7 reasons why your business should have a smart meter

Smart meter savings

Thousands of our business customers are loving life with a smart meter.

We wanted to get the inside story on what smart life is like for businesses. So, we've been asking you what you like about it the most.

Below are the 7 best things about going smart - according to you.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters make your life and your business easier.

They send meter readings to us automatically. So, you no longer have to worry about taking them manually and submitting them to us.

You can have one for both electricity and gas. And all different types of business can get them.

They're a great way make business energy work better for you.

Can you get a smart meter for your business?

Absolutely! We'd love for you to feel the benefits of smarter business energy. It won't cost you anything extra - we'll just book an appointment for one of our engineers to visit you.

If you're already an Octopus customer, just hit the button below to let us know you're interested.

Otherwise, start by switching your business energy to Octopus. Once you're with us, we can arrange your smart meter upgrade.

The 7 best things about having a smart meter for your business

1. You're saving money on your energy bills

Our customers are always telling us that this is the biggest benefit of having a smart meter.

Constantine cutting bills

Going smart lets you monitor your electricity and gas usage in loads of detail. You can understand when you’re using most energy and cut things down accordingly.

Patterns, spikes and anomalies in your consumption will be clear to see. So, it's easy to save money by tweaking your habits.

Having this oversight of your usage puts you in control of your energy bills.

2. Your online dashboard helps you understand your usage

Smart customers have access to a snazzy online energy dashboard. We put all of your usage info in here, split into 30 minute periods. This gives detailed insights into your energy habits.

Lots of our customers make checking this a part of their daily routine. That way, they stay right on top of what they’re using.

Most say that, when they see spikes in usage, they can tell where it's coming from. That means they can respond by turning the source of the spike down or off. Which is good for the environment and great for their bills.

A view of businesses' smart meter dashboard

We also help you track how your energy usage changes over time with week-by-week comparisons.

Plus, if you have a cheaper night rate, it’ll help you to see whether you can move more usage off-peak.

3. Sending in your meter readings is a thing of the past

Auto meter readings

Businesses have enough to think about.

Hunting down your meter in a dark cupboard to take readings each month needn’t be an extra job.

Our customers don't miss fumbling around with a torch, trying to decode the dials on their meter. Or knocking on their neighbour's door to ask to take a reading.

Smart meters send us readings automatically, so you don’t have to.

That means one less job for you - and fewer meter reading reminder emails for your inbox.

4. Your bills are always accurate, which puts your mind at ease

With a smart meter, your bills are always correct.

We don’t base your statements on what we think you’ve used, because we always know your exact readings. Plus, there are no estimated readings when you move premises, change supplier or renew your contract.

Readings from a smart meter update every half-hour, so your account is always up to date.

5. Smart meters unlock other exciting benefits

We’ve created products that reward smart customers for using clean, green energy.

Having a smart meter lets you access these and enjoy the benefits:

Shape Shifters logo

Shape Shifters


Shape Shifters is our time-of-use tariff for business customers with smart meters.

It gives you 21 hours of cheaper electricity. Every single day.

Find out more about how our customers are feeling the groovy goodness.

Saving Sessions graphic

Saving Sessions


Saving Sessions rewarded business customers for using less energy at the busiest times of day.

Head to our Savings Sessions review blog to learn about how our customers tweaked their habits to save money on energy bills.

Panel Power logo

Panel Power


Panel Power is for small and medium-sized businesses with solar panels. We pay them 15p per unit of energy they export.

Pop over to our Panel Power page to find out how it works.

6. You're part of the movement for a greener energy system

Smart meters unlock a smarter energy future. One where we can all enjoy the advantage of cheap, clean, and abundant renewable energy.

By getting a smart meter, you’re not just increasing the efficiency of your business - you’re also modernising the UK energy system. We’ll all become greener, more efficient and cheaper to run.

You’ll also be able to track environmental information, like your carbon footprint reduction.

Octopus and the world

7. Upgrading is easy and won't cost you anything extra

New electricity and gas smart meters are completely free of charge. That means our customers get energy savings and extra convenience at no cost to you.

Constantine installing a smart meter

Plus, the installation’s a breeze.

To get one, all you need to do is choose a date and time from the options available. We sort the rest.

On the day, the engineer needs an hour per fuel to install your meter.

After that, you’re good to go!

You can join the thousands of other Octopus business customers enjoying the benefits of a smart meter

All you need to do is let us know you'd like a smart meter of your own.

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