Should I get a heat pump? Hear from customers who did

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We’re finnnallly getting some summer sun but things are heating up in more ways than one as thousands of customers across the country ditch their gas boilers in favour of clean, affordable heat pumps.

We’re hearing from more and more of our customers that getting a heat pump has saved them money and helped them feel more in control using the Octopus app. Hear from Alan and Linda who love their heat pumps just as much as we do!

Our heat pumps start at £500: get a quote here.

Feel in control

Watch to find out why Alan feels in control of the energy he’s using for the first time ever.

Cleaner, quieter, warmer

See why Linda feels she can trust her heat pump more than any other heating system.

Ditch gas for good with a heat pump

Now available from just £500

With the new £7,500 government grant, heat pumps have never been cheaper. Quotes include heat pump, installation labour, and configuration.

Keep cosy and cut your carbon

With 80% fewer carbon emissions, heat pumps are healthier for the planet. They’re up to 4x more efficient creating heat from even the coldest temperatures.

Get a quote in 60 seconds

We just need your address and a little info about your home and we'll generate a quote and show you the results on the website, here and now.

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Becky Boulton

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