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tado° thermostat

What is tado°?

tado° is a smart heating thermostat that uses your location to let you know when to turn down your heating while you're away and then turn it back up when you return.

This is accomplished through the use of GPS and other location indicators from your smartphone, which you connect to the tado° Smart Thermostat - tado° refers to this feature as 'geofencing.'

tado° can also detect sudden changes in temperature or humidity, like a door or window being opened, and reminds you to switch off your heating for a while to save energy.

How does it work?

All Starter Kits include the tado° Internet Bridge, which connects to the internet via your router. It communicates wirelessly with the Smart Thermostat and lets you control your heating system remotely with the tado° app.

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tado smart thermo

Reduce your energy consumption by 22%* on average. With tado°, you only heat or cool when you need it. That’s easier on the wallet!

You can even set the temperature for each of your rooms individually with the Multi-Room Control. Smart Schedules allows you to set the temperature based upon the time. So everybody at home can enjoy the perfect temperature throughout the day.

Breathe healthier air with tado°

tado° goes a step further to keep you and your family healthy by informing you about the quality of outdoor air and pollen forecast. You can also learn how to improve your indoor air quality with the information and advice tado° provides.

Offer for Octopus customers

tado° has our Works With Octopus stamp of approval - the thermostat works seamlessly with our tech and tariffs to make your home smarter, cheaper and greener.

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Starter Kit

The Starter Kit forms the basis for your tado° system and is only needed once per home. It includes an Internet Bridge which connects the thermostat to the internet.

tado° also offer add-on Smart Thermostats which helps you to expand the control temperature over multiple heating zones in your entire home even more precisely and conveniently.

tado° Starter kit wireless
Starter Kit – Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ Your Octopus price: £119.99
Tado Starter kit wired
Starter Kit – Wired Smart Thermostat V3+ Your Octopus price: £107.99
Tado Smart radiator kit
Smart Radiator Thermostat – Starter Kit V3+ Your Octopus price: £78.00

There are also a range of add-on products available like Smart Radiator Valves you can use to control your radiators individually. Take a look at the range on offer on the tado° Octopus partnership page

Frequently asked questions

Will the tado° work with my heating system?


The Smart Thermostat works with almost all heating systems and manufacturers.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine which heating system models you have at home since there is no exact model name written on the device. Here is some advice what to check for:

  • Look for the user manuals. Usually, the manufacturer and model name are printed on the first pages.
  • Boilers usually have a model plate or sticker stating the model name. It is often attached on a side or on the inside of a control panel cover.
  • If you can only identify the manufacturer, but not the model name, enter the manufacturer in the search field or select it from the manufacturer filter. For most brands, images of all models are provided, such that you can identify your model by its looks.

What is the difference between the Wired and Wireless Thermostat?


The Wired Smart Thermostat replaces existing wired room thermostats. It can be used to e.g. control your boiler or hydronic underfloor heating.

The Wireless Smart Thermostat communicates wirelessly with your boiler via the included Wireless Receiver. This setup also enables hot water control for heating systems with a hot water tank.

How do I install tado°?


You don't need any technical expertise to install the Smart Thermostat. tado° have an online installation wizard that will help you get started. It only takes a few minutes, and you're ready! Alternatively you can get a professional installer to do this for you.

Can I install a tado° in my rented property?


You can use tado° even if you live in a rented property. Simply reinstall the old devices when you move out - although it might be best to check your tenancy agreement to ensure you are allowed to make adjustments to your home.

Terms and Conditions:

Your purchase will be subject to tado°'s terms and conditions. The voucher code is unique for every Octopus member and can be redeemed only 2 times.

The vouchers are valid in the period 10.10.2022-31.12.2024. After making your purchase using the voucher code you received from Octopus, tado° will share the voucher code used in the order with Octopus.

All queries relating to tado° products should be queried directly with tado° via their handy support page

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