing out as the right energy supplier for small and medium businesses.

So, when we hit on the idea of a tariff without a standing charge, we couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

We know that some customers think standing charges are confusing - or not a fair way to pay for power. They want to pay according to the energy they use, rather than having locked-in daily charges. And they want everything to be as transparent as possible.

We’ve created this product for them.

An example quote showing how the No Standing Charge Tariff can compare to our standard 12 month offer

An example of how the No Standing Charge Tariff can compare to our standard 12 month offer


Certain types of businesses can really benefit from our new No Standing Charge Tariff

Businesses in bands 2, 3 or 4 can join.

It works best if you want the amount you use to determine how much you pay.

The level of benefit it'll bring comes from where you sit in your band. (By which we mean your electricity consumption band, not whether you're a drummer 👩‍🎤)

If your energy usage falls into the lower end of your band, you're more likely to save money. Rock on 🤘

If your energy usage tips into the higher end of your band, it may not be for you.


How the No Standing Charge Tariff works

When you join, you'll go onto a fixed 12 month contract.

It’ll work the same as a standard contract, except for with absolutely zero standing charge.

You’ll still be giving your share towards keeping the grid running. But, the money you would have paid through a standing charge will come through your unit rate instead.

Note: The tariff is still in a trial phase, so there's a small chance of snags along the way. But, we’re on hand to keep things running and make sure any issues don't negatively affect you.


Join the No Standing Charge Tariff

If you’re already an Octopus Energy for Business customer, head to your online dashboard. If you’re eligible, you’ll see the option to switch.

If you’re not a customer yet, you can check your eligibility and get a quote now.

As with all our tariffs, we’ll guarantee you:

🌎 100% green electricity 🌎

🔒 Unit rates locked in for 1 year 🔒

🏅 Award-winning customer service 🏅



What is a standing charge?


It's a daily charge that keeps you connected to the grid. It's kind of like line rental on your phone, but for energy.

You can find out more in our FAQs.

Do you think standing charges are wrong?


Nope - we think they're essential to maintaining energy supply in the UK.

We are trialling whether Octopus Energy, as a supplier, can manage this cost for our customers; continuing to support the national grid, whilst simplifying billing for businesses.

Why isn’t it available to businesses in band 1?


We're trialling this tariff with bands 2, 3 and 4 so that we can make sure it's viable for those customers.

If this trial is successful, we may extend it to band 1.

Why are you only running this as a trial?


We always like to launch our new initiatives as trials. Trialling a new initiative allows us to learn and develop our propositions as quickly as possible, whilst mitigating any risks that may arise.

Do I need a smart meter for this tariff?


No - it's for businesses with or without smart meters.

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