Tepeo are electrifying heat for a greener future

Tepeo ZEB - Kitchen Render
Some time back, I came across a startup called Tepeo (though I can’t for the life of me recall how). Then again, since I spend my days trawling the internet for random tech, random tech seems to find me like a heat-seeking missile.

In short, Tepeo is creating a stored-heat solution – they call it a heat battery. They are combining concepts from old night-storage heaters (a box of bricks that gets heated off-peak and releases heat through the day) with some clever thermodynamic tricks, new materials and power electronics into something that can replace a gas combi boiler.

Like a night-storage heater, it uses off-peak (or low Agile price) energy to charge up with heat. With an embedded heat-exchanger included in the unit, it pumps hot water round the existing radiators according to the homeowner’s thermostat control and schedule and provides hot water. So if there’s room for the unit to fit where your gas boiler is at the moment, it can be installed in its place and plumbed straight into your existing radiator system – it’s the size of a washing machine:

tepeo in the kitchen

Heat electrification

We often refer to the practice of replacing a gas boiler with an electric system as the Electrification of Heat. It’s something we need to support in the drive towards a greener future, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. There are alternatives such as air-source and ground-source heat pumps. We’re getting to know these too, although sometimes these require changes to the radiator pipework and rarely support hot water supply too as they work at a lower temperature.

Tepeo have developed a new form of low carbon heating - the Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®). This plug-in replacement for your existing boiler (gas, oil, LPG, or electric) works with your hot water tank to deliver low carbon & low cost heating just like your current boiler.

Using off-peak electricity, the ZEB charges up when electricity is cheaper and greener, heating up a thermal core inside the ZEB. This stores energy until it is needed and releases it when your thermostat calls for heat (either for heating or hot water).

You can keep your existing controls, pipework, radiators and cylinder - making the ZEB a very simple installation compared to many other low carbon options.

The ZEB’s intelligent charging algorithm looks at your tariff, the weather, the grid carbon intensity and how much heat your home uses to automatically charge up - keeping running costs & carbon low, while avoiding wasted heat.

Some handy details on the Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®) from Tepeo:

  • Low Carbon. The ZEB uses low carbon electricity to charge up, then delivers heat on demand. Input: 9kW / 40A.
  • Low Cost. The ZEB is easy to install and works with existing heating systems. Output flow temperature: 35-80ºC.
  • Smart. The ZEB combines grid carbon intensity, weather forecasts & heat demand to automatically calculate when & how much to charge.
  • Flexible. The ZEB works with any tariff, but makes the most of 'off peak' rates to charge up cheaply.
  • No outdoor space needed. The ZEB works well in smaller homes. Ideal heat demand: 3-12,000 kWhs
  • Minimal disruption. Most installs are complete in 1 day and work with your existing radiators & wet underfloor heating system.

The Tepeo team are linked up with the Agile tariff to take advantage of low energy costs throughout the day (so no dependency on Economy 7, although that works too!). Their ZEB is now available for purchase - you can find out more at tepeo.com

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