6 reasons people love their smart meters

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Smart meters are the free thing you never knew you needed. There are nearly 30 million across the UK already, but the sooner we all move to smart meters, the better. They make energy greener and cheaper for all (and because everyone's bills cover metering, there's no extra cost to get yours).

But why would you want one anyway? We think they're great, but don't take our word for it – here's why our customers are loving their smart meters...

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1) They're saving cash

“My smart meters help me save money and energy by being a constant, on display, reminder in the kitchen. I'm learning which electricity gadgets use more energy!”

Brenda from Dorset

Customers who've joined our Saving Sessions earn money for using less power!

Some customers even get free power at certain times – seriously.

“I have loved the Power Hour smart trial - it’s amazing how many things you can find to put on for an hour.”

Marion from Nottinghamshire

Customers like Glyn have racked up serious savings with smart tariffs – £800 in 2020 🤯

2) They can actually see how much everything costs

Trust us, it becomes really addictive.

“It's interesting to see what difference turning on a different appliance makes to energy use. It does make you stop and think. You’d be surprised”

Karen from Morden

3) They're changing their habits at home

I now see how much energy certain appliances use, like my dishwasher, so it now only goes on when it's completely full.

Brenda from Dorset

You get used to how much it should be costing each day, so if I look at it and it's showing more usage than I'm expecting, I can go round hunting for any appliance that's been left on!

Marion from Nottinghamshire

4) Those perilous journeys to get meter readings are long gone

“I no longer have to get up a step ladder to read the electricity meter, or down on all fours to read the gas meter.”

Brenda from Dorset

Plus, you can stop bumping into the spiders living in your meter cupboard...

Large spider on a customers meter

An actual meter reading photo we got from one very brave customer.

5) Getting it installed was super easy

And more importantly, featured fluffy octopuses and pink-tentacled electric vans.

5 gold stars

Jack and Max arrived, I pointed to the meters, and they did the rest. Done in an hour or so with no mess to clear up.

Karen from Morden

The engineer discovered a gas leak and did an amazing job to identify the source of the leak. He was professional and explained everything really well, an excellent engineer.

David from Dorset

Shaun our excellent smart meter engineer

Psst, our engineers leave behind more than smart meters...

6) People 💚 that they’re doing their bit for the planet

Smart meters unlock a smarter energy system, where we can all take full advantage of cheap, clean, and abundant power from the sun, the tides and the wind.

Upgrading to smart meters can unlock big savings. You can:

  • Get cheaper rates when energy’s greenest with a smart tariff
  • Get an extra spin on the Wheel of Fortune every month with a chance to win up to £512
  • Earn money by taking part in exclusive smart energy trials

PLUS: daily, weekly and monthly energy insights help you spot ways to cut down.

How do I get a smart meter?

Join over 3 million Octopus customers who’ve already gone smart and get on the list for a smart meter today. Once you’re registered, we’ll email you as soon as appointments are available in your area. If there are free slots for you right now, you'll be able to book through your online account in a few clicks.

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