Meet the Octopus Home Mini

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The simple way to track your energy in real time, right from your phone.

The Octopus Home Mini is a brand new, cutting-edge device that makes understanding your energy use easier than ever. Just plug it in to beam your smart meter's data straight to your Octopus Energy app, so you can see your electricity use in near real time.

Crafted by Octopus R&D labs, made from recycled ocean plastic, available only in Octopus pink.

Check out what our very first alpha testers had to say so far...

So what exactly is the Octopus Home Mini, and how does it work?

The Octopus Home Mini is a small, palm-sized device that connects to your smart meter and beams live readings from your smart meter to our cloud-based platform Kraken, so we can show you up-to-the-minute smart insights via your Octopus Energy app.

The Octopus Home Mini takes a reading every few seconds, which opens up all sorts of possibilities.

What can I do with my Octopus Home Mini?

  • Easily spot energy-guzzling devices, and see exactly how much they are using
  • Find out how much your appliances use when they’re on standby
  • See how much energy you’re exporting in real time (if you have solar panels or other home energy generation) 
  • Unlock a world of smart energy insights – the Octopus Home Mini is perfect for tracking smart Octopus tariffs like Intelligent, Go and Outgoing.

When can I have one?

This is our first foray into the world of hardware, and like all our other innovative products, we've released the Octopus Home Mini in beta so we can iterate it based on real user feedback.

We've trialled a handful of prototypes with alpha testers and now there are a few hundred Octopus Home Minis out in the wild. We'll keep building and releasing them in small batches while we run our own checks; learning and working out kinks as we go.

Join 1000s of customers on the Octopus Home Mini waitlist

  • Please bear in mind that the Octopus Home Mini requires a smart meter we can connect to in order to function. If you don't have one, you can register your interest in a smart meter here.
  • The Octopus Home Mini is still a beta product, so there’s a chance that things might not work perfectly the first time. It relies on a connection to wifi, Kraken (our cloud based platform), and your smart meter, via the Home Area Network (HAN). This means smart meter or HAN related issues may need resolving before your device can work properly.
  • We’re still testing the Octopus Home Mini, so can’t make hard and fast commitments as to when we’ll be able to get one of them into your home – but joining the waitlist means we'll let you know when they're available.

Why are we doing this?

We see this new level of data analysis as a vital step towards a cheaper, smarter, greener, all electric system; a system that empowers customers to be an important part of the solution.

We've invested our own resources in this project, and our wonderful team has worked incredibly hard (you can meet one of them here).

We appreciate that whenever we put something out there people will discuss it, and really treasure constructive feedback, but please do it mindfully.

When people go overboard with the 'why haven't I got one yet’ or 'it’s rubbish because it doesn’t do this', it does chip away at the enthusiasm of the people who pour their efforts into creating and building these exciting new things.

Here's what more of our alpha testers had to say...

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