Smart businesses have less to worry about

Smart meter savings

Running a business is no walk in the park. On top of everything you have to keep track of, hunting your meter down every month to jot down a string of numbers in a dark cupboard shouldn't be one of those things.

Smart meters not only make it super easy to manage your energy – they can also help you cut your bills. Here’s why we think you should get one, completely free of charge.

Ease - no need to submit meter readings from now on!

Having a smart meter is especially useful for customers with meters in awkward positions, with complicated displays (dial meters), as well as meters in other properties, requiring ladders or long-distance travel.

You’ll have one less task to worry about, as well as fewer emails in your inbox! That’s right, once you’ve got a smart meter that sends us readings automatically, you won’t get any more meter reading reminder emails.

Accuracy - say farewell to user error and estimated meter readings

With a smart meter, your business energy bills will always be 100% accurate. There won’t be any estimated readings when your business moves premises, nor when your contract ends.

Readings from a smart meter update every half-hour, so your account will never be incorrectly billed. If you wanted to switch suppliers, your Change of Supply reading can easily be set using the smart meter readings and the new supplier will be able to continue with the same meter.

Online dashboard - monitor your consumption in detail

Detailed information about your consumption will always be available in your online account. Smart meters send us readings every half-hour. Having access to that data enables you to track your usage, understand when you use more and even find patterns with certain devices. You can also detect anomalies in your usage and avoid any surprising bills.

Save money - never pay an overestimated bill ever again

With accurate bills and detailed information on your consumption, smart meters can save you money. Closely monitoring consumption means you can reduce usage, remove inefficient devices or even run at off-peak hours (on a Day/Night tariff). The more data you have, the easier it is to forecast and budget for your consumption and make informed data-driven decisions. You’ll also qualify for our Saving Sessions, where we’ll pay you for the energy you don’t use in certain hours.

Free and easy - it won’t cost you anything

One of the best things about this is you’ll get a brand-new smart meter completely free of charge! All of our meters are installed by our award-winning in-house meter operator Octopus Energy Services. You can select your own timeslot so you know exactly when we’re turning up to minimise any disruption. Once the meter is in, on the rare occasion any issues pop up, OES can normally fix these remotely.

Be green

Smart meters unlock a smarter energy system, where we can all take full advantage of cheap, clean, and abundant power from the sun, the tides and the wind. Not only are you increasing the efficiency of your business, but you’re also making a valuable contribution to modernising the wider UK energy system. We’ll become greener, more efficient and therefore cheaper! You’ll also be able to track environmental information like your reduction in carbon footprint and how many trees you’ve saved.


Do you have Solar Panels? If so, you’ll be eligible for our Panel Power tariff where we pay you for the energy you send back to the grid! More information can be found on the Panel Power website, but you will need a smart meter to be able to use this tariff.

Spin the wheel of fortune twice!

Last but not least, even if you get a smart meter and don't need to send us readings anymore, you still get two chances to win on the wheel of fortune instead of one!

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