How technology informs our beliefs


The future. We talk about it a lot. Often, our ideas of the future are based on small changes to the things we consider normal or unremarkable today. But at other times, they’re much more visionary.

Yesterday, the Citizens Advice Bureau’s report on The Disrupted Decade described how technology is going to change how we buy, use, and store energy. As a digitally-led energy supplier, we’re massive fans of technology and believe it can solve even the most complex problems.

As the largest UK investor in solar farms, with investment in wind and anaerobic digestion too, we believe in renewable technology. It’ll create the conditions for a sustainable future and widen access to energy in developing communities. We’re especially proud of our partnership with Arsenal, who we supply with 100% green electricity from four solar farms and five anaerobic digestion sites.

We believe smart, connected technology and energy storage (everything from batteries to pumped hydro plants) will help forecast and manage demand – providing fast, cheap, and efficient energy top-ups without the need for “dirty”, inefficient, and expensive generation. It’ll also give renewables the flexibility they need when demand is high or generation is low.

We believe that connected devices, meters, and the “smart grid” will make meter readings, estimated bills, and energy wastage a thing of the past. That smart gadgets like the Nest Learning Thermostat will help customers manage their usage without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

We believe that customers deserve the absolute best service, on their own terms. That means using technology to make our website accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. It means using email and Facebook messenger to give great service without the hold times, and ensuring we have the backing, the people, and vision to change energy for the better.

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