The turbine that rocked Glastonbury 2023

Glasto turbine

We built a 28-meter-tall, bright pink and purple wind turbine in the heart of Glastonbury Festival in a matter of weeks. What can we learn from it?

When people work together, we can build renewable generation incredibly quickly. We can do the same for the whole of the UK – we just need to cut the red tape.

Glastonbury Festival’s a truly electrifying celebration of music, arts, and culture that draws 200K+ people from all corners of the globe.

Glastonbury has always been a sustainability pioneer, and this year they took their commitment to new heights. As the sun set on the iconic Pyramid Stage, a new kind of energy took centre stage.

We’re too reliant on burning unsustainable, dirty fossil fuels that cause 35% of global emissions.

Bureaucracy and long wait times for grid connections have been roadblocks in the widespread adoption of wind turbines. It currently takes 400+ weeks to get a single turbine up and running, a situation that needs to change.

Renewable energy is a game-changer that will drive down energy prices and contribute to a cleaner planet - if we can cut through that red tape.

Which is why we built a remarkable 28-meter-tall wind turbine right at the heart of the Festival.

28m wind turbine at Glastonbury
28m wind turbine at Glastonbury

We wanted to help prove that renewables can be here and ready for those who want them. And to have some fun along the way.

Naming Glasto's turbine competition
Naming Glasto's turbine competition shortlist

Aptly named “Gusty Spinfield” by one of our customers (who won 2 Festival tickets with their witty suggestion), the vibrant pink and purple turbine towered over Carhenge and was the secret headliner that silently stole the show, popping up all over social media and even featured on Sky News!

Sky News of Glasto turbine
Fatboy Slim in front of Glasto turbine

The journey from factory floor to full functionality took a mere six weeks. Once on-site, the turbine itself was built in just 1 day showing the realms of possibility if we can cut through the red tape.

The clean energy was put to great use, powering the food trucks, making sure all the happy campers were well-fueled and well-fed. It produced up to 300kWh per day, enough to power 300 fridges, and could spin up to 120 mph, harnessing the power of mother nature.

Compared to an equivalent diesel generator, our trusty pink fan produces around 4-6g of CO2, an astonishing 210x fewer emissions. This turbine also achieves carbon payback in its first year, saving a staggering 379kg of CO2. To put this into perspective, it's like planting 9,488 tree seedlings and nurturing them for a decade.

Gusty Spinfield proved that renewable energy is not only environmentally friendly but also practical and efficient.

Test a Turbine

Over 20,000 people all over the UK have already expressed their interest in having a wind turbine built near them.

And the great news is that now, after Glastonbury, you might even be able to borrow Gusty Spinfield through our "Test a Turbine" trial. If your community is keen on trying out cheap, green, and locally-produced electrons, register your interest now and let the winds of change power your neighbourhood.

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