Let's make Zero Bills homes the new standard


We've just launched Octopus Zero Bills, the next generation energy tariff with zero energy bills for five years, guaranteed, for new homes kitted out with the right combination of solar panels, home battery and heat pump. It’s not magic, but could just as well be. If you live in a brand new, specially built Zero Bills home, you'll not receive an energy bill - no costs, no worries.
We’re calling on housing developers across the UK to make Zero Bills the new standard. If that's you and want to find out more, click here to assess your eligibility.

Pay nothing on your energy bills, thanks to cutting-edge green tech

Since our founding in 2016, we’ve worked relentlessly to drive the green energy revolution while bringing costs down for our customers. Now, we’re making it possible to give up energy bills – and carbon emissions – altogether.

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Enter Octopus Zero Bills: a first-of-its-kind energy tariff providing zero bills for five years, guaranteed. At the moment, we're focusing on new homes - working with housing developers to do so. But down the line, if homes meet our Zero spec – including battery storage, solar panels, and electric heating – we’ll then use cutting-edge tech to optimise the household’s consumption and energy export in exchange for a zero bill. 

Making Zero Bill homes the new normal

Now, Octopus Energy is working with developers, housing associations, and local authorities across the country to make Zero Bills the new standard for everyone. 

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With domestic heating currently responsible for 14% of the UK’s total carbon emissions alone, Zero Bills represents a crucial step on our journey to net zero. First, we’re taking on newbuild homes – all 200,000 of them built each year in the UK. But we’re also working hard to maximise retrofit applications of Zero where possible. With the UK’s housing stock recently ranked the worst in Europe, we’ve got no time to lose.

By Zero-ing energy bills for eligible households, we’re hoping to give our customers one less thing to worry about. And while we can’t change the system overnight, the good news is that we’re fast approaching cost parity between low-carbon tech and their gas-guzzling counterparts – meaning that a zero carbon, zero bill world is far from a distant reality for everyone. 

Zero bills, zero worries.

Are you a housing developer who wants to find out more?

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